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Printer Ink Refills

If you run a business, then chances are that you use printer ink. Over time, replacement cartridges can become very expensive. If you are looking for a way to save money on printer ink cartridges for your inkjet printer, printer ink refill kits may be the solution. Most printer cartridges, both brand name and generic, have the ability to be refilled when they begin to run low. Printer ink refill kits usually come with enough ink for three refills and cost less than a third of what you'd pay for a new printer ink cartridge. is your online source for the best printer ink refill kits.

What comes in a printer ink refill kit?

The basic components of printer ink refill kits are ink bottles, a cartridge holder and needles.


  • Ink Bottles- The color of the ink bottles varies depending on your needs. For black refill kits there will be one bottle of black ink. Color refill kits come with cyan, magenta and yellow or you can purchase a combo kit with all four colors.
  • Cartridge holder- Used to hold the cartridge as you inject the ink into the ink cartridge, making the process less messy than if you were to hold it in your hand.
  • Needles- Used to withdraw air from the ink cartridge after the ink has been injected.


It is important to know what style of printer ink cartridge you have before ordering your printer ink refill from Not all printer ink refill kits will come with a cartridge holder or needles and the refill process though similar, will vary slightly.

Is the Printer Ink refill process difficult?

Refilling your printer ink cartridge is simple if done correctly. Be sure to read the directions thoroughly before using a printer ink refill kit. The basic steps for refilling a printer ink cartridge are:


  • Inject the ink- Ink is injected directly into the ink cartridge through a hole in the top of the cartridge or into the ink chambers after you remove the ink cartridge cover. The ink must be injected slowly to avoid overfilling or damage. If the printer ink refill kit comes with needles, follow the directions to remove air from the cartridge.
  • Reinstalling the ink cartridge- Once the ink cartridge has been refilled and the top has been replaced if necessary, you will need to wipe any excess ink from the print head. If the is not getting to the bottom of the ink cartridge, you may need to put pressure on the top with a syringe according to the instructions.


Printer ink refills offer many advantages over purchasing a new ink cartridge. Along with the cost effectiveness is the environmental advantage that comes with using printer ink refill kits. When you refill your ink cartridge, you are reusing something that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Most ink cartridges last for four to five refills before they are worn out. offers refill kits for virtually every cartridge out there - start shopping now by choosing your brand on the left side of this page.

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