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Matching Your Printer To The Type Of Printer Ink You Need

May 11th, 2011

Printer ink is the lifeline of any computer printer. While some computers require generic inks, others need higher quality brands. To effectively match your printer with specific ink, you must first read its manual. The printer manual is an important part of finding the right ink for your system. Not only does it list the proper ink grades, it also lists alternative ink options and choices. Like a car and gasoline, a printer needs the right ink in order to secure functionality. In fact, there are some printers that will not even run with lower grade inks. These are usually digital, laser or even customized printers.

Another option is to check the Internet. When shopping for printer ink online, make sure your printer is compatible with certain ink brands and cartridges. The same goes for ink refill kits or high-end jet systems. It is advised to have your printer brand, serial number and even unit specifications handy. This makes it easier to match your printer with selected inks. It can also save time and possibly even money. An important facet of any printer ink search is cartridge size. There are several ink brands designed for multi-purpose printers. While they share the same ink grade and number, they may not be compatible with an array of printers. This is why the right cartridge size is also essential.

You can also visit your local electronics or computer store. They always carry a wide array of printer ink brands and cartridges. If you’re not sure which type matches your printer, simply ask a sales associate. He or she can determine the best ink cartridges for your printer brand. At times, there may even be a connected printer for display. This allows customers to view prints first hand, while asking customer sales reps any questions. If your printer, however, features several models, you will need to locate the corresponding unit at hand. Again, some ink cartridges are designed specifically for special printers. So it’s important to clarify your printer brand before purchasing printer ink.

If a particular ink type is no longer available, you can contact the manufacturer. At times, printer ink companies may discontinue certain ink brands. This can be due to product upgrades, or a decrease in consumer demand. This scenario, however, is usually relegated for outdated systems and units. This is why several customers look for older printer ink online. They also browse wholesale outlets for vintage ink cartridges. While this is a great way to match printer to ink, it is not always guaranteed. The brand manufacturer may be able to locate some older printer ink types for you convenience. Simply contact them to ensure correct ink types.

Comparison Shopping Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

April 14th, 2011

Enter Canon printer ink cartridges or cheap ink cartridges into a search engine and the results are staggering. From cheap ink cartridges and refill kits to quality brand offers, the choices are overwhelming and terms like discounted, bulk and high yield only add to the confusion. The following tips can make comparison-shopping for Canon printer ink cartridges easier than ever.

The first thing to do is make sure you know which type or types of Canon printer ink cartridges your printer uses. If you cannot find your manual, check the manufacturer’s web site; use their customer service help or FAQ page.

Next, assess your needs. It is important to know what you need and how you want to spend your time and money before you begin comparison-shopping. It is important to ask yourself questions like what you print, such as photos, how much and how often you print. Whether the print quality will affect your job or school, if you want to spend time refilling the ink and if you like to have spare ink on hand is also important to consider.

Finally, determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Factor in how often you normally replace your cartridge, if you really need photo quality printing for all of your print jobs or if can you do just as well with high yield quality.

Once you have determined which Canon printer ink cartridges work for your printer and for you, it is time to comparison shop. Start by looking for the word compatible. Next, do not let cheap ink cartridges or discount buys deter you. Cheap does not always mean low quality. “Cheap ink cartridges” is used to describe affordable. The key is to find a cartridge that will work for your printer and meet your needs.

Read the information on the website; look for reviews and for a comparison tool. If you have never used the site before, read their return policy and the guarantees. Do they take returns? Will they replace a bad cartridge? Is there a minimum quantity required to purchase at that price? Sometimes a low price is only for a minimum quantity purchased.

If you still have doubts or questions look for a third party review site. Ask your friends or check with the manufacturer for their information and recommendations.

Most importantly, whether you shop on-line or in person, read the information carefully. Make sure the cartridge specifies Canon printer ink cartridges compatible.

Buy taking just a few minutes to assess your needs before you shop, comparison shopping for a Canon printer ink cartridge can be as easy as typing it into your search engine.

