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Printer Ink Stains and Laser Toner Stain Removal

No matter how careful you are, at some point you’ll probably get a printer ink stain on your hands or clothing. Especially if you are changing laser toner or refilling ink cartridges. Here are some tips on removing printer ink stains from your clothes and skin.

Laser Toner Stains

The ink in toner cartridge is actually a fine powder. It can be washed off your skin with cold water. DO NOT use warm water, as the heat will make it sticky and stain your skin! Then you’ll have to use some abrasive hand soap, or just wait for the stain to fade. If you get toner on your clothes, try to brush it off with a broom or other type of dry brush or cloth. You can also try shaking it out. Chances are, however, it will stain permanently. You can try washing it individually in cold water, but this is not a sure fire solution. ALSO DO NOT VACUUM UP LASER TONER: Laser toner is static-charged, and could cause a fire in your household vacuum.

Printer Ink Stains

Most printer ink will wash off the skin. Use some abrasive soap or rubbing alcohol for tougher stains. If you get some on your clothing, dab it with rubbing alcohol and then blot it with a dry towel. This should remove most of the ink. This works well for carpet stains too. You can also try spraying the stain with some cheap hair spray prior to washing it in the washer. Over the counter stain-removers will also work. The bottom line is, just be careful.

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