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Toner Hole Making Tool / Toner burn tool by Uni-Kit

Toner Hole Making Tool / Toner burn tool by Uni-Kit

Universal Toner Hole Making Tool Required for UNI-KIT laser toner refill kits 1,2,3 and 6 (except for Samsung ML1430, ML1710, ML1740, ML1750, Xerox P8). The Uni-Kit laser toner hole making tool is a RE-USABLE tool.

PRICE: $7.99

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Compatible Printer List

Apple LaserWriter
LaserWriter 4/600 PS LaserWriter 16/600 PS LaserWriter LaserWriter II F
LaserWriter II G LaserWriter IINT LaserWriter IINTX LaserWriter IISC
LaserWriter PLUS LaserWriter PRO 600 LaserWriter PRO 630 LaserWriter SELECT 300
LaserWriter SELECT 310 LaserWriter SELECT 350 LaserWriter SELECT 360 LaserWriter SELECT 610
Apple Personal LaserWriter
Personal LaserWriter Personal LaserWriter LS Personal LaserWriter NT Personal LaserWriter NTR
Personal LaserWriter SC Personal LaserWriter 300 Personal LaserWriter 320  
Brother DCP
Brother HL
HL-4 HL-6 HL-8 HL-10
HL-960 HL-1260 HL-1660 HL-2060
HL-2460 HL-2460n HL-2700cn HL-3140cw
HL-3150cdw HL-3170cdw   
Brother MFC
MFC-9130cw MFC-9140cdn MFC-9330cdw MFC-9340cdw
Canon CFX
CFX-L3500 CFX-L4000 CFX-L4500  
Canon CLBP
Canon CLC
Canon CP
CP 660    
Canon FAX
FAX L100 FAX L120 FAX L140 FAX L200
FAX L220 FAX L240 FAX L250 FAX L260
FAX L260i FAX L280 FAX L290 FAX L295
FAX L300 FAX L350 FAX L360 FAX L400
FAX L500 FAX L550 FAX L600 FAX L700
FAX L760 FAX L770 FAX L775 FAX L777
FAX L780 FAX L785 FAX L790 FAX L800
FAX L900 FAX L920 FAX L3100 FAX L3300
FAX L4600    
Canon FC
FC-100 FC-120 FC-200 FC-204
FC-220 FC-310 FC-330 FC-336
Canon FP
FP-300 FP-400   
Canon GP
Canon i-SENSYS
i-SENSYS 4120 i-SENSYS 4140 i-SENSYS 4150 i-SENSYS Fax-L160
i-SENSYS Fax-L170 i-SENSYS LBP-5050 i-SENSYS LBP-5360 i-SENSYS LBP-6000
i-SENSYS LBP-6670 i-SENSYS LBP-6680 i-SENSYS LBP-7200 i-SENSYS LBP-7210cdn
i-SENSYS LBP-7660 i-SENSYS LBP-7680cx i-SENSYS MF3010 i-SENSYS MF4010
i-SENSYS MF4150 i-SENSYS MF4270 i-SENSYS MF4320d i-SENSYS MF4330d
i-SENSYS MF4340d i-SENSYS MF4350d i-SENSYS MF4370dn i-SENSYS MF4380dn
i-SENSYS MF4660pl i-SENSYS MF4690pl i-SENSYS MF5840 i-SENSYS MF5980dw
i-SENSYS MF6140 i-SENSYS MF6180 i-SENSYS MF6680 i-SENSYS MF8030cn
i-SENSYS MF8050cn i-SENSYS MF8040 i-SENSYS MF8330cdn i-SENSYS MF8340
i-SENSYS MF9170    
Canon imageCLASS
imageCLASS 1100 imageCLASS 2200 imageCLASS 2210 imageCLASS 2220
imageCLASS 2250 imageCLASS 4000 imageCLASS C2100 imageCLASS C2500
imageCLASS C3500 imageCLASS D320 imageCLASS D340 imageCLASS D360
imageCLASS D420 imageCLASS D480 imageCLASS D660 imageCLASS D661
imageCLASS D680 imageCLASS D760 imageCLASS D761 imageCLASS D780
imageCLASS D860 imageCLASS D861 imageCLASS D880 imageCLASS D1100
imageCLASS D1120 imageCLASS D1150 imageCLASS D1170 imageCLASS D1180
imageCLASS D1320 imageCLASS D1350 imageCLASS D1370 imageCLASS LBP6000
imageCLASS LBP6030w imageCLASS LBP6300dn imageCLASS LBP6650dn imageCLASS LBP6670dn
imageCLASS LBP7200cdn imageCLASS LBP7660cdn imageCLASS MF3010 imageCLASS MF3110