Deals And Steals On Discount Printer Ink Cartridges

April 13th, 2011

Using discount printer ink cartridges can save you a lot of money, particularly if you work an office with a printer, copier, or fax machine that’s used for day to day activities or if you work out of a home office. Discount ink cartridges can be just as reliable as brand name cartridges from stores if purchased from the right sources. They also make bulk ordering easier, allowing you to keep your office’s efficiency at a high level. Finding great deals on discount printer ink cartridges takes a bit of work, however, as you’ll need to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable printer ink supplier.

Look for discount ink cartridges from a website that offers remanufactured or generic cartridges. These cartridges have a very low probability of problems like ink bursts, as they’re tested using similar methods as brand new cartridges. Check to see whether your printer ink supplier has a good customer service history by quickly researching it online. If the store doesn’t have a long list of complaints, that’s a good sign; read about their remanufactured and generic ink cartridges to make sure that they’ll work with your printer. If possible, look for information about the cartridges’ ink yield and other features that may be important to the function of your printer. You should also try to find a website that doesn’t sell expired cartridges, as expired cartridges have a higher than average chance of bursts and other issues.

The best discount printer ink cartridges come from websites that stock a wide variety of options for various types of printers, including hard-to-find printers. These companies tend to be experts and printer ink and ensure the high quality of their product by stocking and shipping all of their cartridges with time tested methods. Look to see whether the website offers a guarantee. Guarantees are a good sign of a high quality printer ink store, especially if they guarantee that their discount printer ink with a money back guarantee.

Remember, when you buy discount ink cartridges online, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality. Order as many cartridges as you’ll use in a few months to cut down on the cost of shipping. Double check the model number of your printer to make sure that you’re ordering the appropriate cartridge for your device and always read a bit about the website that you’re using to order your discounted printer ink cartridges. By following these tips, you’ll cut the cost of your office or personal printer ink budget without sacrificing the quality of your prints or the performance of your printer.

How To Find Wholesale Prices On New Printer Models

November 9th, 2010

When it comes to buying office supplies for a large business, small business or home office, shoppers are always looking for ways to save money. Therefore, it is always in one’s best interest to shop around to find the best deals possible on everything from pens to servers. It goes without saying that electronic and computer equipment can often be the largest drain on a supply budget. When it comes to printers, there are many ways one can save money by selecting an appropriate printer model and finding ways to purchase them at wholesale prices.

Buyers of office equipment should really take their time and shop around to find the best printer models at wholesale prices. While many suppliers offer discounts for purchasing in bulk or with repeat business, many buyers don’t want to have to purchase a printer often enough to qualify for such discounts. Getting wholesale prices would be a better tact. Buyers first need to properly research the printer models that accommodate their needs, then look into the manufacturers themselves to find the ones who are willing to work with purchasers. Many can be persuaded to offer wholesale prices to customers with important printing needs with the promise of repeat business. This is something that electronics and office supply stores can seldom replicate.

Scouring through available printer models to find the best possible deal as well as the most reliable model can also save money in the long run. There are many new printer models that can reduce the amount of toner or ink used in jobs, meaning it has to be replaced less often. This is important for small businesses especially, as toner can be one of the most expensive elements of running an office. One also wants to ensure their printer has a proven track record of reliability to ensure print jobs are completed correctly the first time. Also, one should take the time to research the longevity and durability of existing printer models to make sure the one they select can last for a long time, lest one is forced to purchase new printers more often than they would like. Therefore, it’s not about just saving money when one purchases the printer, but also saving money on a long-term basis by selecting a model that is efficient and reliable.

People in need of printers need to research not only the printer models that will suit their needs, but the sellers themselves. Buying directly from the manufacturer can net lower prices, or even wholesale prices depending on the needs of their business. Being diligent in one’s research can save money over time.

