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Archive for May, 2011

Matching Your Printer To The Type Of Printer Ink You Need

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Printer ink is the lifeline of any computer printer. While some computers require generic inks, others need higher quality brands. To effectively match your printer with specific ink, you must first read its manual. The printer manual is an important part of finding the right ink for your system. Not only does it list the proper ink grades, it also lists alternative ink options and choices. Like a car and gasoline, a printer needs the right ink in order to secure functionality. In fact, there are some printers that will not even run with lower grade inks. These are usually digital, laser or even customized printers.

Another option is to check the Internet. When shopping for printer ink online, make sure your printer is compatible with certain ink brands and cartridges. The same goes for ink refill kits or high-end jet systems. It is advised to have your printer brand, serial number and even unit specifications handy. This makes it easier to match your printer with selected inks. It can also save time and possibly even money. An important facet of any printer ink search is cartridge size. There are several ink brands designed for multi-purpose printers. While they share the same ink grade and number, they may not be compatible with an array of printers. This is why the right cartridge size is also essential.

You can also visit your local electronics or computer store. They always carry a wide array of printer ink brands and cartridges. If you’re not sure which type matches your printer, simply ask a sales associate. He or she can determine the best ink cartridges for your printer brand. At times, there may even be a connected printer for display. This allows customers to view prints first hand, while asking customer sales reps any questions. If your printer, however, features several models, you will need to locate the corresponding unit at hand. Again, some ink cartridges are designed specifically for special printers. So it’s important to clarify your printer brand before purchasing printer ink.

If a particular ink type is no longer available, you can contact the manufacturer. At times, printer ink companies may discontinue certain ink brands. This can be due to product upgrades, or a decrease in consumer demand. This scenario, however, is usually relegated for outdated systems and units. This is why several customers look for older printer ink online. They also browse wholesale outlets for vintage ink cartridges. While this is a great way to match printer to ink, it is not always guaranteed. The brand manufacturer may be able to locate some older printer ink types for you convenience. Simply contact them to ensure correct ink types.

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