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OkiData Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your OkiData product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find OkiData Ink and Toner:
OkiData B
B2200 B2200n B2400 B2400n
B2500 B2520 B2540 B4100
B410d B410dn B411d B411dn
B4200 B4250 B4300 B431d
B431dn B4350 B4350n B4400
B4400n B4520 B4525 B4540
B4545 B4550 B4550n B4600
B4600n B4600n PS B6100 B6200
B6200dn B6200n B6250dn B6250n
B6300dn B6300n B6500 B6500dn
B6500dtn B6500n B8300n B930dfx
B930dn B930dtn B930n  
OkiData C
C110 C130n C3000 C3100
C310dn C3200 C3200n C3300n
C330dn C331dn C3400n C3520
C3530 C3530n C3600n C5100n
C510dn C511dn C5150n C5200n
C5250 C5300n C530dn C531dn
C5400 C5400dn C5400dtn C5400n
C5400tn C5450 C5500n C5510 Euro
C5510n C5540 C5550n C5650dn
C5650n C5800Ldn C5850 Euro C5850dn Euro
C5850n Euro C5950 Euro C5950dn Euro C5950dtn Euro
C5950n Euro C6000dn C6000n C6050dn
C6050n C6100dn C6100dtn C6100hdn
C6100n C610cdn C610dn C610dtnn
C610n C6150dn C6150dtn C6150hdn
C6150n C710dn C710dtn C710n
C7200 C7200n C7300 C7300dxn
C7300n C7350hdn C7350n C7400DXn
C7400n C7500dxn C7500n C7550hdn
C7550n C830dn C830dtn C830n
C8600dn C8600dtn C8600n C8800dn
C8800dtn C8800n C9200 C9200dxn
C9200n C9300 C9300dxn C9300n
C9400dxn C9500dxn C9600hdn C9600n
C9650dn C9650hdn C9650n C9800hdn
C9800hn C9850   
OkiData CX
CX2032 CX2033   
OkiData ES
ES 2024 ES 2024n ES 2426 ES 2426dn
ES 2426e    
OkiData MB
MB400 MB460 MB461 MB470
MB471 MB471w MB480 MB491
OkiData MC
MC160 MC351 MC352dn MC361
MC362dn MC362W MC560 MC560 Plus
MC560DN Euro MC560n MC561 MC562dn
MC562W MC860   
Okidata OJ
OJ 160    
Okidata OKIFax
OKIFax 1000 OKIFax 1050 OKIFax 2200 OKIFax 2350
OKIFax 2400 OKIFax 2450 OKIFax 2600 OKIFax 4100
OKIFax 4550 OKIFax 4580 OKIFax 5050 OKIFax 5200
OKIFax 5250 OKIFax 5300 OKIFax 5300 Plus OKIFax 5400
OKIFax 5500 OKIFax 5600 OKIFax 5600 Plus OKIFax 5650
OKIFax 5680 I-FAX OKIFax 5700 OKIFax 5750 OKIFax 5780
OKIFax 5800 OKIFax 5900 OKIFax 5950 OKIFax 5980
OKIFax 740 OKIFax 740MF   
Okidata OKIJet
OKIJet 2010 OKIJet 2020 OKIJet 2050 OKIJet 2500
OKIJet 300C    
OkiData OKIOffice
OKIOffice 44 OKIOffice 84 OKIOffice 86 OKIOffice 87
OkiData OKIPage
OKIPage 10e OKIPage 10ex OKIPage 10i OKIPage 12i
OKIPage 12i/n OKIPage 14e OKIPage 14ex OKIPage 14i
OKIPage 16n OKIPage 16n/PS OKIPage 18 OKIPage 18n
OKIPage 20 OKIPage 20 Plus OKIPage 20DX OKIPage 20DXN
OKIPage 20n OKIPage 24 OKIPage 24DX OKIPage 24DXn
OKIPage 24n OKIPage 24Tn OKIPage 4m OKIPage 4w
OKIPage 4w Plus OKIPage 6e OKIPage 6ex OKIPage 6w
OKIPage 8p OKIPage 8p Plus OKIPage 8w OKIPage 8z
OkiData OL
OL1200 OL1200/PS OL1200ex OL400e
OL400ex OL410e OL410e/PS OL410ex
OL600e OL600ex OL610e OL610e/PS
OL610ex OL810e OL810e/PS OL810ex

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OkiData Information

The Oki Corporation's Okidata brand is a very well known name in the printer industry. The Japanese company was established in 1881, and creates telecommunication systems and other electronics in addition to printers. Imaging products from Okidata include color printers, monochrome printers, MFPs (multifunction products), label printers, point of sale printers, and more. Okidata's a notable manufacturer of dot-matrix printers, which are in heavy use in many industries for their ability to quickly make copies of documents like invoices. They also manufacture xerographic scanners that are capable of reading and copying documents using LEDs as opposed to traditional lasers. By using fewer moving parts, these devices are faster and potentially more dependable than older printers and scanners.

Okidata's line of printers is most used by businesses and home offices, as they are designed for large print jobs. Some of their more color-popular office printers include the C3600n (and the entire C series), and their monochrome offerings include the high speed 8400 series. Okidata has an exceptionally varied product line compared to many other printer companies, and as a result they have a quite varied share in the printer market. All of their printers tend to be very high capacity, and are capable of printing in high quality with a great deal of efficiency. Okidata printers are typically not designed for home computer use.

Many office printers carry high ink cartridge costs, and Okidata printer ink and toner cartridges regularly run over $100 per unit. This is due to their high capacity; however, compared to a home printer, the cost per print is quite low. Even so, companies often look for ways to save on the cost of each cartridge, which is perfectly reasonable, especially for offices with strict printing budgets that need to handle a large number of printed pages per month. Remanufactured Okidata toner cartridges and Okidata printer ink cartridges are one way to limit costs, as remanufactured cartridges cost a great deal less than brand new cartridges straight from the manufacturer.

Remanufactured Okidata toner cartridges use plastic from defective or recycled cartridges, which cuts down on the cost of manufacturing. However, they're just as dependable as brand new cartridges, since testing standards are stringently kept. Businesses that use remanufactured cartridges cut down on their toner and printer ink costs without sacrificing quality or reliability. Every business that uses an Okidata printing system should consider the use of a remanufactured printing cartridge. They're a great, ecologically conscious way to reduce the cost of printing each month and to stay in budget without changing an office's printing habits. Okidata is definitely a company worth checking out for printers, ink cartridges, and toner.

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