3 Ways Printer Ink Cartridges Can Maximize Print Quality

November 9th, 2010

There are a number of factors that can determine the quality of printed projects or documents. Printer quality is typically determined by things such as the type of printer ink cartridges used, the settings on the printer and the printer model itself. If your print quality isn’t up to the level that they would like and seeks to improve it, there are a few methods they can employ to ensure an attractive print job every time.

Not all printer ink cartridges are created equal. Most models of printer have a variety of types of toner or ink cartridges that can produce drastically different results. Because ink cartridges can be a little pricey, many choose to buy the cheapest model available. They can, however, produce lower quality prints overall. Higher quality printer ink cartridges and toner may seem expensive, but the quality of the finished product can make it worth it. Furthermore, many ink and toner cartridges now have the option of self-refilling, which drastically saves money in the long run.

Secondly, ensure the printer used for these projects can handle high-quality performance. Print quality can be affected not just by the cartridge being used, but also by the printer itself. Therefore, one should ensure their printer is a model capable of high-quality jobs by researching its hardware specs and ink quality.

Finally, checking print settings on your printer’s hardware and its software properties can make a big difference when it comes time to push print. The print menu featured on most computers has a number of options for refining the specifications of each print. Printer quality can be adjusted here by things like deactivating color ink when your document is only in gray scale, adjusting the size of your project for when it is written onto the paper itself, and previewing the job beforehand to ensure that you print it out right the first time. Also, the printer’s hardware settings typically found on the printer itself can be fine tuned for a variety of purposes. Many printers allow things such as lower ink usage to extend the life of ink cartridges, as well as high glossy and fine printing to ensure your job comes out exactly as planned.

There are a number of ways one can increase the outcome of their printed works. Printer quality can be increased by choosing a high-end printer ink cartridge, placing that cartridge into a printer capable of handling important tasks, and adjusting the printer’s settings on both the computer and hardware to ensure that best possible print job every time.

Three Ways To Ensure You Are Receiving Quality Printer Ink

November 9th, 2010

Quality printer inks are necessary to cut down on the cost of printing and keep your printer in good working order. Many printer owners look for every possible way to get the most out of each printer ink cartridge, but the best way is to simply ensure that you are using high quality ink. Here is a look at a few surefire ways to find a good supply of high quality printer ink cartridges.

First of all, it is important to look at the expiration date on printer ink cartridges. Many consumers do not even realize that printer cartridges have expiration dates, but expired cartridges are much more likely to burst or clog. It takes quite a while for printer ink to expire, but if your printer ink supplier is regularly sending you cartridges that are near their expiry dates, you are not getting quality printer inks. It can be difficult to determine the expiration date of a printer ink cartridge when ordering online, but if you cannot find information on the expiration date from the printer ink cartridge company’s website, you can usually find out by calling and asking. If you receive an expired printer ink cartridge, you should always be ready to return it. Not only are expired ink cartridges more likely to fail before they have reached their full ink yield, but they could cause damage to your printer, so do not take the risk of using an expired cartridge.

Another way to choose high quality printer inks is to look for testimonials before buying ink online. Testimonials can give you a good idea of an ink sales company’s strengths and weaknesses. Of course, some websites post very heavily edited testimonials, so a printer owner’s best bet is to look online for review websites and impartial shopping websites. You can easily do some light research on a printer ink company by visiting an Internet search site, and this research can pay off. If a certain company has a good customer service history, you will be much more likely to find quality printer inks at a great price.

Finally, one of the best ways to find good printer ink is to look for an online company that has a very wide selection. Companies with broad selections tend to know how to ship and store printer ink. They often have much better kept ink than competitors and big box retail stores, which often stock printer ink that has been kept in hot or cold conditions, potentially ruining the ink. Looking for a store with a good selection is one of the best surefire ways to find great printer ink every time you order.

