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60ml Printer Ink (Light Cyan Color)

60ml Printer Ink (Light Cyan Color)

60ml Printer Ink (Light Cyan Color) - When you buy your bulk ink from, you can always expect the highest quality, lowest cost alternative to the brand name product. This item is for customers that already have the necessary tools to refill their ink cartridges, and includes just the ink

PRICE: $2.99

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Compatible Printer List

Brother MFC
Canon BJC
BJC-55 BJC-85 BJC-240 BJC-250
BJC-251 BJC-255 BJC-1000 BJC-1010
BJC-2000 BJC-2010 BJC-2100 BJC-2110
BJC-2115 BJC-2120 BJC-2125 BJC-3000
BJC-3010 BJC-4200 BJC-4300 BJC-4400
BJC-4550 BJC-5000 BJC-5100 BJC-6000
BJC-6500 BJC-7000 BJC-7004 BJC-7100
BJC-8000 BJC-8200 BJC-8500  
Canon i
i900 i950 i960 i9100
Canon LR
LR1 PrintStation    
Canon MultiPASS
MultiPASS C20 MultiPASS C50 MultiPASS C70 MultiPASS C75
MultiPASS C80 MultiPASS C100 MultiPASS C400 MultiPASS C530
MultiPASS C555 MultiPASS C560 MultiPASS C600 MultiPASS C755
MultiPASS C3000 MultiPASS C3500 MultiPASS C5000 MultiPASS C5500
Canon PIXMA iP
PIXMA iP6000d PIXMA iP6210d PIXMA iP6220d PIXMA iP6310d
PIXMA iP6320d PIXMA iP6600d PIXMA iP6700d PIXMA iP8500
Canon PIXMA Pro
PIXMA Pro9000 PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II   
Canon S
S400 S450 S800 S820
S830 S900 S4500 S9000
Dell Other
922 924 926 942
944 946 948 962
964 966 968  
Dell V
V105 V305 V505  
Epson Artisan
Artisan 50 Artisan 700 Artisan 710 Artisan 725
Artisan 730 Artisan 800 Artisan 810 Artisan 835
Artisan 837 Artisan 1430   
Epson Expression Photo
Expression Photo XP-850 Expression Photo XP-860 Expression Photo XP-950 Expression Photo XP-960
Epson Maxart
Maxart PM-9000C    
Epson PictureMate
PictureMate PictureMate 500 PictureMate Express Edition PictureMate Deluxe Edition
Epson Other
Stylus 720    
Epson Color
Stylus Color 750 Stylus Color 750i Stylus Color 2000P  
Epson Photo
Stylus Photo Stylus Photo 700 Stylus Photo 720 Stylus Photo 750
Stylus Photo 780 Stylus Photo 790 Stylus Photo 810 Stylus Photo 820
Stylus Photo 825 Stylus Photo 830 Stylus Photo 870 Stylus Photo 875
Stylus Photo 890 Stylus Photo 895 Stylus Photo 900 Stylus Photo 910
Stylus Photo 915 Stylus Photo 925 Stylus Photo 935 Stylus Photo 950
Stylus Photo 960 Stylus Photo 1200 Stylus Photo 1270 Stylus Photo 1280
Stylus Photo 1290 Stylus Photo 1400 Stylus Photo 1500 Stylus Photo 2000
Stylus Photo 2100 Stylus Photo 2200   
Epson Photo EX
Stylus Photo EX    
Epson Photo PX
Stylus Photo PX660 Stylus Photo PX710 Stylus Photo PX720 Stylus Photo PX730
Stylus Photo PX800 Stylus Photo PX810 Stylus Photo PX820 Stylus Photo PX830
Epson Photo R
Stylus Photo R200 Stylus Photo R210 Stylus Photo R220 Stylus Photo R260
