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Lexmark Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Lexmark product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find Lexmark Ink and Toner:
Lexmark C
C500n C510 C510dtn C510n
C520n C522n C524dn C524dtn
C524n C530dn C532dn C532n
C534dn C534dtn C534n C540dw
C540n C543dn C544dn C544dtn
C544dw C544n C546 C710
C720 C720dn C720n C734dn
C734dtn C734dw C734n C736dn
C736dtn C736n C750 C750dn
C750n C752 C752dn C752dtn
C752fn C752L C752Ldn C752Ldtn
C752Ln C752n C760 C760dn
C760dtn C760n C762 C762dn
C762dtn C762n C770dn C770dtn
C770n C772dn C772dtn C772n
C780dn C780dtn C780n C782dn
C782dn XL C782dtn C782dtn XL C782n
C782n XL C910 C910dn C910n
C912 C912dn C912fn C912n
C920 C920dn C920dtn C920n
C925de C935dn C935dtn C935n
C950de X925de   
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Clinical Assistant    
Lexmark E
E120n E220 E230 E232
E232t E234 E234n E234tn
E238 E240 E240n E240t
E250 E250dn E260d E260dn
E260dt E260dtn E320 E321
E322 E322n E323 E323n
E323t E330 E332n E332tn
E340 E342n E350d E352dn
E360d E360dn E360dtn E450dn
E460d E460dtn E460dw  
Lexmark Education Station
Education Station    
Lexmark ExecJet
ExecJet ExecJet II ExecJet IIc  
Lexmark Home Copier
Home Copier Plus    
Lexmark i
Lexmark Impact
Impact S301 Impact S305 Impact se S308  
Lexmark Interact
Interact S605 Interact se S608   
Lexmark Interpret
Interpret S405 Interpret se S408   
Lexmark Intuition
Intuition S505 Intuition se S508   
Lexmark J
J110 J110tn   
Lexmark Legal Partner
Legal Partner    
Lexmark Medley
Medley Medley 4c Medley 4sx Medley 4x
Lexmark MS
MS310d MS310dn MS410d MS410dn
MS510dn MS610de MS610dn MS610dte
MS610dtn MS710dn MS710n MS711dn
MS810de MS810dn MS810dtn MS810n
MS811dn MS811dtn MS811n MS812de
MS812dn MS812dtn   
Lexmark MX
MX310dn MX410de MX510de MX511de
MX511dhe MX511dte MX610de MX611de
MX611dhe MX611dte MX710de MX710dhe
MX711de MX711dhe MX711dthe MX810de
MX810dfe MX810dme MX810dte MX810dtfe
MX810dtme MX810dxe MX810dxfe MX810dxme
MX811de MX811dfe MX811dme MX811dte
MX811dtfe MX811dtme MX811dxe MX811dxfe
MX811dxme MX812de MX812dfe MX812dme
MX812dte MX812dtfe MX812dtme MX812dxe
MX812dxfe MX812dxme   
Lexmark OfficeEdge
OfficeEdge Pro4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000c OfficeEdge Pro5500 OfficeEdge Pro5500t
Lexmark Optra C
Optra C Optra C Pro Optra C710 Optra C710 Solaris
Optra C710dn Optra C710n   
Lexmark Optra Color
Optra Color 1200 Optra Color 1200n Optra Color 1200nl Optra Color 40
Optra Color 40n Optra Color 45 Optra Color 45n  
Lexmark Optra E
Optra E Optra E Plus Optra E210 Optra E310
Optra E312 Optra E312L   
Lexmark Optra Ep
Optra Ep    
Lexmark Optra Es
Optra Es    
Lexmark Optra K
Optra K 1220    
Lexmark Optra L
Optra L    
Lexmark Optra Lx
Optra Lx Optra Lx Plus   
Lexmark Optra Lxi
Optra Lxi Optra Lxi Plus Optra Lxn Plus  
Lexmark Optra M
Optra M410 Optra M410n Optra M412 Optra M412n
Optra M412n Solaris    
Lexmark Optra N
Optra N Optra N 240 Optra N 245  
Lexmark Optra R
Optra R Optra R Plus Optra R Plus Pro  
Lexmark Optra Rn
Optra Rn Plus    
Lexmark Optra Rt
Optra Rt Plus    
Lexmark Optra Rx
Optra Rx    
Lexmark Optra S
Optra S 1250 Optra S 1250n Optra S 1255 Optra S 1255n
Optra S 1620 Optra S 1620n Optra S 1625 Optra S 1625n
Optra S 1650 Optra S 1650n Optra S 1855 Optra S 1855n
