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Konica Minolta Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Konica Minolta product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find Konica Minolta Ink and Toner:
Konica Minolta BIG KISS
Konica Minolta bizhub
bizhub 20 bizhub 20P bizhub 360 bizhub 361
bizhub 40P bizhub 40PX bizhub 420 bizhub 421
bizhub 500    
Konica Minolta bizhub C
bizhub C10 bizhub C10X bizhub C20 bizhub C203
bizhub C20P bizhub C20PX bizhub C20X bizhub C220
bizhub C250 bizhub C250P bizhub C252 bizhub C252P
bizhub C253 bizhub C280 bizhub C300 bizhub C350
bizhub C351 bizhub C352 bizhub C352P bizhub C450
bizhub C451 bizhub C550 bizhub C650  
Konica Minolta bizhub PRO
bizhub PRO 1050 bizhub PRO 1050e bizhub PRO 1050eP bizhub PRO 1050P
bizhub PRO C5500 bizhub PRO C6500   
Konica Minolta Color Pagepro
Color Pagepro Color Pagepro Ex Color Pagepro L Color Pagepro PS
Konica Minolta Color Pageworks
Color Pageworks Color Pageworks Ex Color Pageworks Ex Plus Color Pageworks L
Color Pageworks L N Color Pageworks N Color Pageworks PS Color Pageworks PS Plus
Konica Minolta ColorFORCE
ColorFORCE 8050    
Konica Minolta ConceptWriter
Konica Minolta DeskLaser
DeskLaser 1600P DeskLaser 1600P/Net DeskLaser 1600P/XNet  
Konica Minolta DiALTA
DiALTA CF-5001 DiALTA Di151 DiALTA Di151F DiALTA Di181
DiALTA Di200 DiALTA Di200F DiALTA Di250 DiALTA Di251
DiALTA Di251F DiALTA Di350 DiALTA Di350F DiALTA Di351
DiALTA Di351F DiALTA Di450 DiALTA Di520 DiALTA Di550
DiALTA Di620    
Konica Minolta EP
EP 1030 EP 1030 F EP 1031 EP 1031 F
EP 1050 CS Pro EP 1054 EP 1070 CS Pro EP 1080 CS Pro
EP 1081 CS Pro EP 1083 EP 1085 EP 2010
EP 2050 EP 2080 EP 2100 EP 2120
EP 2120 D EP 2121 EP 2121 D EP 2130
EP 2131 Pro EP 2150 EP 2150 D EP 2151
EP 2151 D EP 2152 EP 3050 EP 3100
EP 3120 EP 3150 EP 3170 EP 4000
EP 4050 EP 4210 EP 4211 EP 4230
EP 4231 EP 4232 EP 4233 Pro Series EP 4250
EP 4300 EP 4301 EP 4320 EP 4321
EP 450 EP 450 Z EP 470 Z EP 5000
EP 5050 EP 5320 Pro Series EP 5400 EP 5401
EP 5420 Pro Series EP 6000 CS Pro EP 6001 EP 8010
EP 8015 EP 8600 EP 8601 EP 8602 Pro
EP 8603 Pro EP 9760 EP 9765  
Konica Minolta Fax
Fax 1000 Fax 1200 Fax 1300 Fax 1400
Fax 1600 Fax 1600e Fax 1700 Fax 1800
Fax 1800E Fax 1900 Fax 2300 Fax 2500
Fax 2600 Fax 2800 Fax 3500 Fax 3600
Fax 3700 Fax 3785 Fax 3800 Fax 5500
Fax 5600 Fax 9410 Fax 9450 Fax 9650
Fax 9660 Fax 9750 Fax 9760 Fax 9765
Fax 9820 Fax 9825 Fax 9830 Fax 9840
Fax 9845 Fax 9850 Fax 9860 Fax 9865
Fax 9880 Fax 9925 Fax 9930 Fax 9980
Konica Minolta FORCE
Konica Minolta Hammerhead
Hammerhead Print System 860    
Konica Minolta KISS
Konica Minolta KL
KL-3015 KL-3015N KL-3015N+  
Konica Minolta LaserGRAFIX
LaserGRAFIX 800 LaserGRAFIX 800 II LaserGRAFIX 810 LaserGRAFIX 820
Konica Minolta magicolor
magicolor 1600W magicolor 1650EN magicolor 1680MF magicolor 1690MF
magicolor 2 CX magicolor 2 DeskLaser magicolor 2 DeskLaser + magicolor 2 DX
magicolor 2 EX magicolor 2+ CXE magicolor 2+ EXD magicolor 2+ GXE
magicolor 2200DP magicolor 2200EN magicolor 2200GN magicolor 2200N
magicolor 2300DL magicolor 2300W magicolor 2350EN magicolor 2400W
magicolor 2430DL magicolor 2450 magicolor 2480 magicolor 2490
magicolor 2500W magicolor 2530DL magicolor 2550 magicolor 2550DN
magicolor 2550EN magicolor 2590 magicolor 3100 magicolor 3300DN
magicolor 3300EN magicolor 330CX magicolor 330EX magicolor 3730DN
magicolor 4650DN magicolor 4650EN magicolor 4690MF magicolor 4695MF
magicolor 4750DN magicolor 4750EN magicolor 5430DL magicolor 5440DL
magicolor 5450 magicolor 5550 magicolor 5570 magicolor 5650EN
magicolor 5670EN magicolor 6100DP magicolor 6100EN magicolor 6100GN
magicolor 6100N magicolor 6110 magicolor 7300EN magicolor 7450
magicolor 7450 II    
Konica Minolta PagePro
PagePro 1100 PagePro 1100L PagePro 1250E PagePro 1250W
PagePro 1300W PagePro 1350W PagePro 1380MF PagePro 1390MF
PagePro 1400W PagePro 18 PagePro 18GN PagePro 20
PagePro 20NX PagePro 25 PagePro 4100E PagePro 4100GN
PagePro 4100W PagePro 4110W PagePro 4650EN PagePro 5650EN
PagePro 6 PagePro 6e PagePro 6ex PagePro 6L
PagePro 8 PagePro 8e PagePro 8L PagePro 9100
Konica Minolta PageWorks
PageWorks 18 PageWorks 18 Plus PageWorks 18L PageWorks 18LN
PageWorks 18N PageWorks 20 PageWorks 20N PageWorks 25
PageWorks 25 Plus PageWorks 2560 BX PageWorks 25N PageWorks 6e
PageWorks 6L PageWorks 8e PageWorks 8L  
Konica Minolta PS
PS 1700 PS 1725 PS 1725 SLS PS 2425
PS 2425EX PS 410 PS 420 PS 800
PS 800 II PS 800 Plus PS 810 PS 810 Turbo
PS 815 PS 815 MR PS 820 PS 820 Turbo
PS 825 PS 825 MR PS 860 Plus PS 860 Print System
Konica Minolta SmartScript
SmartScript 800    
Konica Minolta SmartWriter
SmartWriter SmartWriter 8/3X SmartWriter 80 Plus SmartWriter Plus
Konica Minolta SP
SP-10 SP-1000 SP-101 SP-10CL
SP-10DL SP-1500 WinLaser SP-3000 SP-302
SP-3500 SP-411 SP-6CL SP-6DL
Konica Minolta WinLaser
WinLaser SP1500    
1015 1018 1020 1112
1120 1212 1216 1290 RE
1590 1660 PrintSystem 1660E PrintSystem 1660Ex + PrintSystem
1660Ex PrintSystem 1725 PrintSystem 1725 SLS PrintSystem 1725E PrintSystem
1725Ex PrintSystem 1790 2020 2028
2060 ImageServer PrintSystem 2060BX PrintSystem 2060Ex PrintSystem 2060FX-1 PrintSystem
2060FX-2 PrintSystem 2060GX PrintSystem 2060WX 2060WX PrintSystem
2125 2130 2223 2230
2308/S TURBO ImageServer XP 2330 2425 PrintSystem 2425 Turbo
2425 Turbo EX 2425 Turbo ImageServer 2425 Turbo Multi-PACS 2425Ex PrintSystem
2425FX-1 PrintSystem 2425FX-2 PrintSystem 2560 BX PrintSystem 2560 EX PrintSystem
2560 FX PrintSystem 2590 3035 3135
3260 EX 3260 ImageServer 3260 PrintSystem 3308/S Turbo ImageServer XP
4032 EX 4032 ImageServer 4045 4145
4155 4255 7033 7040
7045 7050 7060 7155
7165 7415 860 Print System  

