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Printer Ink And Why Its Use Is Still Increasing For Small Businesses

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Small businesses have had an increasing demand for printer ink through the years. Even though the economic downturn affected small businesses adversely the printer ink use from these businesses has hardly diminished. There are several reasons why there have been consistent purchases of printer ink from such businesses.

Uses and Purpose
A small business needs to actively promote and market its brand through a multitude of means ranging from online campaigns to offline as well. In the case of offline marketing strategies simple marketing tools such as business cards brochures newsletters and sales flyers are just some of the basic items required for successful marketing. Due to the intensive need for such products having a steady supply of printer ink is mandatory for most small businesses. Given the fact that most home-based and small businesses have multifunctional printers with scanner, fax and copier the need for a heavy duty variety of ink cannot be undermined. The advantage about heavy duty versions of printer ink is that they can handle multiple printing tasks using a single cartridge. As an example printing graphics and color images on a brochure for example would require specialist ink that is tailored for photo printers.

Color Printing
The days when black and white imagery and brochures helped capture customer attention are long gone. These days color graphics and high resolution imagery have far more visual appeal. This has further contributed to an increased demand for printer ink use. In the case of sophisticated prints of color inks tailored towards laser printers are necessary. These kinds of ink ensure greater clarity along with speed. The kind of paper used as part of the printing process in the small business environment would also determine the type of ink used. Laser printers as well as their associated inks are best suited for small business purposes because of their adaptability to work with varied paper types and qualities.

With an enhanced demand for printer ink use many small business owners have started purchasing bulk quantities. Printer ink purchases online have greater scope for additional discounts along with price savings especially in the case of bulk purchases. Many individuals are of the mistaken notion that branded ink is the best. The market boasts of several generic brands that have high quality ink that is also priced much cheaper compared to their branded counterparts. Most online stores specializing in selling printer ink have special offers on a regular basis which aids in additional savings. Small businesses are driven by targeted marketing initiatives and consistent brand recall campaigns which necessitates higher printer ink use whether it is a period of economic recession or an upward swing in the economy.

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