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Ink Jet Cartridges

If you have a relatively inexpensive printer sitting in your home office, chances are it's an ink jet printer. This is by far the most common and popular type of printer on the market today. They function by spraying liquid, water-based ink through nozzles onto paper. These printers and the ink jet cartridges they use are capable of producing stunning, vibrant images. When problems with print quality do occur, they can usually be attributed to the paper rather than the quality of the ink jet cartridges. Low quality paper will absorb ink and cause the sharpness of the image to be reduced.

The types of ink jet cartridges used in ink jet printers can vary. Some ink jet cartridges contain all of the colors needed to produce quality printouts. Some printers use two ink jet cartridges: a black one and another that contains several colors, most commonly cyan, magenta, and yellow. Other ink jet cartridges contain only one color; therefore, the printer requires at least four cartridges to function properly.

No matter what type of ink jet cartridges your printer uses (or how many), most produced and sold by the big printer manufacturers have one thing in common: they're very expensive. Known as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges, a 5 ml one can often cost as much as $15. And while that might not sound so bad, think of it this way. That's about $8,000 a gallon - for printer ink. And we thought gas prices were bad!

The high price of OEM cartridges can increase operating expenses for small businesses, make printing photos at home unrealistic, and prompt people to turn their printer off more than they would like. It also makes people realize that ultra-cheap printer wasn't such a good deal after all. What's the point of getting a great deal on a printer if you can't afford to actually print anything?

In recent years, compatible and remanufactured ink jet cartridges have become widely available, both through sites like ours and also in many department and office supplies stores. They can be used in most models of ink jet printers, and these ink jet cartridges deliver high quality printing, contain just as much (sometimes more) ink than the OEM cartridges, and are made with high quality parts. They're identical to brand name cartridges with one important difference: they cost a lot less. Saving a bundle on your ink jet cartridges by choosing generic or remanufactured ones probably won't change your life, but it will change the way you think about printing.

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