Optra S 2420 Optra S 2420n Optra S 2450 Optra S 2450n
Optra S 2455 Optra S 2455n   
Lexmark Optra SC
Optra SC 1275 Optra SC 1275n   
Lexmark Optra Se
Optra Se 3455 Optra Se 3455n   
Lexmark Optra T
Optra T610 Optra T610n Optra T612 Optra T612n
Optra T612s Optra T614 Optra T614n Optra T614nl
Optra T616 Optra T616n   
Lexmark Optra W
Optra W810 Optra W810dn Optra W810n Optra W810s
Lexmark OptraIMAGE
OptraIMAGE 614s OptraIMAGE Color 1200 OptraIMAGE Color 1200m OptraIMAGE Color 1200r
OptraIMAGE S 2455m OptraIMAGE SC 1275C OptraIMAGE SC 1275m OptraIMAGE T610sx
OptraIMAGE T614dx    
Lexmark P
P122 P250 P3120 P315
P3150 P350 P4330 P4350
P450 P6250 P6350 P706
P707 P915   
Lexmark Pinnacle
Pinnacle Pro901    
Lexmark Platinum
Platinum Pro905    
Lexmark Prestige
Prestige Pro805    
Lexmark Prevail
Prevail Pro705    
Lexmark Pro
Pro715 Pro915   
Lexmark Prospect
Prospect Pro205 Prospect se Pro208   
Lexmark S
S315 S415 S515 S815 Genesis
S816 Genesis    
Lexmark T
T420d T420dn T430 T430d
T430dn T520 T522 T620
T622 T630 T630dn T630n
T632 T632dtn T632dtnf T632n
T632tn T634 T634dtn T634dtnf
T634n T634tn T640 T640dn
T640dtn T640n T640tn T642
T642dn T642dtn T642n T642tn
T644 T644dn T644dtn T644n
T644tn T650dn T650dtn T650n
T652dn T652dtn T652n T654dn
T654dtn T654n   
Lexmark TS
TS654dn TS656dne   
Lexmark W
W812 W812dtn W812tn  
Lexmark WinWriter
WinWriter 100 WinWriter 150c WinWriter 600  
Lexmark X
X1110 X1130 X1140 X1150
X1155 X1160 X1170 X1180
X1185 X1190 X1195 X1240
X125 X1250 X1270 X203n
X204n X215 X2230 X2250
X2300 X2310 X2330 X2350
X2450 X2470 X2480 X2500
X2510 X2530 X2550 X2580
X2600 X264dn X264dnw X2650
X2670 X2690 X3330 X3350
X3370 X340 X340n X342
X342n X3430 X3450 X3470
X3480 X3530 X3550 X3580
X363dn X364dn X364dw X3650
X422 X4250 X4270 X4530
X4550 X4580 X463de X464de
X4650 X466de X466dte X466dwe
X4690 X4850 X4875 X4950
X4975 X500n X502n X5070
X5075 X5130 X5150 X5190
X520 X522 X5250 X5270
X5320 X5340 X5370 X5410
X543dn X544dn X544dtn X544dw
X544n X5450 X5470 X548de
X548dte X5490 X5495 X5650
X5650es X6150 X6170 X6180
X6190 X63 X630 X632
X632e X632s X634dte X634e
X642e X644e X644ef X646dte
X646e X65 X6570 X6575
X6650 X6675 X7170 X720
X722e X73 X734de X7350
X736de X738de X738dte X74
X75 X750e X752e X7550
X762e X7675 X772e X782e
X782e XL X83 X8350 X84
X85 X850e X852e X854e
X912e X9350 X940e X945e
X950de X952de X952dte X954de
X954dhe X9570 X9575  
Lexmark XC
XC940e XC945e   
Lexmark Z
Z11 Z12 Z13 Z1300
Z1310 Z1320 Z1380 Z1400
Z1410 Z1420 Z1480 Z1520
Z22 Z23 Z2300 Z2320
Z2390 Z23e Z24 Z2420
Z2490 Z25 Z25L Z31
Z32 Z33 Z34 Z35
Z41 Z42 Z43 Z45
Z45se Z51 Z515 Z517
Z52 Z53 Z54 Z54se
Z55 Z55se Z600 Z601
Z603 Z605 Z611 Z615
Z617 Z645 Z65 Z65n
Z65p Z703 Z705 Z707
Z710 Z715 Z730 Z735
Z815 Z816 Z82 Z845
1000 1020 1100 2030
2050 2055 2070 3000
3200 40125 40126 40129
4015 4026 Optra E 4029 Model 10 4029 Model 10A
4029 Model 10L 4029 Model 10P 4029 Model 5E 4029 Model 6
4029 Model 6A 4029 Model 6P 4039 Model 10 Plus 4039 Model 10R
4039 Model 10R/Duplex 4039 Model 12L 4039 Model 12L Plus 4039 Model 12R
4039 Model 12R Plus 4039 Model 16L 4039 Model 16L Plus 4044 Optra E312
4045 Optra M 4046 Optra K 4049 4059 Optra S
4069 Optra T 4070 Model 1 4070 Model 2 4072 ExecJet
4076 4076 ExecJet II 4077 4079
4079 Jetprinter 4079 Plus 4079 Plus Jetprinter 5000
5016 Optra C710 5040 Optra SC1275 5045 Optra C 5700
5770 7000 7200 7200V

