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Why Bulk Printer Ink Is Not Always A Good Buy For An Office

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Now that the new business is up and running, the task of creating and maintaining a budget becomes a crucial part of managing day to day operations. One of the biggest chunks of any office budget is the purchasing of office printer ink. There are numerous online stores that specialize in printer ink and are able to pass on amazing discounts to their customers since they don’t have a traditional brick and mortar establishment. Buying bulk printer ink is guaranteed to increase the savings even further since these purchases tend to have larger discounts with shipping costs waived. But buying printer ink in bulk isn’t for everyone. There are certain situations where it is not always a good buy for an office.

If the business that is buying the printer ink is a small start-up just starting to gather business and assignments, buying in bulk isn’t the best choice. There isn’t enough work being done to make the price of the bulk purchase a better investment than that of a singular purchase. Buying bulk printer ink only makes sense if buying a large quantity gives more savings that an individual purchase. If the product isn’t being used, that is wasted money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

When it appears that buying in bulk is the better money saving choice, make sure that a proper storage place is available to hold the extra. Storage in a dark and dry location will ensure the life of the office printer ink lasts much longer. It is also a good idea to take the location of the business into consideration since it is much easier to control the environment of a standalone building. Its temperature can be monitored by the owner and changed when needed, whereas a building attached to other buildings may experience some fluctuations in environment.

Another big factor to consider is whether or not the business that is buying the bulk is creating enough revenue to warrant employees. The amount of printer ink being used becomes subject to the different habits of each individual employee. Some employers may print things that are not intended for the business. Abuse and even theft of the printer ink may lead to the need for a faster replacement of printer resources.

Buying printer ink in bulk is the easiest way to save on an office budget. But it isn’t always the best route to take if the business isn’t using enough product to warrant such a large purchase, if the extra ink can’t be properly stored, and if the habits of the employees can’t be monitored in order to deter waste.

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