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Toner Kit #6 - Samsung, Lexmark and more (UNI-KIT)

Toner Kit #6 - Samsung, Lexmark and more (UNI-KIT)

Save money with's Toner Kit #6 - Samsung, Lexmark and more (UNI-KIT). This refill kit is high quality and allows you to refill cartridges for any printer listed at the bottom of this page up to 7 times. The process of refilling a cartridge takes less than ten minutes and is environmentally friendly (keeps cartridges out of landfills). This kit includes high quality toner and all the refill tools (syringe, sealing plugs, needle, etc) that you need in addition to easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions. When you buy from, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24 hour technical support on refills kits.

PRICE: $14.99

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Compatible Printer List

IBM Other
IBM InfoPrint
InfoPrint 12    
Konica Minolta PagePro
PagePro 9100    
Lexmark Other
4044 Optra E312    
Lexmark E
E320 E322   
Lexmark Optra E
Optra E210 Optra E310 Optra E312  
NEC SuperScript
SuperScript 1400 SuperScript 1450 SuperScript 1800  
Olivetti PGL
PGL 8L    
Samsung ML
ML-1010 ML-1020 ML-1210 ML-1220
ML-1250 ML-1430 ML-1440 ML-1450
ML-1451 ML-1650 ML-1651 ML-1652
ML-1653 ML-3560 ML-3561 ML-3562
ML-4500 ML-4600 ML-5000 ML-5050
ML-5100 ML-5500 ML-6040 ML-6060
ML-7000 ML-7050   
Samsung MSYS
MSYS 5100    
Samsung QWIKLaser
QWIKLaser 5100A QWIKLaser 7000 QWIKLaser 7050  
Samsung SCX
SCX-4300 SCX-4725 SCX-5112 SCX-5115
SCX-5312 SCX-5315   
Samsung SF
SF-515 SF-530 SF-531 SF-535
SF-830 SF-835 SF-5100  
TallyGenicom T
Xerox DocuPrint
DocuPrint P8 DocuPrint P1210   
Xerox FaxCentre
FaxCentre F12    
Xerox Phaser
Phaser 3110 Phaser 3200 Phaser 3210  
Xerox WorkCentre
WorkCentre M15    
Xerox WorkCentre Pro
WorkCentre Pro 412    

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