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Kodak Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

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Kodak Information

Kodak was originally known as the Eastman Dry Plate company, and had its beginnings in Rochester, NY in 1892. The company created the first roll-film cameras that could be used by a layperson, and with an ease never before seen. These cameras were known simply as "Kodak" in the company's product line, but proved such a huge success that founder George Eastman incorporated them into the company name and became the Eastman Kodak company. Several different theories have been advanced as to the origin of the name Kodak, with some attributing it to David Houston, a photographer who sold several photographic patents to Eastman. Houston was from North Dakota, and some speculate that "Kodak" was merely a misspelling of "Nodak," a nickname for North Dakota.

General credit is given to Eastman, however, who was quoted as saying that the letter K "seems a strong, incisive sort of letter." He also stated that any product or company name should be short, difficult to mispronounce, and in no way associated with anything but the product or company itself, and Kodak seemed to fit the bill. Initially, Kodak's sales relied heavily on its easy-use camera, but the company slowly shifted into the world of film production, both for personal picture taking and professional movie use, developing its patented Kodachrome technology. This film produced a distinct look associated with the Kodak Company, and many photographers swore by its use. With the advancement of digital technology and modern film techniques, the need for Kodachrome has been severely reduced, and the company has chosen to no longer produce it. The rights to produce the film have been sold to another firm and will continue until the end of 2010.

Kodak now derives a large portion of its income from digital camera sales and photo printing, both at traditional film development stores and at instant-film developing kiosks, which allow users to customize and print their own photos. Kodak enjoyed a brief foray into instant camera development, but left that market in 1986 after a battle with Polaroid. Kodak also produces digital picture frames and photo printing paper.

In 1999, Kodak also ventured into the printer market with developer Lexmark, creating the Kodak Personal Picture Maker, and in 2007 debuted their All-in-One inkjet printers. While formulated to work specifically with Kodak toner or Kodak printer ink, these machines also support remanufactured cartridges, which are often cheaper than their OEM counterparts. Remanufactured versions of both Kodak printer ink and Kodak toner brands are available for purchase online and in stores. Although printing technology is not the greatest source of the company's income, Kodak's printers are of the same high quality and user functionality as all of their other products.

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