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Sharp Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Sharp product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find Sharp Ink and Toner:
Sharp AJ
AJ-1100 AJ-1800 AJ-2000 AJ-2100
AJ-2200 AJ-5010 AJ-5030 AJ-6010
AJ-6020 AJ-6110   
Sharp AL
AL-1000 AL-1010 AL-1020 AL-1041
AL-1200 AL-1215 AL-1220 AL-1250
AL-1340 AL-1451 AL-1520 AL-1521
AL-1530CS AL-1540CS AL-1551 AL-1551CS
AL-1600 AL-1610 AL-1620 AL-1621
AL-1631 AL-1640 AL-1641CS AL-1642CS
AL-1650 AL-1651CS AL-1655CS AL-1661CS
AL-1670 AL-2030 AL-2040CS AL-2050CS
AL-800 AL-840 AL-841 AL-880
Sharp AR
AR-150 AR-150N AR-151 AR-151E
AR-152 AR-153E AR-155 AR-155N
AR-156 AR-157e AR-157en AR-160
AR-160N AR-161 AR-162 AR-162s
AR-163 AR-164 AR-168d AR-168s
AR-200 AR-200e AR-200se AR-201
AR-205 AR-207 AR-250 AR-280
AR-285 AR-286 AR-287 AR-335
AR-336 AR-337 AR-405 AR-407
AR-501 AR-5015 AR-5015N AR-505
AR-507 AR-5120 AR-5125 AR-5132
AR-5220 AR-5316 AR-5320 AR-650
AR-800 AR-F151 AR-F152 AR-M160
AR-M162 AR-M162e AR-M205 AR-M207
AR-M207e AR-M280 AR-M280 N AR-M280 U
AR-M350 AR-M350 N AR-M350 U AR-M355U Imager
AR-M450 AR-M450 N AR-M450 U AR-M455U Imager
AR-M550N AR-M550U AR-M620N AR-M620U
AR-M700N AR-P350 AR-P450 AR-S205
Sharp FO
FO-1700 FO-1700R FO-2081 FO-2150CM
FO-2550CM FO-2600 FO-2700 FO-2700 M
FO-2850 FO-2950M FO-2970M FO-3150
FO-3700 FO-3800M FO-4400 FO-4450
FO-4470 FO-4500 FO-4650 FO-4700
FO-4970 FO-5500 FO-5550 FO-5600
FO-5700 FO-5800 FO-5900 FO-6500
FO-6550 FO-6600 FO-6700 FO-B1600
FO-DC500 FO-DC525 FO-DC535 FO-DC600
Sharp IO
Sharp JX
JX-720 JX-730 JX-735 JX-9200
JX-9230 JX-9250   
Sharp MX
MX-2300N MX-2700G MX-2700N MX-M550N
MX-M550U MX-M620N MX-M620U MX-M700N
Sharp SD
SD-2060 SD-2175 SD-2260 SD-2275
SD-3062 SD-4085   
Sharp SF
SF-1430 SF-2014 SF-2016 SF-2018
SF-2020 SF-2021 SF-2022 SF-2022 N
SF-2025 SF-2027 SF-2027 N SF-2030
SF-2035 SF-2040 SF-2050 SF-2114
SF-2116 SF-2118 SF-2120 SF-2214
SF-2216 SF-2218 SF-2220 SF-2320
SF-2530 SF-2540 SF-7300 SF-7320
SF-7350 SF-7370 SF-750 SF-770
SF-7700 SF-771 SF-7720 SF-7750
SF-7755 SF-780 SF-7800 SF-781
SF-7850 SF-7855 SF-7900 SF-8100
SF-8260 SF-8300 SF-8305 SF-8350
SF-8400 SF-8430 SF-8460 SF-8500
SF-8570 SF-8800 SF-8870 SF-8875
SF-9400 SF-9500 SF-9510 SF-9550
SF-9560 SF-9570 SF-9700 SF-9750
Sharp SN
SN-1420 SN-1430   
Sharp UX
UX-1200 UX-1200R UX-1500 UX-1500R
UX-2200CM UX-2700CM UX-5000 Pro Laser UX-A1000
UX-B15 UX-B20 UX-B25 UX-B30
UX-B700 UX-B700e UX-B750 UX-B800SE

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Sharp Information

The Sharp Corporation was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1912. A 19 year-old man by the name of Tokuji Hayakawa had come to the city to set himself up in business with one product - a western-style snap buckle for belts. Young Tokuji had been apprenticed to a metalworker in his hometown when he was 9, and was an exceptionally quick learner. Ten years after his apprenticeship began, Tokuji happened to watch a movie in which the lead character wore an ungainly and ill-fitting belt, and he decided to create a better one. The "Tokubijo" snap buckle was born. Despite a limited amount of western fashion in Japan at that time, demand for his buckle was high, and with his master's blessing, the young man moved into Tokyo to set up shop. He opened his business with two other men and a loan of 40 yen, which he had paid back by the end of the month. By 1914, the company had expanded twice, and now produced adjustable faucets and had a factory driven by 1-horsepower motors.

It was in 1916 that Sharp's signature product was developed by Tokuji, the "Ever-Sharp Pencil." Using his knowledge of metalworking, Tokuji improved on an already-existing mechanical pencil which was bulky, unappealing, and fragile, to create one that was stylish and could be used for everyday tasks. The pencil revolutionized the writing world. In 1923, an earthquake reduced the factory to ashes and killed Tokuji's family, but he rebuilt in Osaka and focused his efforts on the burgeoning world of radio. In 1926, the Sharp Dyne radio was released to mass acclaim, and the phrase "Sharp is Radio" became commonplace in Japan.

Over the next thirty years, the company produced radio sets for both public and military use, but faced a recession and the closing of several plants in the early part of the 1950s. In 1953, Sharp began manufacturing television sets, which spurred economic growth. The company was dedicated to producing televisions that every family in Japan could afford.

For the next twenty years, Sharp expanded its product base, and in 1972 entered the office products and photocopying business, introducing Sharp toner to the world, which was used in one of the world's first wet-toner copiers. The company also produced Sharp printer ink and printers, along with a host of office administration products. OEM Sharp printer ink and Sharp toner was manufactured to work specifically with their technology, but remanufactured versions of these ink types can also be used, and should cause no printing problems. Sharp is a company dedicated to its customers and to innovation, and its printers, just as the rest of its technologies, are designed to simplify rather than complicate.

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