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Color Printer Ink

Color inkjet printers are commonplace in most businesses today. Using color printer ink for presentation graphs and charts, as well as highlighting areas of interest in documents has become more popular in today's marketplace. If you are making flyers for your small business or a company memo that you want to grab the attention of your employees, using color printer ink is a great way to help it stand out.

Unfortunately, color printer ink can be a costly expense. While the prices of color inkjet printers have dropped dramatically over the past few years, the cost of color ink cartridges has not. strives to offer our customers the lowest prices on black and color printer ink online.

Color Ink Cartridges

Color inkjet printers use color ink cartridges to mix the three subtractive primary colors to create any color that needs to be produced. Color printer ink actually consists of cyan, magenta and yellow as apposed to the primary colors of red, blue and green. The use of the primary colors would not work in printing because the red, green and blue hues when combined would make white. Using the reflective colors of cyan, magenta and yellow allow for the printer to create black because they are reflective.


  • Cyan- Cyan is the blue color for printing; absorbing all red light, reflecting green and blue.
  • Magenta- Magenta is the red color used for printing; absorbing all green light, reflecting red and blue.
  • Yellow- Yellow takes the place of green for the purposes of printing; absorbing all blue light, reflecting red and green.


In a perfect world, all color printer ink would be used evenly throughout the printing process. Unfortunately, depending on the needs of your business, this is not the case. One of the colors (cyan, magenta or yellow) will run out first. Because of this, many business owners have begun using printer ink refill kits to help their color ink cartridges last longer. Printer ink refill kits come with all the tools necessary to refill your color printer ink. They usually contain enough ink for three refills and cost about a third of the price of a color ink cartridge.

Conserving Color Printer Ink

Anyone who has ever had to purchase color printer ink cartridges understands how expensive it can be. The cost of a color ink cartridge is usually five to ten dollars more than its black ink counterpart. Therefore, it is important to conserve color printer ink whenever you can.


  • Print in Draft mode- Draft mode prints in lighter tones, allowing your printer to use much less color printer ink than it otherwise would. Unless your document needs to be of the highest quality, consider using draft mode to conserve both black and color ink cartridges.
  • Use black for black- Nothing uses color printer ink faster than printing in black. If your black ink cartridge runs out, your printer will automatically use your color ink cartridge to make black ink. Check your black ink cartridge frequently to ensure you use as little color printer ink as possible.


Unfortunately, all your conservation efforts will not keep your color printer ink from running out eventually. understands that color printer ink is a costly expense for any business and we try to offer great products at low prices.

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