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Savin Information

Since 1959, Connecticut-based Savin Corporation has been a top producer of document imaging technology, photocopiers, digital printers, scanners and fax machines. Unlike competitors, Savin's color and monochrome copiers use a liquid-based toner. Today, Savin is a subsidiary of Japanese electronics conglomerate Ricoh, which bought the company in 1995 after many decades of partnership. Specializing in high-performance photocopiers and printers, Savin reports annual revenue of more than $657 million dollars, with major clients in the government, military and education sectors. From wide-format printers to photocopiers with advanced color selection, Savin printers, toner cartridges and ink refills are designed to deliver high-quality results with unmatched performance.

Long before Max Lowe established the Savin Corporation, which was named after his brother-in-law Robert Savin, the Japanese corporation Ricoh Group, under the corporate name RIKEN, was producing its unique brand of sensitized paper. By 1939, Ricoh Group expanded to electronics, engineering and a variety of research fields, including document imaging. For many years Savin and Ricoh had a unique partnership in which Savin produced liquid-based developing fluid and toner to use with Ricoh's sensitized paper. During 1960s and 1970s, Savin expanded its business operations by contracting global manufacturers to produce photocopiers using Savin's patented technology and toner. When Savin was sold to the Canada Development Corporation in 1982, the company reported sales revenue of $500 million and $10 million in global patent royalties.

In the mid 1990s, the Ricoh Group made a number of strategic acquisitions, taking over Savin and Hitachi Printing as well as IBM Printing Systems, which was purchased for $725 million. Today, Savin is one of Ricoh's five major product divisions specializing in document imaging technology, toner and inks, as well as document management software designed to streamline business operations and office efficiency. Intended for businesses, schools and government offices, Savin photocopiers, fax machines and document printers are designed to deliver unmatched quality and reliability. Over the years, Savin products have earned distinction in the industries of printing and document imaging for their superior performance and print quality.

Always on the forefront of the industry, Savin has been one of the earliest and most out-spoken advocates of environmentally-responsible business practices and recycling end-of-life toner cartridges and equipment. To ensure cartridges are safety handled and all reusable parts are recovered, Savin encourages consumers to return empty cartridges using the company's pre-paid labels. By purchasing cartridges that that been remanufactured, consumers can rest assured that each component has been thoroughly tested and reconditioned for optimum print quality. While switching from Savin toner to compatible, remanufactured cartridges can reduce costs dramatically, using an ink refill kit from us can save even more and virtually eliminate the carbon footprint of cartridge disposal.

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