Stylus Photo R265 Stylus Photo R270 Stylus Photo R280 Stylus Photo R300
Stylus Photo R310 Stylus Photo R320 Stylus Photo R340 Stylus Photo R350
Stylus Photo R360 Stylus Photo R380 Stylus Photo R390 Stylus Photo R2400
Stylus Photo R2880 Stylus Photo R3000   
Epson Photo RX
Stylus Photo RX500 Stylus Photo RX510 Stylus Photo RX560 Stylus Photo RX580
Stylus Photo RX590 Stylus Photo RX595 Stylus Photo RX600 Stylus Photo RX620
Stylus Photo RX630 Stylus Photo RX640 Stylus Photo RX650 Stylus Photo RX680
Stylus Photo RX690 Stylus Photo RX700   
Epson Pro
Stylus Pro 3800 Stylus Pro 3880 Stylus Pro 4000 Stylus Pro 4800
Stylus Pro 4880 Stylus Pro 4900 Stylus Pro 5000 Stylus Pro 5500
Stylus Pro 7000 Stylus Pro 7400 Stylus Pro 7500 Stylus Pro 7600 UltraChrome
Stylus Pro 7600 Photo Dye Stylus Pro 7800 Stylus Pro 7880 Stylus Pro 7890
Stylus Pro 7900 Stylus Pro 9000 Stylus Pro 9500 Stylus Pro 9600 Photo Dye
Stylus Pro 9600 UltraChrome Stylus Pro 9800 Stylus Pro 9880 Stylus Pro 9890
Stylus Pro 9900 Stylus Pro 10000 Archival Stylus Pro 10000 Photo Dye Stylus Pro 10600 Archival
Stylus Pro 10600 Photo Dye Stylus Pro 10600 UltraChrome Stylus Pro GS6000 Stylus Pro WT7900
Epson SureColor
SureColor Photo P600 SureColor Photo P800 SureColor P6000 SureColor P7000
SureColor P8000 SureColor P9000 SureColor P10000 SureColor P20000
SureColor S70670    
Epson SureLab
SureLab D3000    
HP Designjet
Designjet 10ps Designjet 20ps Designjet 30 Designjet 50ps
Designjet 90 Designjet 120 Designjet 130 Designjet 5000
Designjet 5500 Designjet 8000 Designjet 9000s Designjet 10000s
Designjet L25500 Designjet Z6600 Designjet Z6800  
HP Deskjet
Deskjet 460 Deskjet 610 Deskjet 612c Deskjet 630c
Deskjet 632c Deskjet 640c Deskjet 642c Deskjet 648c
Deskjet 656c Deskjet 690c Deskjet 692c Deskjet 693c
Deskjet 694c Deskjet 695c Deskjet 697c Deskjet 2360
Deskjet 3651 Deskjet 3653 Deskjet 3843 Deskjet 3845
Deskjet 3847 Deskjet 3945 Deskjet 4160 Deskjet 5150
Deskjet 5420 Deskjet 5440 Deskjet 5442 Deskjet 5443
Deskjet 5550 Deskjet 5551 Deskjet 5650 Deskjet 5740
Deskjet 5743 Deskjet 5745 Deskjet 5748 Deskjet 5850
Deskjet 5940 Deskjet 9650 Deskjet 9670 Deskjet 9680
Deskjet 9800    
HP Deskjet D
Deskjet D1420 Deskjet D1430 Deskjet D1445 Deskjet D1455
Deskjet D2330 Deskjet D2360 Deskjet D2430 Deskjet D2445
Deskjet D2460 Deskjet D4135 Deskjet D4140 Deskjet D4145
Deskjet D4150 Deskjet D4155 Deskjet D4160 Deskjet D4180
Deskjet D4260 Deskjet D4280 Deskjet D4360  
HP Deskjet F
DeskJet F300 Series Deskjet F310 Deskjet F325 Deskjet F335
Deskjet F340 Deskjet F350 Deskjet F370 Deskjet F375
Deskjet F378 Deskjet F380 Deskjet F385 Deskjet F388
Deskjet F390 Deskjet F394 Deskjet F2110 Deskjet F2120
Deskjet F2128 Deskjet F2140 Deskjet F2149 Deskjet F2180
