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Archive for October, 2011

Saving Money By Buying High Quality Printer Ink Online

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

With the rising cost of printer ink, users may be tempted to buy lower quality ink to save money. Although printer ink at the local office supply store is more convenient the reduced print quality may not be worth it to some consumers. There is another alternative that can produce high quality copies at an affordable price. Online printer ink provides a cost saving way to purchase high quality printer ink for the same price as low quality ink at office supply stores.

Using low quality printer ink subjects a printer to clogs and dull prints. High quality inks are produced to a high standard. Therefore the chance of ink clogs are less likely, colors are more vibrant and last significantly longer than lower quality ink. If purchased in an office supply store high quality printer ink carry a significant premium. Online printer ink however offers the same high quality printer ink at a fraction of the price. The same name brands can be purchased along with the same satisfaction guarantee that comes with printer ink purchased from brick and mortar stores.

Online printer ink retailers are able to offer the same products at a lower price due to reduced overhead and the ability to buy in bulk. With the reduced overhead of not having multiple locations, online printer ink retailers are able to pass the savings on to customers. Also since they do not have a large supply chain or distribution network the savings to customers continually add up. Having more storage space for merchandise allows retailers to order in mass quantities getting a significant discount from suppliers. All of these advantages equal more savings to customers. Being online gives the added bonus of 24 hour accessibility. Having the ability to purchase online saves customers transportation costs and time of not having to wait in line or searching for the right ink. Online printer ink retailers provide easy to use storefronts, easy to search inventory utilities and instant access.

Savings quality and accessibility all contribute to the savings consumers can capture by buying high quality printer ink online. High quality ink will save wear and tear on printer nozzles and produce vibrant color copies that will not fade as quick over time like lower quality inks will. The instant access of online printer ink retailers makes them more convenient, saving time and associated costs with going to a traditional office supply store. The quality of the ink is the same as that bought from traditional brink and mortar stores and usually come with the same satisfaction guarantee. The benefits and savings of buying high quality printer ink are substantial enough to warrant consumers to give it a try.

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