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The 100% Guarantee guarantees all purchases with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. With an extensive selection of affordable printer cartridges and ink refills, we offer refunds and exchanges on our entire range of products. When you shop with, you are always protected by our comprehensive refund and exchange policy that covers all defective and unopened products.

If you receive a defective product, will pay for you to return it, and we will send out a replacement for free. Refunds offered for defective products do not include the original shipping and handling charges. For details and specifics by item, review our return policy below.

Return Policy for Ink and Toner Cartridges

All ink and toner cartridges are eligible for a refund or exchange if they are defective or returned unopened. To qualify for a return, cartridges must be intact and returned with no more than 25 percent of the ink used. If defective, customers can receive a refund minus the shipping and handling charges. All toner cartridges and ink cartridges that are defective or unopened can be returned for an exchange within six months of the purchase date.

Return Policy for Continuous Ink Systems

A 15-percent restocking fee applies to all returned continuous ink systems. No exchanges are offered on our selection of highly-reliable continuous ink systems. Our expert staff is on-call Monday through Friday during regular business hours to troubleshoot technical issues and printing problems related to installation, which are among the most common causes of printing issues in continuous ink systems.

Return Policy for Ink and Toner Refills

Our return policy for refills applies to refill kits and to accessories, ink and toner purchased in bulk. All unopened ink and toner refills are eligible for exchange. Due to the nature of ink refills, we can only guarantee the quality of the ink, toner and pigments. Most issues affecting print quality are caused by the cartridge, nozzle and print heads. If the cartridge being refilled was already producing streaks, smudges or gray areas, refilling the cartridge with top quality ink will not remove clogs or ink that has dried in the print head. Customers requesting a refund or exchange for defective ink or toner refills must submit a printout showing print quality issues are related to the ink or toner refill. If poor print quality is related to the cartridge, refunds will be subjected to a 15-percent restocking fee.

We will honor returns for exchange if the return is requested within 1 year (365 days) of purchase for U.S. customers and 45 days for international customers. We will honor returns for refund if the return is requested within 6 months (180 days) for U.S customers and 45 days for international customers. No refunds will be issued after this period.

Three Ways To Ensure You Are Receiving Quality Printer Ink

Quality printer inks are necessary to cut down on the cost of printing and keep your printer in good working order. Many printer owners look for every possible way to get the most out of each printer ink cartridge, but the best way is to simply ensure that you are using high quality ink. Here is a look at a few surefire ways to find a good supply of high quality printer ink cartridges.

First of all, it is important to look at the expiration date on printer ink cartridges. Many consumers do not even realize that printer cartridges have expiration dates, but expired cartridges are much more likely to burst or clog. It takes quite a while for printer ink to expire, but if your printer ink supplier is regularly sending you cartridges that are near their expiry dates, you are not getting quality printer inks. It can be difficult to determine the expiration date of a printer ink cartridge when ordering online, but if you cannot find information on the expiration date from the printer ink cartridge company's website, you can usually find out by calling and asking. If you receive an expired printer ink cartridge, you should always be ready to return it. Not only are expired ink cartridges more likely to fail before they have reached their full ink yield, but they could cause damage to your printer, so do not take the risk of using an expired cartridge.

Another way to choose high quality printer inks is to look for testimonials before buying ink online. Testimonials can give you a good idea of an ink sales company's strengths and weaknesses. Of course, some websites post very heavily edited testimonials, so a printer owner's best bet is to look online for review websites and impartial shopping websites. You can easily do some light research on a printer ink company by visiting an Internet search site, and this research can pay off. If a certain company has a good customer service history, you will be much more likely to find quality printer inks at a great price.

Finally, one of the best ways to find good printer ink is to look for an online company that has a very wide selection. Companies with broad selections tend to know how to ship and store printer ink. They often have much better kept ink than competitors and big box retail stores, which often stock printer ink that has been kept in hot or cold conditions, potentially ruining the ink. Looking for a store with a good selection is one of the best surefire ways to find great printer ink every time you order.

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