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Common Printer Ink Issues and How to Fix Them

There are a few problems you may encounter when using your printer that have to do with your printer ink. These problems range from barely printing to printing lines or streaks. This is mainly because of your printer ink cartridge. Below are some of the most common printer ink issues.

Printer Prints Blank

Did you just print something out and the paper was blank? You heard the printer running across the paper doing its job, but when the paper appeared, there was nothing on it. That has likely happened to many of us a couple of times. So, what’s the problem? There could be two distinct issues. First, your printer could be totally out of ink. Second, your ink cartridge could be dry. The nozzles could be dry. If it has been a while since you have used your ink cartridge, chances are, they are dried up. These things seem to dry up really quickly. So, how do you fix it? You have to buy a new printer ink cartridge.

Printer Prints Streaks

Did you just print a job that was returned with streaks? This is common and happens when your printer head needs realigning. To realign your printer head, you will need to go to your start menu and open your control panel. Next, you will need to double click the Printer and Faxes icon. Then right click on your printer and choose properties. In the properties box, click Maintenance > Alignment. That will align your printer head. Close everything out when it is finished. Your printer should print without the streaks now.

Printer Won’t Print after Replacing Ink Cartridge

Did you just replace your ink cartridge and your printer still will not print? There are a couple of reasons as to why you may be experiencing this problem. Reason number one is you may not have the cartridge in the correct slot. Some printers have two slots for the cartridges. One slot is for a black cartridge and the other is for color. If your printer isn’t printing, switch slots. Another reason includes having to install your cartridge. Some printers require that you install new cartridges. Go to your control panel and double click on Printer and Faxes. Then right click on your printer and select the Properties option. Look for the cartridge section and follow the steps to install the cartridge.

Printer is Printing Really Lightly

If your printer is printing really lightly; it is time to replace your ink cartridge. You can buy a new cartridge or use a refill kit if your printer allows it.

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