imageCLASS MF3111 imageCLASS MF3240 imageCLASS MF4150 imageCLASS MF4270
imageCLASS MF4350d imageCLASS MF4370dn imageCLASS MF4380dn imageCLASS MF4690
imageCLASS MF5500 Series imageCLASS MF5530 imageCLASS MF5550 imageCLASS MF5630
imageCLASS MF5650 imageCLASS MF5730 imageCLASS MF5750 imageCLASS MF5770
imageCLASS MF5850dn imageCLASS MF5880dn imageCLASS MF5950dw imageCLASS MF5960dn
imageCLASS MF6160dw imageCLASS MF6180dw imageCLASS MF6500 Series imageCLASS MF6530
imageCLASS MF6531 imageCLASS MF6540 imageCLASS MF6550 imageCLASS MF6560
imageCLASS MF6580 imageCLASS MF6590 imageCLASS MF6595 imageCLASS MF7170i
imageCLASS MF7280 imageCLASS MF7460 imageCLASS MF7470 imageCLASS MF7480
imageCLASS MF8030cn imageCLASS MF8050cn imageCLASS MF8080cw imageCLASS MF8330cdn
imageCLASS MF8350cdn imageCLASS MF8380cdw imageCLASS MF8450c imageCLASS MF8580cdw
imageCLASS MF9150c imageCLASS MF9170c imageCLASS MF9220cdn imageCLASS MF9280cdn
Canon imageRUNNER
imageRUNNER 3250    
Canon imageRUNNER C
imageRUNNER C2100 imageRUNNER C2620 imageRUNNER C3200 imageRUNNER C3220
Canon imageRUNNER LBP
imageRUNNER LBP-5360    
Canon LaserBase
LaserBase MF3110 LaserBase MF3220 LaserBase MF3240 LaserBase MF5630
LaserBase MF5650 LaserBase MF5770 LaserBase MF6530 LaserBase MF6540pl
LaserBase MF6550pl LaserBase MF6560pl LaserBase MF6580  
Canon LaserCLASS
LaserCLASS 310 LaserCLASS 510 LaserCLASS 1060p LaserCLASS 2050
LaserCLASS 2060 LaserCLASS 5000 LaserCLASS 5500 LaserCLASS 7000
LaserCLASS 7500 LaserCLASS 8000 LaserCLASS 8500 LaserCLASS 9000
LaserCLASS 9500 LaserCLASS L300 LaserCLASS L4000  
Canon Laser Shot
Laser Shot LBP-3200    
Canon LBP
LBP-4 LBP-8 LBP-22x LBP-32x
LBP-52X LBP-62x LBP-72x LBP-200v
LBP-250 LBP-300 LBP-320 LBP-350
LBP-430 LBP-460 LBP-465 LBP-470
LBP-660 LBP-800 LBP-810 LBP-840
LBP-850 LBP-860 LBP-870 LBP-880
LBP-910 LBP-950 LBP-1000 LBP-1110
LBP-1120 LBP-1260 LBP-1310 LBP-1610
LBP-1620 LBP-1760 LBP-1810 LBP-1820
LBP-1910 LBP-2040 LBP-2050 LBP-2160
LBP-2200 LBP-2260 LBP-2300 LBP-2360
LBP-2460 LBP-2510 LBP-2710 LBP-2810
LBP-3200 LBP-3210 LBP-3260 LBP-5000
LBP-5100 LBP-5300 LBP-5400 LBP-5500
Canon MultiPASS
MultiPASS L60 MultiPASS L90 MultiPASS L6000  
Canon P
P 100 P 110 P 170 P 270
P 380 P 420 P 430 P 445
P 550    
Canon PC
PC-1 PC-2 PC-5 PC-6
PC-7 PC-8 PC-10 PC-11
PC-12 PC-14 PC-20 PC-24
PC-25 PC-140 PC-150 PC-160
PC-170 PC-300 PC-310 PC-320
PC-325 PC-330 PC-400 PC-420
PC-425 PC-428 PC-430 PC-530
PC-550 PC-710 PC-720 PC-730
PC-735 PC-740 PC-745 PC-760
PC-770 PC-775 PC-785 PC-790
PC-795 PC-850 PC-860 PC-870
PC-880 PC-890 PC-920 PC-921
PC-940 PC-941 PC-950 PC-980
PC-981 PC-1060 PC-1061 PC-1080F
PC-D320 PC-D340 PC-D450  
Canon Satera
Satera D450 Satera LBP-5100 Satera LBP-7200 Satera MF4010
Satera MF4110 Satera MF4120 Satera MF4130 Satera MF4150
Satera MF4330d Satera MF4350d Satera MF4370dn Satera MF4380dn
Satera MF6570 Satera MF8040   
DEC DEClaser
DEClaser 1100 DEClaser 1150 DEClaser 1152 DEClaser 2100
DEClaser 2150 DEClaser 2200 DEClaser 2250 DEClaser 3500
DEClaser 5100    
LN 05 LN 06 LN 07 LN 09
LN 14    
