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Archive for August, 2009

Using EcoFont to Preserve Your Printer Ink

Friday, August 21st, 2009

EcoFont is the brain child of Colin Wellems and SPRANQ Creative Communications Agency and is a novel approach to reducing printer ink usage with an overall environmentally friendly goal. The title product is the EcoFont itself: a generic yet appropriate font for casual and business uses alike that features small and undetectable holes within the characters using 20% less printer ink when printed! The higher goal of the EcoFont is an overall decrease in printer ink cartridges, which are harmful for the environment as well as costly to the average consumer and business owner. In keeping with the positive attitude of EcoFont, one may download the font directly from the EcoFont webpage at no cost and begin saving printer ink immediately. It works with most of the popular software formats and is available in several European languages.

In addition to substituting EcoFont as your everyday font, there are other easy-to-follow guidelines to saving printer ink and printer ink cartridges and being more environmentally friendly in all aspects of printer usage. For instance, to reduce the number of wrong or not useful print jobs, try using the ‘preview’ function so as to reduce printing errors, and highlighting the text when printing website pages so as to omit graphics, ads and other unneeded images. Also, to save paper and help paper recycling, try using old pages by printing on the blank side, using unbleached paper which is easier to recycle, and by trying to use a technologically up-to-date printer that uses less ink on its own. Finally, some say that using your printer ink cartridge once weekly helps prevent premature drying out.

For those in print-related industries such as graphic designers and commercial printers, investing in printers that use organic-based printer ink is one step to helping the environment as well as trying to use paper that is easily biodegradable and recyclable (i.e. bleach-free, chemical-free paper). Also, there are newer color-layering techniques for commercial grade printing that will save printer ink while still delivering the full color palette. And finally, for those in the business of building printers, EcoFont urges them on behalf of the earth and mankind to invest in technologies that reduce printer ink and cartridge waste in the printers they develop.

So, by utilizing these simple techniques and using the breakthrough novelty of the EcoFont itself–which saves 20% of your ink with no noticeable change to your documents–you will be well on your way to saving yourself money and cutting the environment a little slack.

Review: New HP Printer versus 2008 Model

Friday, August 21st, 2009

The 2008 HP printer was considered one of the best values around. This printer comes with HP printer ink and is ready to use right out of the box. In addition, it is extremely easy to setup and its small size means that it can be used almost anywhere. One thing that many users enjoy about the 2008 model is that although it came at a very low price, it outperformed many more expensive printers quite handily. For these reasons, this printer was one of the best surprises of 2008.

The problem with the 2008 model was that it seemed to use a great deal of printer ink. This means that although it was still a great deal, users would constantly have to refill their printer ink cartridges, which made this printer inefficient for larger jobs. In addition, some users reported that the printing speed was rather slow. While a slow printing speed can be expected with an inkjet printer, many users were upset by the slow speed of this particular model.

The 2009 model has a great deal of buzz around it, as it introduces aspects that the world has never seen before. For starters, this model features Internet printing, so you can taken advantage of your HP printer ink from anywhere in the world. In addition, this newer model has been designed to be environmentally friendly. This printer is made from 50% recycled materials, which is remarkable for such a high tech piece of machinery. In addition, the printer ink cartridges that this printer uses are also made from 50% recycled material. You will never find another printer out there that uses recycled containers for its printer ink.

In addition, the 2009 model has been approved by Energy Star, so it will not waste any energy while it is being used. Finally, this printer allows you to use both sides of the paper easily, so you can save money by using less paper. HP is allowing its customers to save money on things like paper and electricity, while still selling their printers at a great value, which is what makes the 2009 printer a must have.

Overall, the quality of your prints will be about the same with the 2008 and 2009 HP models. The HP printer ink has not changed at all, so do not expect the prints to look like they have come from a $500 printer. What both of these models do offer, however, is an affordable printing option that will give you very clean looking prints. If you want a printer that will not harm the environment, it might be time to upgrade to the 2009 HP.

