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Interleaf Information

Interleaf, an organization founded in 1981 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was the first company to bring to the publishing market a commercial document processor capable of integrating both text and graphics into the document editing process. While today's word processing programs routinely allow this function, 25 years ago this was new, groundbreaking technology. Interleaf pioneered the concept of WYSIWYG, an acronym that stands for, "what you see is what you get." To make it even better, the output of this new program was nearly typeset quality.

Founded by Harry George and David Boucher, who subsequently became CEO and CFO of the new company, Interleaf's first product was launched in 1985. Dubbed as Technical Publishing Software (TPS), this unique concept allowed writers to write their text and then integrate it with technical charts and other graphics that would appear on the computer screen just as it would eventually appear, after formatting, on the printed page. The name of the company referred to the process of "interleaving" the text and the graphics into a single document. This new TPS technology was found quite useful for the creation of technical documents that were routinely being used by different corporate departments doing technical publishing, especially in the production of long documents.

Going public in June 1986, Interleaf's IPO raised more than $24.5 million. In 1990, Interface moved its corporate facilities from Cambridge to Waltham, Massachusetts. Ten years later, the company was acquired by Broadvision, an international computer software vendor headquartered in Redwood City, California, and a pioneer in the ecommerce industry.

TPS, later renamed to Interleaf 5, 6 and 7, was again renamed after the Broadvision acquisition to "Quicksilver." Other programs made available through Interleaf's efforts include its Relational Document Manager (RDM), which was its early document management product. Use of this system allowed several writers to work on the same document simultaneously. RDM would make sure that whenever someone checked out a copy of the document in progress, he or she was always delivered the most up-to-date version available, with all recent changes having been updated.

The main competition to Quicksilver in the areas of publishing and technical authoring is a product called Adobe Framemaker. Framemaker is also a document processor used for the production of large, technical documents. In the area of document management, the main competition comes from a program called Documentum, which is offered by a computer software company called EMC Corporation.

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