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Lanier Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Lanier product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find Lanier Ink and Toner:
Lanier AC
AC016 AC016d AC031cn AC116
Lanier DP
DP 9062    
Lanier LanierFax
LanierFax 2000 LanierFax 2004 LanierFax 4050 LanierFax 4100
LanierFax 4110 LanierFax 4140 LanierFax 4160 LanierFax 4180
LanierFax 4210 LanierFax 4260 LanierFax 4350 LanierFax 4360
LanierFax 4375 LanierFax 4385 LanierFax 4400 LanierFax 4600
LanierFax 4800 LanierFax 7560 LanierFax 7570  
Lanier LD
LD035 LD040 LD045 LD050
LD060 LD075 LD090 LD105
LD122 LD127 LD135 LD145
LD151 LD151SP LD160 LD160SP
LD175 LD175SP LD225 LD230
LD235 LD245 LD255 LD255SP
LD265 LD265SP LD275 LD275SP
LD325 LD330 LD330SP LD335
LD345 LD425B LD425SP LD433B
LD433SP LD520C LD522C LD525C
LD528C LD540C LD550C  
Lanier LF
LF 125m LF 215m LF 225m LF 310
LF 311 LF 410 LF 411 LF 412
LF 415e LF 416e   
Lanier LP
LP 025 LP 025n LP 026 LP 026n
LP 032 LP 126cn LP 128 LP 128n
LP 131n LP 135n LP 136n LP 137cn
LP 142cn LP 221c LP 222cn LP 226cn
LP 231cn LP 331cn LP 332c  
Lanier LS
Lanier MP
MP 2352SP MP 2852 MP 2852SP MP 3352
MP 3352SP MP 4002   
Lanier SP
SP 100 e SP 100SF e SP 100SU e SP 4310n
1205 MFD 1210 MFD 1240 1260 MFD
2001 2002 3022 E 365
368 4150 4175 4250
4275 4560 4585 5020 MFD
5025 MFD 5040 MFD 516 5222
5227 5235 5245 5255 MFD
526 5262 MFD 5265 MFD 5355
536 5365 537 5415
5435 5435 MFD 5445 5445 MFD
545 5455 546 5470
5480 5515 5518 5555
5612 5613 5613 f 5618
5622 5627 5632 5635
5645 566 570 576
583 586 595 596
6010 6015 6020 6022
6022 DF 6030 6055 6070
6110 6112 6113 6130
6155 6213 6230 6242
6260 6272 6360 6413
6425 6432 6440 6450
6483 6513 6514 6517
6523 6525 6532 6550
6583 6613 6614 6616
6617 6625 6632 6713
6714 6716 6717 6718
6720 6725 6735 6745
6755 6765 6775 7213
7228 7313 7320 7328
7335 7345 7355 7365
7375 7385 8310  

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Lanier Information

Lanier is a business equipment supplier who produces high quality duplicating devices that are competitive in today's fast-paced, ever-changing market. Lanier products are separated into categories based on the type of business needs for duplicating. These classifications are black and white, color multi-function, printers, digital duplicators, facsimiles, wide format and production printing. Whatever the need for duplicating, Lanier is able to offer a solution from its abundant supply of inventory that can be tailored to a business' needs.

Lanier was started as a company by brothers of the same surname in the 1930s. These siblings came together and initially produced dictation machines and business forms with some success. Because of World War II, production was disbanded, but was able to start up again after the war under the leadership of one of the original brothers. Hicks Lanier headed the company when it finally broke through with great success through the distribution of "thermofax" copiers, which were produced by another company. These copiers relied on semi-transparent and heat-sensitive paper. Lanier has been able to stay competitive in the market over the decades by establishing good partnerships with quality manufacturers, producing great machinery, and demonstrating leadership with a great understanding of what the current demands of business are.

Lanier produces superior duplicating devices of for the varying needs of its client base. Our site is able to supply ink and refill kits for Lanier devices so that the original cartridges can be maintained and reused for the maximum benefit, but at a minimized cost. Another benefit is that Lanier also promotes, as part of its environmental policy, a desire to protect resources. The use of ink and refill kits from our site allows for less production due to the reuse of existing products. These ink and refill kits will work towards the goal established by Lanier to enhance its clients' efficiency while preserving the environment.

Our site also offers compatible and remanufactured cartridges made specifically for the Lanier brand. These Lanier compatible and re-manufactured cartridges have unique features that are specially designed to supplement each model of printer. Remanufactured cartridges have a role in reducing the carbon footprint left by new production and should be used by those who want to do their part by purchasing compatible and remanufactured cartridges from our site.

Lanier continues to maintain its reputation by consistently producing quality duplicating products. Ink and refill kits or compatible and remanufactured cartridges offered by our site will allow for the use of these superior products for extended periods of time. Our site is able to offer products that are specially made to fit different Lanier models in order to assist in the replication process as needed.

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