Laser Printers versus Inkjet Printers: Advantages & Disadvantages

Friday, August 21st, 2009

There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning laser and inkjet printers. Inkjet printers require the use of inkjet cartridges, sometimes as many as four cartridges for black, red, yellow, and blue (or cyan), in order to allow for color printing as well as black and white printing. Laser printers normally only print in black and white and require the use of a toner cartridge instead of color inkjet cartridges. It is possible, however, for laser printers to print in color, but these machines cost over a thousand dollars and are best suited for printing businesses because of their size; therefore, the most common laser printers print in black and gray scale only.

Printer ink cartridges do run and smear if not allowed to dry completely, but they usually only take a few minutes to dry. Once dry, however, colors can still run if they get wet. Laser printers, on the other hand, are like copy machines in that they use toner instead of ink to infuse the burned laser image onto the paper. These copies dry much quicker than with inkjet, and will not run if they get wet. Laser printers also work much more quickly than inkjet printers in regard to the quantity of pages that can be printed. Pages that require color printer ink take longer to print than those that use only black ink because of the additional complexity for the machine to print the proper shading of each individual color.

Laser printers are most commonly found in businesses and home offices because of the quality and speed of the printing they provide, whereas inkjet printers are most often found in artistic studios and for general home use. Many people prefer the inkjet printer over the laser printer for personal use because they can print home photographs and other graphics and text in color for much less than with a laser printer.

Printer ink comes in a wide variety of brands and prices. It is important when purchasing ink and toner to know what the make and model number of the printer is in order to buy the correct ink or toner for the printer. Often, people bring the flap from the old printer ink package in order to ensure the correct purchase is made. Many office supply stores will accept returns as long as the returned item is not opened.

Inkjet printers are often outdated before laser printers. Attaining quality service personnel and replacement parts for outdated printers, either laser or inkjet, often costs far more than the initial purchase. By ensuring that a quality printer that will best meet printing needs is initially purchased, the owner can easily save money in the long-term.

Kodak Keeps Ink Flowing in Inkjet Business

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Kodak has long been one of the most trusted names in the photography industry, but in recent years, we have seen a switch in the way that people take pictures. We now live in a digital age where people no longer take their rolls of film to be developed, but are rather more likely to store these pictures on a computer. What this has done is made all-in-one printers relevant, as these printers can print out photographs and other things very easily. The problem is that printer ink cartridges can be very expensive. In many cases, people will buy an entirely new printer rather than purchase more printer ink because it can be less expensive to do so. Kodak, however, has found a way to make inkjet cartridges less expensive for the consumer, which is why they are leading the industry in printer sales.

Just a few years ago, we could see the inkjet business starting to wind down. It has simply become too expensive for the average consumer to continually purchase printer ink cartridges. Around this time, we saw refill stations showing up at malls all over the country, but the problem was that not all inkjet cartridges could be refilled. The frustration of the consumers was evident and many printer companies began struggling. In order to survive, these companies had to sell their printers at discounted prices and hope that people would come around and buy printer ink.

What Kodak has done is come up with new ingredients to use in printer ink, which cut down on the overall price of each unit. While the company has been very careful to guard the exact ingredients in the ink, it is pigment-based, which means that the cost per page printed is less for the consumer. Countless people all over the world have caught on to this and Kodak is once again making printer ink cartridges affordable.

Since this new printer ink was introduced, Kodak has seen its sales rise exponentially. While its competitors would argue that the savings are not as significant as Kodak would have the customer believe, the results that Kodak has produced speak for themselves. You can find great deals on Kodak inkjet cartridges online, which make them even more affordable and will save you even more money as the years go by.

Kodak has made using a computer printer possible again thanks to this new printer ink solution and the low prices that come with them. Kodak printers also remain among the highest quality printers on the market, so it is never a bad idea to invest in one. The people at Kodak are working hard to keep up with the demand, but many stores are having trouble keeping up with the sales of these printers and printer ink.

