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Inkedibles Heavy Duty Edible AirBrush Ink System (with compressor, airbrush, and complete set of 17 x Inkedibles AirBrush

Inkedibles Heavy Duty Edible AirBrush Ink System (with compressor, airbrush, and complete set of 17 x Inkedibles AirBrush Inks / Aircolors)

This item includes a HEAVY DUTY Inkedibles Edible AirBrush Ink Complete Bundle System (compressor, airbrush, and airbrush inks). Contains: Airbrush, Air Hose, Compressor, AC Adapter and Power Cord, Nozzle Holder, Dropper and Valve Adjustment Tool, 17 Airbrush inks. Your InkEdibles AirBrush System is perfect for use in cake and cookie decoration as well as in the decoration of baked goods, fruit, vegetables, savory foods, candies, and edible displays of all kinds. Compared to the Professional range of Inkedibles airbrushes which have working pressures up to 15 PSI, this heavy duty unit has a working pressure of up to 30 PSI. It is designed for use with Inkedibles AirBrush inks (Aircolors) which come in a vast array of colors. Both the air hose and electrical cord are extra-long to give you a generous amount of room with which to work. Includes both the Inkedibles HEAVY DUTY compressor unit AND the Inkedibles double action airbrush as well as a heavy duty airhose to connect the airbrush to the compressor (everything you need to do your own airbrushing, except for the airbrush inks). The edible airbrush inks (Inkedibles Aircolors are also included with this bundle). About the double action airbrush (included): Feed Type:Gravity; Nozzle:Dia.0.3 mm; Body Length:150mm; Working Pressure:15-30PSI; Control: Push-Button; Cup Capacity:7CC About the heavy duty compressor unit (included): This is a self-lubricated piston driven compressor with a single cylinder design; it is oil free and operates with a low noise threshold. In addition, it has a very steady air flow and pressure; with heat-dissipation. This HEAVY DUTY compressor boasts the following specs: Oil-less piston design with 1/6 HP (low maintenance, high performance) Compact and portable design Integrated pressure gauge for convenient pressure readings Integrated moisture trap with petcock release helps keep moisture out Retractable handle stows away when not needed Manual on/off switch allows complete shut-off Standard 1/8” fittings for interchangability of hoses and airbrushes 110V - 120V / 60 HZ 20-23 L/min air output 1.5m electric cable auto stop/start at 3BAR (start) and 4BAR (stop) for safety Compare to competitor compressors with lesser (1/8 HP) power, that sell for $199 (for compressor alone), this Inkedibles Heavy Duty 1/6 HP compressor offers significant value for the airbrush enthusiast that is looking to be able to manage multiple airbrushes at a time (compare to our Professional Series which is also great value, but works only with 1 airbrush at a time) The specs for the airhose (which is included) are: Coupler: 1/8""-1/8""; Length: 1.8m; Dia: 7x4mm About the Aircolors (included): Real Red; Strawberry Red; Hot Pink; Lemon Yellow; Sunshine/Egg Yoke Yellow; Orange; Pistachio / Lime Green; Green / Kelly Green; Teal; Sky Blue; Cyan / Mediterranean Blue; Navy Blue; Violet; Plum; Purple / Augergine; Brown; Black Assembly: Assemble the airbrush, hose, compressor, and AC power cord together then place the compressor on a firm and stable surface before plugging into an outlet. You can clip the nozzle holder onto the left side of the compressor to place your airbrush in when not in use. You can loosen the tip of the airbrush and use the valve adjustment tool on the valve inside to adjust the airflow. Storage: Store in a clean dry place at a temperature not exceeding 40°C / 104°F. NOT INTENDED AS A TOY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER. To be used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Contains small parts which can be a choking risk to small children.

PRICE: $189.99

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