The Role Of Printer Ink In A Vibrant Color Image

October 4th, 2010

Inkjet printer inks do not share uniform formulations. Several types of liquid media and colorants are used, with differing properties and are therefore more suited to one application or another. They also differ in which substrate they are best suited for. This can be plain paper, coated paper, vinyl, plastic, even cloth, when images are printed on tee shirts. So, the question of what specific role a specific type of ink plays in producing a vibrant color image depends on several factors: the type of inkjet printer used, the substrate used, and what sort of image is to be printed.

The two main types of ink jet printer ink liquid media used are aqueous and solvent. Aqueous based inks are meant for thermal ink jet printer types, as they require this medium to work properly. Solvent based inks can be used in thermal ink jet printers and also piezo ink jet printers, which propel ink onto the page using the flexing of a piezoelectric crystal to produce pressure. As to the colorant used, there are two main types: dye based colorant and pigment based colorant. Dye based inks have substantially more color range and brightness (but tend to fade quickly when exposed to light), while pigment based inks have more colorfastness and durability, but are not as vividly colorful. Aqueous inks do not bond to the page immediately, require special coated papers, and are not waterproof without a special overcoating. Also, since the water base of aqueous inks doesn’t dry immediately, the resulting image can appear unsharpened. So, for aqueous, dye-based inks, the end result can be a vivid color image that is not razor sharp and can fade or be damaged after printing.

Solvent based inks use volatile compounds as the liquid basis of the ink, and dry almost immediately as the solvent evaporates. This allows for very sharp edges on the printed image, leading to color images that are vividly well defined. Recent advances in ink formulation have led to brighter and more distinct colors for solvent based inks, so a solvent based ink with colors that are pigment based can result in very sharp and vibrant color images.

Yet a third type of printer ink that leaves both the aqueous and solvent based inks behind, as regards vividness and color, is UV-curable inks, which employ a acrylic basis for the ink. After the ink is deposited on the page, it is cured very rapidly by exposure to a strong UV source, which instantly makes it colorfast and impervious to smudging. The images they produce are extremely bright and sharp, and are virtually immune to fading.

Easy Tips To Conserve Printer Ink For A Large Company

October 4th, 2010

Large companies need to look at all of their operating costs in order to work efficiently. This is particularly true when it comes to IT budgets, as modern businesses often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on relatively simple, commonplace technologies, including printer inks. Printer ink cartridges can quickly become a massive cost, especially for companies with dozens or even hundreds of printers. Taking a few steps to conserve printer ink is an absolute must for any company, but this is especially the case for large companies looking to properly manage their IT budgets while reducing waste.

One of the best ways to conserve printer ink is to change the default settings on every computer in a business or even on the printers themselves. Depending on the printers that a large business uses, this may be easier said than done; some printers have a “grayscale” mode that prevents any color printing unless the setting is changed. Printers may also have a draft mode, designed specifically to conserve printer ink. Regardless of whether an individual printer has these settings, every computer running a standard operating system will have them. It may cost a large business’s IT department a bit of time to change all of the default settings on every computer that doesn’t need to produce high quality color prints, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Most offices use printers for black and white documents, and these prints won’t be affected by changes in the default settings. The results will be immediately noticeable, and printer ink usage will often decrease by 30-50% (depending on the printer and the printer inks being used).

If this isn’t an option, large businesses should consider setting up special printers for standard print jobs and deluxe printers for color or high quality prints. The standard printers can be used as defaults, again reducing the overall amount of ink that’s used in the business. The higher quality printers can still be used when necessary. This has the dual effects of conserving printer ink while avoiding any reduction in an office’s printing capacity.

Buying ink online reduces the chances of a faulty cartridge, which also reduces ink usage. Every large business should also carefully look at its printer ink cartridge supplier, as this is one of the fastest ways to reduce costs. There are hundreds of companies online that sell printer inks for every type of printer in use, and looking at quotes from a few of these companies can yield instant savings. Large businesses can order ink in bulk, which reduces costs, and keeping a consistent supply of ink on hand can decrease ink investments.

