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Chip Resetter for Epson - v.5

Chip Resetter for Epson - v.5

The Uni-Kit Epson Chip Resetter V5.0 will reset the newer Epson T077 / T078 / T068 / T069 / T0711 / T0712 / T0713 / T0714 series 9-pin inkjet cartridges as well as all older 7-pin cartridges back to full specs. The Uni-Kit Chip Resetter for Epson cartridges will reset the ""smart chip"" on Epson cartridges multiple times. Reset cartridge chips to factory specs, showing full ink levels and providing the same number of cycles as when the chip was new. This device works indefinitely and can be extended by simply replacing the 3 small batteries the same way you would replace a battery in a wrist watch. The resetter is guaranteed to work on Original brand Epson® cartridge chips, but may not work on ""compatible chips"" manufactured by 3rd parties. Disclaimer: The Epson Resetter is not an Epson® product. It is designed only for the purpose of ""resetting"" the smart chip on your Epson inkjet cartridges so as to allow the successful refilling of the cartridges and save the consumer the expense of buying a new cartridge. How does it work? Just place the cartridge on the resetter and wait 5 seconds! Thats it! The ink levels on the cartridge are restored to new. Why do I need the Uni-Kit Epson Resetter? Epson makes most of their new Inkjet cartridges with ""smart chips"" that send a signal to the printer when they are empty. This prevents the printer from recognizing a refilled cartridge as it still ""remembers"" the cartridge as being empty... But the Universal Epson Resetter will RESET this memory chip, allowing you to refill the cartridge and allowing the printer to recognize it as a brand new cartridge! The Uni-Kit Epson Resetter Works! The Epson Resetter will reset smart chip enabled Epson cartridges. Best of all, it takes only 5 seconds to complete the job and will work unlimited times! Resettable Cartridge Models: T068120* / T069120* / T069220* / T069320* / T069420* / T069520* / T077120* / T077220* / T077320* / T077420* / T077520* / T077620* / T078120* / T078220* / T078320* / T078420* / T078520* / T078620* / T007 / T008 / T009 / T015 / T016 / T017 / T018 / T0100 / T026 / T027 / T028 / T029 / T036 / T037 / T038 / T039 / T040 / T041 / T057 / T058 / T066 / T067 / T0321 / T0322 / T0323 / T0324 / T0331 / T0332 / T0333 / T0334 / T0711* / T0712* / T0713* / T0714* Resettable Printer models: EPSON STYLUS PHOTO: 780 / 790 / 870 / 890 / 895 / 1270 / 1280 / 1290 / 900 / 950 / 2000P / 2100 / 2200 / R260* / R280* / R380* / RX580* and more; EPSON STYLUS: C680 / 685 / 777 / 810 / 820 /925 / 830U / C60 / C61 / C62 / C64 / C66 / CX3100 / CX3200 / C41 / C42UX / C43 / C44UX / C45 / C46 / C48 / CX1500 / C70 / C80 / C82 / C82N / C84 / CX4600 / CX5000* / CX6000* / CX5100 / CX5200 / CX5300 / CX5400 / CX6400 / CX6600 and more; OTHER EPSON: EPSON TM-C100 / EPSON ME 100/1/1+ and more. * VERY IMPORTANT: The models marked with an asterisk use a new generation 9-Pin Epson chip (T068, T069, T077 and T078 cartridges). For these cartridges, the printer reads more than just the chip when determining the ink level status for the cartridge. The printer also reads ink level sensors INSIDE the cartridge, so the cartridge needs to be both properly resetted AND properly refilled in order for the printer to recognize it as full. Make sure you know how to refill these cartridges before you buy this resetter! This caution does not apply to the older generation chips that are not marked with an asterisk, which use 7-pin chips.

PRICE: $12.99

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Compatible Printer List

Epson Other
1000 ICS    
Epson C
Stylus C20 Stylus C20SX Stylus C20UX Stylus C40S
Stylus C40SX Stylus C40UX Stylus C41SX Stylus C41UX
Stylus C42 Stylus C42+ Stylus C42S Stylus C42SX
Stylus C42SXU Stylus C42UX Stylus C43 Stylus C43SX
Stylus C43UX Stylus C44 Stylus C44+ Stylus C44UX
Stylus C45 Stylus C46 Stylus C46+ Stylus C46UX
Stylus C50 Stylus C60 Stylus C61 Stylus C62
Stylus C63 Stylus C64 Stylus C65 Stylus C66
Stylus C67 Stylus C68 Stylus C70 Stylus C70+
Stylus C80 Stylus C80N Stylus C80WN Stylus C82
Stylus C82N Stylus C82WN Stylus C83 Stylus C84
Stylus C84N Stylus C84WN Stylus C86 Stylus C87
Stylus C87PE Stylus C88 Stylus C88+  
Epson CX
Stylus CX1500v Stylus CX3100 Stylus CX3200 Stylus CX3600
Stylus CX3800 Stylus CX3810 Stylus CX4100 Stylus CX4200
Stylus CX4600 Stylus CX4700 Stylus CX4800 Stylus CX5100
Stylus CX5200 Stylus CX5400 Stylus CX5800F Stylus CX6300
Stylus CX6400 Stylus CX6600 Stylus CX7800  
Epson Color
Stylus Color 480 Stylus Color 480SX Stylus Color 480SXU Stylus Color 580
Stylus Color 680 Stylus Color 685 Stylus Color 777 Stylus Color 777i
Stylus Color 2000P    
Epson D
Stylus D68P Stylus D88 Stylus D88+  
Epson DX
Stylus DX3800 Stylus DX4800   
Epson Photo
Stylus Photo 780 Stylus Photo 785EPX Stylus Photo 790 Stylus Photo 810
Stylus Photo 820 Stylus Photo 825 Stylus Photo 830 Stylus Photo 830U
Stylus Photo 870 Stylus Photo 870LE Stylus Photo 875DC Stylus Photo 875DCS
Stylus Photo 890 Stylus Photo 895 Stylus Photo 900 Stylus Photo 915
Stylus Photo 925 Stylus Photo 935 Stylus Photo 1270 Stylus Photo 1280
Stylus Photo 1290 Stylus Photo 1290S Stylus Photo 2000P Stylus Photo 2100
Stylus Photo 2200    
Epson Photo R
Stylus Photo R200 Stylus Photo R220 Stylus Photo R300 Stylus Photo R300M
Stylus Photo R320 Stylus Photo R340 Stylus Photo R800 Stylus Photo R1800
Stylus Photo R2400    
Epson Photo RX
Stylus Photo RX420 Stylus Photo RX425 Stylus Photo RX500 Stylus Photo RX520
Stylus Photo RX600 Stylus Photo RX620 Stylus Photo RX640  

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