Deskjet F2185 Deskjet F2187 Deskjet F2188 Deskjet F4135
Deskjet F4140 Deskjet F4150 Deskjet F4172 Deskjet F4175
Deskjet F4180 Deskjet F4185 Deskjet F4188 Deskjet F4190
Deskjet F4194    
HP Deskwriter
Deskwriter 694c    
HP Digital Copier
Digital Copier 410    
HP Latex
Latex 110 Latex 210 Latex 260 Latex 280
Latex 310 Latex 330 Latex 360 Latex 370
Latex 820 Latex 850 Latex 3000 Latex 3100
Latex 3500    
HP Officejet
Officejet 100 Mobile Officejet 150 Mobile Officejet 700 Officejet 710
Officejet 720 Officejet 725 Officejet 4211 Officejet 4212
Officejet 4215 Officejet 4219 Officejet 4251 Officejet 4252
Officejet 4255 Officejet 4259 Officejet 5600 Series Officejet 5605
Officejet 5608 Officejet 5609 Officejet 5610 Officejet 5615
Officejet 6105 Officejet 6110 Officejet 6200 Officejet 6210
Officejet 6310 Officejet 7210 Officejet 7310 Officejet 7408
Officejet 7410    
HP Officejet H
Officejet H470    
HP Officejet J
Officejet J5700 Series Officejet J5725 Officejet J5730 Officejet J5735
Officejet J5738 Officejet J5740 Officejet J5750 Officejet J5780
Officejet J5783 Officejet J5785 Officejet J5788 Officejet J5790
Officejet J6480    
HP Photosmart
Photosmart Photo printer Photosmart 745 Photosmart 2575 Photosmart 2600 Series
Photosmart 2610 Photosmart 2710 Photosmart 3108 Photosmart 3110
Photosmart 3210 Photosmart 3310 Photosmart 7150 Photosmart 7260
Photosmart 7350 Photosmart 7450 Photosmart 7550 Photosmart 7660
Photosmart 7755 Photosmart 7760 Photosmart 7850 Photosmart 7960
Photosmart 8030 Photosmart 8038 Photosmart 8049 Photosmart 8050
Photosmart 8150 Photosmart 8250 Photosmart 8450 Photosmart 8750
Photosmart 8753 Photosmart 8758   
HP Photosmart B
Photosmart B8350    
HP Photosmart C
Photosmart C3100 Photosmart C3140 Photosmart C3150 Photosmart C3180
Photosmart C4180 Photosmart C4280 Photosmart C4285 Photosmart C4340 Series
Photosmart C4340 Photosmart C4342 Photosmart C4343 Photosmart C4344
Photosmart C4345 Photosmart C4348 Photosmart C4380 Photosmart C4382
Photosmart C4383 Photosmart C4384 Photosmart C4385 Photosmart C4400 Series
Photosmart C4410 Photosmart C4435 Photosmart C4440 Photosmart C4450
Photosmart C4470 Photosmart C4472 Photosmart C4473 Photosmart C4475
Photosmart C4480 Photosmart C4483 Photosmart C4485 Photosmart C4488
Photosmart C4493 Photosmart C4494 Photosmart C5060 Photosmart C5065
Photosmart C5069 Photosmart C5140 Photosmart C5145 Photosmart C5150
Photosmart C5155 Photosmart C5160 Photosmart C5180 Photosmart C5225
Photosmart C5240 Photosmart C5250 Photosmart C5275 Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5283 Photosmart C5288 Photosmart C5290 Photosmart C5345
Photosmart C5360 Photosmart C5500 Series Photosmart C5540 Photosmart C5550