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Lexmark Information

Lexmark provides an expansive line of laser printers, inkjet printers and multifunctional devices, as well as services and supplies to businesses of all sizes-from the home office to large corporations-in order to increase productivity and efficiency. In 1991, Lexmark separated from IBM, and now sells its products in more than 150 countries in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Caribbean. In 2009, it reported $3.9 billion in revenue, 57 percent of which was generated from international sales.

It has won several awards for its products, including BERTL's Best Most User-Friendly Product Line 2009 for its all-in-one Lexmark X3650 that prints, copies, and scans with a laptop port and photo capabilities; the Better Buys for Business 2010 Editor's Choice Award for the Lexmark C734 and C736 printer models, geared toward high-volume, business-class printing needs; and Buyers' Laboratory 2009 Monochrome MFP Line of the Year for its multifunctional Lexmark X651DE, a monochrome laser copier, printer, and scanner with a touch screen. Among its supplies, Lexmark printer ink and Lexmark toner are also available. From black and white laser to color inkjet and dot matrix, Lexmark printer ink and Lexmark toner solutions to satisfy devices of all types. Lexmark printer inks and Lexmark toners utilize an Automatic Darkness Adjustment that actively measures and monitors toner darkness to make sure black is consistently black. Additionally, its photo ink technology and chemically processed toners create consistent and realistic images and graphics. When it comes to text documents, its higher line screen frequency creates text that is legible at 2 points compared to other companies.Making an effort to "go green?" Eco-friendly solutions not only save money, but they save the environment, too. Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) cartridges are the standard in the industry, but using remanufactured cartridges is a greener alternative. Instead of discarding the original cartridge, remanufactured cartridges are reused and refilled. They reduce the amount of plastic and metal ending up in landfills and the amount of resources used, and they cost approximately 30 percent less than OEM cartridges, which can be a considerable amount of savings depending on how frequently you need replacements. Lexmark established its Cartridge Collection Program, in which users mail back their old empty cartridges so they can be recycled and reused. Overall, remanufactured cartridges are better for the environment and more cost-effective.

Lexmark offers personalized products, from printers, scanners, and copiers-including all-in-ones and multifunctional devises-to ink, toner, and refurbished offerings for the home office, small businesses, and large enterprises. Its sustainable, eco-friendly options and award-winning products deliver affordable, reliable technologies that allow administrative tasks to run smoothly and efficiently.

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