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Why Refilling Printer Ink Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

Consumers were enthusiastic when, several years ago, companies began touting products that could be utilized to refill printer ink cartridges. Having to replace ink cartridges was becoming increasingly costly, and these printer ink refill kits began flying off the shelves at a record pace. These printer ink refills are indeed cost effective and can save consumers a good amount of money. By using adequate precautions and following the directions included with the kit precisely, refill of these cartridges can be successfully performed.

One of the most important aspects of refilling printer ink devices is to completely protect the area where you intend to perform the procedure against possible ink spills. Not handling ink cartridges carefully can result in a costly mess, and permanent staining of carpeting, furnishings, clothing, and computer components can occur.

Once the directions are read and the area is secured, it is advisable that you don a disposable apron and gloves while preparing for and performing the procedure. Keep the ink receiving end of the ink cartridge face up throughout the refill procedure to prevent leakage.

Cautiously get the syringe in the kit prepped with the desired color for the ink refill and then slowly begin inserting the color into the ink cartridge. If the process is performed too rapidly, the ink may overflow or permanently damage the ink cartridge. Leave the cartridge in the refill position for a few minutes to allow the ink to soak into the receptacle completely.

Once this occurs, turn the ink cartridge over carefully and ensure that it is not leaking ink out of the printer head end. This is of the utmost importance, because if a leaking ink cartridge is placed into a printer, it is likely that the internal parts of the printer will be damaged beyond repair.

To make sure that the ink refill was successful, it is advisable to run a nozzle check on the printer system and to print a test page. If this is successful and you desire to refill other ink cartridges, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the syringe components before placing a different color of ink in it.

Refilling ink cartridges can save personal users and business professionals a good deal of hard-earned money, but they’re not as simple to use as one might believe. Printer ink must be handled with great care and time-consuming preparations must be made prior to using them. There is always a chance that the refill procedure won’t go as planned, and it could damage equipment or the ink cartridge. By following the manufacturer guidelines provided with the printer ink refill kit and these simple tips, refilling ink cartridges will typically go smoothly.


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