DEC PrintServer
PrintServer 17    
Dell Other
3110 3115 3130 5210
Dell M
Dell P
Gestetner Other
6110 6116 6216  
Gestetner GLD
GLD 801    
Gestetner GLS
GLS 800    
Gestetner GLX
GLX 801    
Gestetner Laser
Laser 800    
Gestetner LX
LX 800    
Gestetner P
HP Other
33440 A LaserJet II 33471 A LaserJet IIP 33449 A LaserJet III 33481 A LaserJet IIIP
33491 A LaserJet IIISi C2001A LaserJet 4 C2003A LaserJet 4L C2007A LaserJet IIP Plus
C2010A LaserJet 4Si C2021A LaserJet 4M C2037A LaserJet 4 Plus C2064A LaserJet IIISi
C3141A LaserJet 4V C3142A LaserJet 4MV   
CM1015 CM1017   
HP Color LaserJet
Color LaserJet 1600 Color LaserJet 2600 Color LaserJet 2605 Color LaserJet 2700
Color LaserJet 3000 Color LaserJet 3500 Color LaserJet 3550 Color LaserJet 3600
Color LaserJet 3700 Color LaserJet 3800 Color LaserJet 4500 Color LaserJet 4550
Color LaserJet 4600 Color LaserJet 4610 Color LaserJet 4650 Color LaserJet 4700
Color LaserJet 4730 Color LaserJet 5500 Color LaserJet 5550 Color LaserJet 8500
Color LaserJet 8550 Color LaserJet 9500 Color LaserJet CM1312 Color LaserJet CM2320
Color LaserJet CM3530 Color LaserJet CM4540 Color LaserJet CM4730 Color LaserJet CM6030
Color LaserJet CM6040 Color LaserJet CP1215 Color LaserJet CP1515 Color LaserJet CP1518
Color LaserJet CP1525 Color LaserJet CP2025 Color LaserJet CP3505 Color LaserJet CP3525
Color LaserJet CP4025 Color LaserJet CP4520 Color LaserJet CP4525 Color LaserJet CP6015
HP Color LaserJet Pro
Color LaserJet Pro CM1415    
HP Color LaserJet Professional
Color LaserJet Professional CP5200 Series Color LaserJet Professional CP5225   
HP LaserJet
LaserJet LaserJet Plus LaserJet II LaserJet III
LaserJet III Si LaserJet III/MAC LaserJet IIID LaserJet IIIP
LaserJet 4 LaserJet 4 Plus LaserJet 4L LaserJet 4M
LaserJet 4ML LaserJet 4MP LaserJet 4MV LaserJet 4P
LaserJet 4Si LaserJet 4V LaserJet 5 LaserJet 5L
LaserJet 5M LaserJet 5MP LaserJet 5N LaserJet 5P
LaserJet 5Se LaserJet 5Si LaserJet 6L LaserJet 6MP
LaserJet 6P LaserJet 500 Plus LaserJet 1000 LaserJet 1005W
LaserJet 1010 LaserJet 1012 LaserJet 1015 LaserJet 1018
LaserJet 1020 LaserJet 1022 LaserJet 1100 LaserJet 1150
LaserJet 1200 LaserJet 1220 LaserJet 1300 LaserJet 2100
LaserJet 2200 LaserJet 2300 LaserJet 3015 LaserJet 3020
LaserJet 3030 LaserJet 3050 LaserJet 3052 LaserJet 3055
LaserJet 3100 LaserJet 3150 LaserJet 3200 LaserJet 3300
LaserJet 3310 LaserJet 3320 LaserJet 3330 LaserJet 3380
LaserJet 4000 LaserJet 4050 LaserJet 4100 LaserJet 4101
LaserJet 4200 LaserJet 5000 LaserJet 5100 LaserJet 5200 Series
LaserJet 8000 LaserJet 8100 LaserJet 8150 LaserJet 9000
LaserJet 9040 LaserJet 9050   
HP LaserJet Enterprise
LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551 LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M575 LaserJet Enterprise 500 M525 LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601
LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602 LaserJet Enterprise 600 M603 LaserJet Enterprise 700 color M775 LaserJet Enterprise CP5520 color
