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Gestetner Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Gestetner product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

Find Gestetner Ink and Toner:
Gestetner C
C6703 C7004 C7425dn C7521dn
C7521n C7526dn C7528n C7531dn
Gestetner DSc
DSc38 DSc428 DSc435 DSc445
Gestetner DSm
DSm516 DSm622 DSm627 DSm635
DSm645 DSm651 DSm651 SP DSm660 SP
DSm675 DSm675 SP DSm725 DSm730
DSm735 DSm735e DSm745 DSm745e
DSm755 DSm755 SP DSm765 DSm765 SP
DSm775 DSm775 SP   
Gestetner F
F104 F104L F111 F230
F250 F270 F530 F540
F550 F9103   
Gestetner FaxStation
FaxStation 9763 FaxStation 9766 FaxStation 9767 FaxStation 9768
FaxStation 9867 FaxStation 9878 FaxStation 9910 FaxStation 9920
FaxStation 9940    
Gestetner GLD
GLD 801    
Gestetner GLS
GLS 800    
Gestetner GLX
GLX 801    
Gestetner Laser
Laser 800    
Gestetner LX
LX 800    
Gestetner MP
MP 2550 MP 3550 MP C2030 MP C2050
MP C2800 MP C3300 MP C4000 MP C5000
Gestetner P
P6319 P7014 P7026 P7026N
P7031N P7035N P7126 P7126N
P7132N P7145 P7325 P7325N
Gestetner SP
SP C210SF    
10502 1302 1302 f 1502
1802 2007 RE 2110 2110 C
2115 Z 2130 Z 2130 ZD 2212
2216 Z 2217 ZD 2222 Z 2240 Z
2240 ZD 2316 2316 Z 2316 ZD
2318 Z 2320 2322 Z 2325 ZD
2332 Z 2332 ZD 2335 Z 2335 ZD
2337 Z 2337 ZD 2345 Z 2345 ZD
2355 Z 2355 ZDF 2356 ZDF 2417
2418 2423 2425 Z 2430
2440 2440 D 2460 2470
2485 ZDF 2545D 2555D 2565D
2613 2613 Z 2627 TD 2635 TD
2640 E 2651 2712 2713
2713 Z 2722 Z 2722 ZTD 2732 Z
2732 ZTD 2740 Z 2740 ZTD 2751
2760 2770 2822 2822 TD
2850 E 3220 3222 3225
3227 3235 3235E 3235S
3240 3245 3245E 3255
3265 3355 3370 3413
3413 S 3502 3502 P 3532
3713 3713 S 4235 4245
4502 4502 P 4532 5502
6002 6110 6116 L 6206
6216 7502 8502 9870
9873 9877   

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Gestetner Information

Gestetner is, for all intents and purposes, the first and oldest name in the copier industry. The name comes from the founder of the original company, David Gestetner. He was a Hungarian, born in 1854, and inventor of the Gestetner stencil duplicator in 1890. This duplicator was the first piece of office machinery which allowed for quick and inexpensive duplication of documents. It brought together current technologies of the time developed by Thomas Edison, A.B. Dick and David Gestetner, himself.

The stencil duplicator, also referred to as the "Gestetner" or the "mimeograph," brought several distinct benefits to the world of publishing. This was the first time in history an individual was able to express him or herself in the printed word and distribute these words to the masses without the use of a printing press. At that time, use of a printing press required large amounts of money, special connections or, sometimes, both.

Mimeograph machines became quite popular, in one configuration or another, and were used extensively until the 1960s when they were finally supplanted by copier machines and inexpensive offset printing services. They are rarely used in developed countries today because the price and ease of photocopying has become so attractive. They are, however, still used extensively in the developing world because of their low-tech ability to produce decent quality copies even in locations having no access to electricity.

The Gestetner brand name has been owned by Ricoh, a Japanese company, since 1995. In Europe, where Gestetner had come to be called the NRG Group, the name was changed to Ricoh Europe in April 2007. At this same time, Ricoh merged its Gestetner dealer network with its Lanier network, because both had been selling the same, identical products for more than a decade. Subsequently, customers in the Americas are able to substitute and interchange Lanier and Gestetner branded products.

Consequently, when purchasing and using supplies for Gestetner and Lanier copiers, fax machines and printers, items for one brand can often be interchanged with the other, assuming model numbers are compatible. When ordering items such as ink and toner cartridges, drums, developers or other supplies, these items can often be swapped, giving you the opportunity to select the least expensive alternative.

You can order most anything you need to keep your Gestetner equipment running at peak performance from specialty sites online. Whether it is color toner models, digital duplicator models, inkjet, laser, ribbon or thermal fax units, you have the option of obtaining either genuine brand replacement supplies or high quality compatible brand imaging supplies. In most cases, all you need to provide is the model number of the machine or the part number of the item.

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