Photosmart C5570 Photosmart C5580 Photosmart C6150 Photosmart C6154
Photosmart C6160 Photosmart C6170 Photosmart C6175 Photosmart C6180
Photosmart C6183 Photosmart C6185 Photosmart C6188 Photosmart C6190
PhotoSmart C6240 PhotoSmart C6250 PhotoSmart C6280 PhotoSmart C6283
PhotoSmart C6288 Photosmart C7145 Photosmart C7150 Photosmart C7155
Photosmart C7160 Photosmart C7170 Photosmart C7177 Photosmart C7180
Photosmart C7183 Photosmart C7186 Photosmart C7188 Photosmart C7190
Photosmart C7250 Photosmart C7260 Photosmart C7275 Photosmart C7280
Photosmart C7283 Photosmart C7288 Photosmart C7345 Photosmart C7355
Photosmart C7360 Photosmart C7460 Photosmart C8150 Photosmart C8180
Photosmart C8183    
HP Photosmart D
Photosmart D5069 Photosmart D5160 PhotoSmart D5345 PhotoSmart D5360
Photosmart D6160 Photosmart D7145 Photosmart D7155 Photosmart D7160
PhotoSmart D7260 Photosmart D7345 Photosmart D7355 Photosmart D7360
Photosmart D7460    
HP Photosmart Pro B
Photosmart Pro B8330 Photosmart Pro B8350   
PSC 370 PSC 380 PSC 1310 PSC 1311
PSC 1312 PSC 1315 PSC 1317 PSC 1318
PSC 1340 PSC 1345 PSC 1350 PSC 1355
PSC 1507 PSC 1510 PSC 1600 PSC 1610
PSC 2105 PSC 2108 PSC 2110 PSC 2115
PSC 2150 PSC 2170 PSC 2171 PSC 2175
PSC 2210 PSC 2350 PSC 2355 PSC 2405
PSC 2410 PSC 2510 PSC 2610 PSC 2710
HP Scitex
Scitex 820 Scitex 850   
Kodak PPM
PPM 200    
Lexmark Other
3200 5000 5700 5770
7000 7200   
Lexmark Home Copier
Home Copier Plus    
Lexmark Optra Color
Optra Color 40 Optra Color 45   
Lexmark P
P706 P707 P915 P3120
P3150 P4330 P4350 P6250
Lexmark X
X63 X73 X125 X2500
X2510 X2530 X2550 X2600
X2650 X2670 X2690 X3350
X3530 X4250 X4270 X4650
X4690 X4850 X4875 X4950
X4975 X5070 X5075 X5250
X5270 X5320 X5340 X5410
X5450 X5470 X5495 X5650
X6570 X6575 X6650 X6675
X7170 X7350 X7550 X7675
X8350 X9350 X9570 X9575
Lexmark Z
Z45 Z54 Z82 Z703
Z705 Z707 Z710 Z715
Z815 Z816 Z845 Z1300
Z1310 Z1320 Z1380 Z1410
Z1420 Z1520 Z2300 Z2320
Z2390 Z2420 Z2490  
Mimaki Other
CJV30-60 CJV30-100 CJV30-130 CJV30-160
JV3-75 JV3-130 JV3-160 JV3-250
JV5-130 JV5-160 JV5-320 JV33-130
JV33-160 JV33-260   
Mutoh Other
ValueJet 1204 ValueJet 1304 ValueJet 1324 ValueJet 1604
ValueJet 1618 ValueJet 1624 ValueJet 2606  
Philips Crystal
Crystal 600 Crystal 650 Crystal 660 Crystal 665
Roland RS
RS-540 RS-640   
Roland SC
SC-500 SC-540 SC-545  
Roland SJ
SJ-540 SJ-640 SJ-645 SJ-740
SJ-745 SJ-1045   
Roland SP
SP-300 SP-540   
Roland VP
VP-300 VP-500 VP-540  
Roland VS
VS-300 VS-420 VS-540 VS-640
Roland XC
Roland XJ
XJ-540 XJ-640 XJ-740  
Sharp AJ
Xerox Document WorkCentre
Document WorkCentre 470 Document WorkCentre 480 Document WorkCentre 490  
Xerox DocuPrint
DocuPrint C20 DocuPrint NC20 DocuPrint XJ8C DocuPrint XJ9C

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