How To Tell If Your Printer Is Stealing Time and Money From You

Friday, August 21st, 2009

You just bought a new printer and you have already gotten a message to replace the printer ink cartridge. That same brand new printer is already costing you much more than you had anticipated and in addition to the drain on your wallet, it’s also giving you a headache and stealing your time. There are three tell-tale signs that will let you know that your printer is stealing your hard earned money and precious time from you.

The first sign is the number of times you have to replace the printer ink cartridges. Not only does this cost add up over time, but if you’re finding yourself replacing the printer ink on a consistent basis without using the printer all that much, then you have a problem. The culprit could be in the printer software which tells you to change the printer ink much sooner than it needs to be changed. Or, it could be that your printer is inefficient at managing the ink cartridges. Either way, investigating the problem will lead to a better understanding of how to remedy it.

The second sign is the fact that it’s unreliable. When it comes to efficiency and ease of use, your printer is nowhere near what it should be ideally. If your printer is in need of constant upkeep, such as correcting frequent paper jams and in need of regular realignment, then it’s probably already taking up too much of your time. A good reliable printer won’t jam that much and will require little maintenance. If you find yourself dealing with a complicated process, taking apart the printer and putting it back together, just to deal with a paper jam, then it’s time to think about moving on.

The third sign is the fact that it’s slowing down or the printer software is starting to freeze up and crash your computer. But, probably more likely is the fact that as your printer gets older and computers get more advanced and newer, your printer may not even be compatible with a new computer anymore. That means that trying to upgrade your printer driver and finding a way to make it compatible can be time-consuming if it’s not a popular brand or a model that’s no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Paper jam after paper jam, slow printing, and misalignment all have you wondering whether keeping the printer is worth it, or whether it would be better to get a new printer altogether. If you find yourself experiencing just one or all of these signs, you might need to start adding up your costs before deciding whether investing in a new printer is the way to go.

Cheap Printer Ink

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Several online retailers offer discounts when buying a cheap printer ink cartridge or a cheap printer ink refill kit. You are likely to be offered enticing options like a money back guarantee or even free shipping. This is because buying Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) printer ink cartridges can burn a hole in your pocket. The best alternative you can opt for is to buy an inexpensive compatible refill kit, and easily fill your cartridges yourself. It is also important to understand and prioritize your printing requirements before you go ahead and select ink cartridge suppliers online.

Precautions to Follow while Buying Cheap Printer Ink cartridge

One should bear in mind the following factors while buying cheap printer ink cartridge:
• The level of compatibility between the cheap printer ink cartridge and your printer should be 100 percent.
• Always look for a certification stamp or seal. This ensures that your cheap printer ink cartridge is quality tested and proven.
• Ask for a money-back guarantee from the retailer of cheap printer ink cartridges.
• Buy cheap printer ink cartridges only from trusted online retailers. This helps avoid printing problems caused by poor manufacturing.

How to Refill your Cheap Printer Ink cartridge

To replenish your empty printer ink cartridge, you will need a cheap printer ink refill kit that can be bought online. Ensure that you buy only a compatible refill kit. This refill kit, comprising ink, needle, syringe and latex gloves, is very easy to use. The instructions for usage are usually enclosed in the kit.
The first step is to put your gloves on and drill a hole in the cartridge. Then, fill the syringe with the required amount of ink from the ink tank. Lastly, insert the needle into the drilled hole and pump the ink into the cartridge.

First-time users may face problems while using the cheap printer ink refill kits. The ink may spill onto your hands, clothes or even the floor. To avoid this mess, keep a cloth rag or a newspaper under the cartridge while refilling it. In case your hands get smeared with ink, wash them immediately with water and soap. This will remove excess oil, if any. Follow it with a mild bleach and water solution and again, with soap and water. This will help remove the bleach as well as ink marks.

To shop for superior quality cheap printer ink cartridges, visit The site features the topmost online retailers of cheap printer ink cartridges and refill kits.

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