Why Printer Ink Costs Often Change Online

September 28th, 2010

It used to be that you had to buy ink from retail outlets and office supply stores, but after searching and comparing prices online, you finally found the best deals on printer supplies. When you completed your search, you bought online printer ink regularly, but after a while you noticed that the prices you paid were inconsistent from month to month. Online printer ink costs change with time and other factors, and understanding these cost fluctuations and cycles can really increase the amount of budget surplus you’ve got lying about, so read on for some great conservation tips and cost basics.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Those in the large format printing and design businesses are well acquainted with the lack of sales volume and fewer new leads that usually come along with the year’s end. When customers aren’t buying as much of your work, you’d be a fool not to try to reduce your expenditures, and this is one of those times when planning ahead can really help you save. Printer ink costs are lower when business is slower, in accordance with supply and demand, and buying when online vendors have less orders will allow you to access sales and discounts.

Market Expansion

Over time, bulk printer ink costs have dropped along with the costs of printer hardware. Although there are seasonal price changes, these have been greatly offset by the bulk breaks and discounts offered with increasing frequency. Online printer ink outlets have proliferated, meaning that more competitive pricing has become widely accessible. The widespread expansion of printing into homes and businesses has had a profound positive effect on online ink costs.

Variable Sources

Not all printer ink is the same. Various brands advertise reliability in high resolution printers, and new nano- and micro-pigment inks cost much more than comparable solvent inks. Manufacturer brand consumables are also more expensive than generics of the same quality and usability. When you notice a large change in the price you’ve paid for ink, note the time of year, but also ensure you are still getting the exact same product type.

Beating the changes in printer ink costs isn’t all about getting lucky with vendor selection or picking the right time to buy. Plan ahead and keep track of your regular ink usage. If you know you are going to need a certain amount around a specific time in the future, see if you can schedule an order for that period, or set up a recurring order with your vendor. By establishing such a relationship, you can control your spending and even sign up for mailing lists that notify you of rate changes in advance.

What To Look For In A Cheap Printer Ink Cartridge

September 28th, 2010

Buying a printer ink cartridge online is a great way to save a lot of money, as online ink cartridges cost far less than they do in computer stores and retail locations. However, if you find a great, cheap printer ink cartridge, it’s a good idea to read its product description before ordering. This will help you to avoid a cartridge that doesn’t work with your printer, or a cartridge that won’t provide the savings that you were expecting.

The first thing to check when looking at a cheap printer ink cartridge is its model number. Make sure that it’s the exact model of ink cartridge that your printer needs; don’t buy a cartridge that simply looks like your last cartridge. Many printer manufacturers make a number of similar-looking cartridges that won’t work when switched among printers, so paying attention to the model number is important. You should also check to see whether the cartridge is third party or created by the printer manufacturer. Generic cartridges tend to work about as well as brand new cartridges, but they’re not advertised or sold in retail stores, so they shouldn’t cost the same. Don’t buy a generic cartridge if it costs almost as much as a new, name-brand printer ink cartridge.

When you’re buying an ink cartridge online, you should keep an eye on the shipping charges to make sure that they don’t drastically increase the cost of your order. Some companies overcharge for shipping in order to increase their profits. If the website allows you to view the expiration date of the cartridge, this can be good information, too, as expired cartridges are more likely to cause printer head clogs and other issues that could lessen their ink yield. Finally, if you find a great deal on cheap printer ink, order a few cartridges at a time. This is a great way to cut down on the overall cost of the ink, as many websites offer special deals for customers who order multiple cartridges. If nothing else, you’ll be saving some money on shipping costs.

It’s easy to find cheap printer ink online, and it’s a great way for any home or office to save money. Every year, printer owners spend hundreds of dollars each on new cartridges, and as printer ink cartridges ordered online can cost a third less than ordering from a manufacturer or going to a computer store, it’s a no-brainer for computer users everywhere. Be sure to watch the details when you make your order, though. You’ll avoid overpaying, and you’ll also avoid any issues that could reduce the value of the cartridges that you buy.

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