LaserJet Enterprise CP5525 color LaserJet Enterprise Flow M525c LaserJet Enterprise Flow M575c LaserJet Enterprise color M750
LaserJet Enterprise M4555 LaserJet Enterprise P3010 LaserJet Enterprise P3015  
HP LaserJet M
LaserJet M1319 LaserJet M2727 LaserJet M3027 LaserJet M3035
LaserJet M9040 LaserJet M9050   
HP LaserJet P
LaserJet P2010 LaserJet P2014 LaserJet P2015 LaserJet P2035
LaserJet P2050 LaserJet P2055 LaserJet P3005 LaserJet P3016
HP LaserJet Pro
LaserJet Pro 100 color M175 LaserJet Pro 200 color M251 LaserJet Pro 200 color M276 LaserJet Pro 300 color M351
LaserJet Pro 300 color M375 LaserJet Pro 400 - M401 LaserJet Pro 400 - M425 LaserJet Pro 400 color M451
LaserJet Pro 400 color M475 LaserJet Pro 500 color M570 LaserJet Pro CP1020 LaserJet Pro CP1025
LaserJet Pro M521 LaserJet Pro M1130 LaserJet Pro M1132 LaserJet Pro M1134
LaserJet Pro M1136 LaserJet Pro M1137 LaserJet Pro M1138 LaserJet Pro M1139
LaserJet Pro M1210 LaserJet Pro M1212 LaserJet Pro M1213 LaserJet Pro M1214
LaserJet Pro M1216 LaserJet Pro M1217 LaserJet Pro M1219 LaserJet Pro M1536
LaserJet Pro P1102 LaserJet Pro P1566 LaserJet Pro P1606  
HP TopShot
TopShot LaserJet Pro M275nw    
MOPIER 240 MOPIER 320   
IBM Other
3112 3116 3912 3916
4019 4028 4029 4039
4324 4912   
IBM InfoPrint
InfoPrint 12 InfoPrint 1312   
IBM LaserPrinter
LaserPrinter 4    
IBM Network Printer
Network Printer 24    
IBM WinWriter
WinWriter 600    
Konica Minolta Other
860 Print System 1660 PrintSystem 1725 PrintSystem 2308
2425 PrintSystem 3308 ImageServer   
Konica Minolta BIG KISS
Konica Minolta bizhub
bizhub 40p bizhub 40px   
Konica Minolta ConceptWriter
Konica Minolta Hammerhead
Hammerhead Print System 860    
Konica Minolta KISS
Konica Minolta LaserGRAFIX
LaserGRAFIX 800 LaserGRAFIX 800 II LaserGRAFIX 810 LaserGRAFIX 820
Konica Minolta magicolor
magicolor 5430 magicolor 5440 magicolor 5450  
Konica Minolta PagePro
PagePro 9100    
Konica Minolta PS
PS 410 PS 420 PS 800 PS 810
PS 815 PS 820 PS 825 PS 860
PS 860 Print System PS 1700 PS 1725 PS 2425
Konica Minolta SmartWriter
SmartWriter SmartWriter 80   
Konica Minolta SmartScript
SmartScript 800    
Konica Minolta SmartWriter
SmartWriter 8/3X    
Kyocera Mita FS
Kyocera Mita P
Lanier SP
SP 100    
Lexmark Other
4029 Model 5 4029 Model 6 4029 Model 10 4039 Model 12L
4039 Model 16L 4044 Optra E312 4045 Optra M 4049
4059 Optra S 4069 Optra T   
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Clinical Assistant    
Lexmark E
E220 E320 E321 E322
Lexmark Education Station
Education Station    
Lexmark Legal Partner
Legal Partner    
Lexmark Optra E
Optra E310 Optra E312   
Lexmark Optra L
Optra L    
Lexmark Optra Lx
Optra Lx    
Lexmark Optra Lxi
Optra Lxi Optra Lxn   
Lexmark Optra M
Optra M410 Optra M412   
Lexmark Optra N
Optra N Optra N 240 Optra N 245  
Lexmark Optra R
Optra R Optra R Plus Optra R Plus Pro  
Lexmark Optra Rn
Optra Rn Plus    
Lexmark Optra Rt
Optra Rt Plus    
Lexmark Optra Rx
Optra Rx    
Lexmark Optra S
Optra S 1250 Optra S 1255 Optra S 1620 Optra S 1625
Optra S 1650 Optra S 1855 Optra S 2420 Optra S 2450
