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Refill Ink Cartridges

Getting a replacement ink cartridge - it's an activity that many people don't enjoy, not just because they have to make a special trip to their local office supplies store, but also because they know they'll end up shelling out an unbelievable amount of money for that Lexmark or Dell product. The people behind this site hope to change all that by making cartridges and ink easier to find and buy than ever before. Just a few clicks and you're done. By shopping through us, you can also be confident that you'll get top quality products at huge discounts. In addition to compatible ink cartridges, we can help you find the best remanufactured cartridges and refill kits.

Remanufactured cartridges have only recently become widely available. They look and function exactly like OEM cartridges (brand name sticker and all), but they're a lot less expensive. That's because they've already been used at least once. When the ink runs out, these empty OEM cartridges are sent to companies that specialize in remanufacturing cartridges. Once they arrive at their destination, trained professionals examine, repair, and refill ink cartridges so they can be used again. The fact that these experts repair any faulty components and are extremely knowledgeable about how to refill ink cartridges means that they usually function perfectly, delivering outstanding quality and results.

We can also tell you about the best do-it-yourself kits if you want to refill ink cartridges yourself. To refill ink cartridges in your home will require a little more work, but most people find the process gets a lot easier after a short time. A quality kit will come with everything you need to refill ink cartridges. Ink is of course included, along with a syringe and needle to inject the ink. Depending on the type of cartridge you are working with, you might also need screws to access the fill holes and stoppers to reseal them. Many people who refill ink cartridges find that they get good results with universal kits, but others prefer kits developed for a specific brand of printer cartridge.

If you decide to purchase remanufactured cartridges or refill ink cartridges yourself, you will definitely save money. Remanufactured cartridges cost considerably less than their OEM counterparts, and they work just as well. Using a do-it-yourself kit will save you a bundle. Even if you only refill a $30 cartridge twice (which is on the low end), you'll still save around $50. In addition to the cost savings, choosing remanufactured cartridges or opting to refill ink cartridges at home is also a great way to reduce waste in dumps and landfills. Therefore, making the decision to use these kits and cartridges is not only a financially-savvy decision, but an environmentally-conscious one as well.

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