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Konica Minolta Information

Konica Minolta is a fairly new company depending on your perspective, as it was formally announced in only 2003. However, the Konica and the Minolta companies had existed in 1873 and 1923, respectively. The massive experience of the two combined companies has resulted in some seriously innovative and notable imaging products, including some of the most popular consumer and business printers on the market today. Much of the design and technical expertise of the company came from the Minolta Company, which focused more intensively on printers, though since the merger, Konica Minolta has expanded its forays into the printer market. This is particularly true for its multi-function printers and imaging devices, which often include scanning and faxing functionality.

By far, the biggest impact of the Konica Minolta Company in the printing market has been in business printers for small, large, and home offices. The Bizhub, Pagepro, and Magicolor lines are the current favorites of many major businesses, as they provide quick, low-cost printing with an emphasis on conservation of Konica Minolta printer ink and Konica Minolta toner. These devices are dependable and relatively environmentally friendly compared to many other office printers on the market, and are priced affordably. As is the case with many printer companies, Konica Minolta makes a good deal of its profits from the sale of printer ink and toner, and often patents its designs in several countries to prevent competition and increase profits.

While Konica Minolta toner costs about the same as other toner cartridges, it is certainly possible to reduce the printing costs for each unit by using remanufactured printer ink cartridges. These cartridges print in the same way as a standard ink cartridge, and use the same type of ink. The major difference between a remanufactured and a traditional cartridge is the material used to create each cartridge; remanufactured cartridges, as their name implies, use plastics from recycled or defective cartridges. This does not lead to any lack of dependability at all. In fact, remanufactured cartridges have been shown to be just as durable as new cartridges purchased from an office supply store, and are tested using the same methods.

As a result, remanufactured cartridges are able to offer their users a cheap alternative to high-cost print cartridges without any loss of quality. Each cartridge produces approximately the same number of printed pages and is capable of high-intensity print jobs. Konica Minolta printer ink is not excessively expensive to begin with, but by using remanufactured cartridges, both individual computer users and businesses can easily save hundreds of dollars off of their printing bills over the life of a printer, as well as help the green movement progress.

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