Optra S 2455    
Lexmark Optra T
Optra T610 Optra T612 Optra T614  
Lexmark OptraIMAGE
OptraIMAGE 614s OptraIMAGE S 2455m OptraIMAGE T610sx OptraIMAGE T614dx
Lexmark T
T630 T632 T634  
Lexmark WinWriter
WinWriter 600    
Lexmark X
X630 X632 X634 X642
X644 X646   
NEC SilentWriter
SilentWriter 260 SilentWriter 290 SilentWriter 990  
NEC SilentWriter II
SilentWriter II Model 260 SilentWriter II Model 290 SilentWriter II Model 990  
NEC SuperScript
SuperScript 1400 SuperScript 1450 SuperScript 1800  
OCE Imagistics Other
6010 6015 6017 6025
6127 6206 6450 6451
6470 6471 6500 6525
6527 6535   
Olivetti LP
LP 5000    
Olivetti PG
PG 101 PG 108 PG 208 PG 303
PG 810 PG 820 PG 840  
Olivetti PGL
PGL 8L    
Panasonic FP
FP-820 FP-830   
Panasonic Panafax KX
Panafax KX-F5000    
Pitney Bowes Other
9200 9250 9400 9500
9520 9550   
Ricoh Aficio AP
Aficio AP1910    
Ricoh Aficio SP
Aficio SP 100 Aficio SP C220 Aficio SP C221 Aficio SP C222
Aficio SP C231 Aficio SP C232 Aficio SP C240 Aficio SP C242
Aficio SP C310 Aficio SP C311 Aficio SP C312 Aficio SP C320
Ricoh Fax
Fax 2800L    
Ricoh LR
Ricoh SP
SP 100 SP 112   
Samsung CLP
CLP-300 CLP-360 CLP-365 CLP-500
CLP-550 CLP-680   
Samsung CLX
CLX-2160 CLX-3160 CLX-3300 CLX-3305
Samsung ML
ML-1440 ML-1450 ML-1451 ML-5000
ML-5050 ML-5500 ML-6040 ML-6060
ML-7000 ML-7050   
Samsung QWIKLaser
QWIKLaser 5100A QWIKLaser 7000 QWIKLaser 7050  
Samsung Xpress
Xpress C410 Xpress C460   
Savin SavinFax
SavinFax 630    
Savin SP
SP 100    
TallyGenicom Other
5010 6000 6140 AceWriter 6142 AceWriter
7170 7610 7612 7612 i
7910 7910 CX 7910 TX 7912L
7912L CX 7912L TX 7912R 7912R CX
7912R TX 7916L 7916L CX 7916L TX
7916R 7916R CX 7916R TX 7918 L
9025 9080 9160 9170
TallyGenicom AceWriter
TallyGenicom MicroLaser
MicroLaser 14N MicroLaser 17   
TallyGenicom T
Toshiba e-Studio
e-Studio 190P    
ACCEL-A-Writer 812 ACCEL-A-Writer 4000 ACCEL-A-Writer 8000 ACCEL-A-Writer 8100
ACCEL-A-Writer 8200    
Xante PlateMake
PlateMaker 8200 PlateMaker II   
Xerox Other
4505 4510   
Xerox DocuPrint
DocuPrint P8 DocuPrint P1210   
Xerox Phaser
Phaser 6100 Phaser 6180 Phaser 7500  
Lexmark E
E320 E321 E322 E323
Lexmark Education Station
Education Station    
Lexmark Legal Partner
Legal Partner    
Lexmark Optra E
Optra E310 Optra E312   
Lexmark Optra L
Optra L    
Lexmark Optra Lx
Optra Lx    
Lexmark Optra Lxi
Optra Lxi Optra Lxn   
Lexmark Optra M
Optra M410 Optra M412   
Lexmark Optra N
Optra N Optra N 240 Optra N 245  
Lexmark Optra R
Optra R Optra R Plus Optra R Plus Pro  
Lexmark Optra Rn
Optra Rn Plus    
OCE Imagistics Other
6010 6015 6017 6025
6127 6206 6450 6451
6470 6471 6500 6525
6527 6535   

Logos and brand names of manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung, Apple, Brother, Dell, IBM and others are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All references to brands are solely made for the purpose of illustrating compatibility of toner and ink cartridges. Their use on does not imply endorsement or association by respective owners.