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Printer Cartridges

Printer cartridges are supplies that most regular computer users need, whether they're printing hundreds of documents each month for their business or just printing the occasional photo, card, or letter at home. Printer cartridges can contain black or color ink - in either case, the ink in printer cartridges is distributed onto the page in such a way that the hard copy produced is a replica of the image on the computer screen. In the past, our choices when it came to printer cartridges were extremely limited. Basically, we drove to the store, shelled out an exorbitant amount of money for a replacement cartridge, and then drove home, shaking our heads and wondering why printer cartridges had to be so expensive. Now, however, we have choices, and knowing what types of printer cartridges are out there can help us to choose a product that will suit our personal printing needs.

OEM Cartridges: Also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges, these are the brand name printer cartridges. The major difference between these and the other types available is that they are much more expensive. They will give you high quality printouts, but the number you make might be limited by the high cost of these printer cartridges.

Compatible Cartridges: These are also known as discount cartridges or generic cartridges. These printer cartridges are available for most major printer makes and models. Compatible cartridges are made from high quality materials - some of them are manufactured by the same professionals who manufacture OEM cartridges. In fact, some compatible printer cartridges are manufactured in the exact same facility as OEM cartridges, with the exact same components. The printout quality is equal to what you would get with brand name cartridges; most people can't tell the difference between the two. The only difference is that the boxes and printer cartridges won't contain HP's, Lexmark's, or Canon's logos. And, of yeah, they also cost a lot less - more than 60% less in some cases. So, you'd decide to purchase OEM printer cartridges instead becauseyeah, we can't think of one good reason either.

Remanufactured Cartridges: These printer cartridges look exactly like OEM cartridges. Like OEM cartridges and compatible cartridges, they will pop into your printer easily and deliver high quality printouts. Despite the brand name sticker on these printer cartridges, they cost less than OEM cartridges. That's because they've already been used by someone who was wealthy enough to purchase them at regular price. After the ink runs out, these OEM printer cartridges are cleaned, examined, repaired if need be, refilled, and resold. Remanufactured cartridges are not only less expensive, but are also an environmentally-responsible choice. As more people choose to buy remanufactured cartridges, fewer and fewer end up in dumps and landfills.

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