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Archive for September, 2008

Online Printer Ink Retailers vs. Big Box Stores

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Yes, shopping for printer ink on the Internet can be daunting. But, no more daunting than stepping through the sliding glass doors of a big box store.

At the big box office store, you’ll see aisle after aisle of office products, and wander aimlessly around looking for the printer ink and toner cartridges. Then, once you do find the right aisle, you have to hunt the shelves for a printer cartridge that is compatible with your printer. (You did remember to write down which printer cartridge you needed, right?) Then, factor in the time it takes to drive to the store and wait in line at the checkout, and you could have wasted an entire hour of the day.

When you order printer ink online, there is much less hassle than shopping at a big box retailer. All you have to do is type in the cartridge you need (or use an easy Search function), enter your shipping information (if you are a new customer), checkout, and then in a short time the printer ink is delivered right to your doorstep. The whole process from start to finish can take about five minutes, less time that it would take to find a parking place at the big box stores!

The only worries you will have is finding the right online printer ink retailer. This is where comes in. We’ve reviewed several online printer ink retailers, and rated them based on their customer service, shipping options and price. Here you can find a trusted, reliable printer ink retailer and get the products you need, quicker, faster and easier than shopping at a big box office supply store.

What Should I Look For in an Online Printer Ink Retailer?

Friday, September 26th, 2008

It can be scary shopping online. You never know who really is on the other side of that computer screen. You don’t get to meet them. Talk to them. Or have a one on one conversation to get a good sense of their trustworthiness, and you can’t examine the products before their shipped to your doorstep.

Well, that’s where comes in. We are the premier Printer Ink review site, and are scoping out these online retailers, so you know you are dealing with honest, quality companies.

So, what should you look for in an online printer ink retailer?

- Compare Price: We’re all worried about the bottom line. So, you can choose a retailer based strictly on the price of their ink cartridges and toner cartridges. However, be aware that they may not have very good shipping policies or return policies. Sometimes paying the least, isn’t always the best option.

- Shipping Costs: You may find an online retailer that has the lowest cost for the product, but then when you go to place the order, there are huge shipping and handling charges added on. So, be sure to check the shipping policies of the retailers. Many of them will offer free shipping on orders of a minimum value.

- Customer Service Policies: Its good to know that there are people on the other side of the computer screen, that know you will want the same level of customer service you find in the big box office retailers. Review their policies, and see how they can be contacted. Be it phone, email, or a 24 hour a day service line.

At you can find all of this information and more, to make your next printer ink purchase a safe, secure and easy one.

Buying Printer Ink in Bulk

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Its happened to many of us before. We’re pressed for time, overworked, and we forgot to print out the agenda for the meeting that started five minutes ago. And of course, we go to print, but nothing happens. The printer is out of ink! We scramble for another ink cartridge and they’re all gone. We walk into the meeting embarrassed and complain about the lack of new ink cartridges.

Well, if you or your company purchased your printer ink cartridges in bulk, you’d never run into the problem of printing out blank pages ever again. You could stock the shelves from floor to ceiling with ink cartridges, toner cartridges and any other printer ink you might need.

Buying printer ink in bulk has the following advantages:

- Discounted Cost: When you buy printer ink in bulk, you’ll receive substantial savings, just like buying groceries in bulk at your favorite super store.

- Never Run Out: Once you see that you’re running low on printer ink cartridges, you can place an order and restock before you run out. Or, set up a schedule, and have your cartridges ordered and delivered regularly.

- Cheaper Shipping: You’ll receive substantial discounts on your shipping costs when buying in bulk as well. It costs more to ship several small packages, than it does one large package.

Not only will you save money buy purchasing bulk printer ink, but you’ll also save time. There will be no more running back and forth to the office supply store when you need them. You’ll have plenty in storage.

Announcing, the World’s Premiere Printer Ink Review Website.

Friday, September 19th, 2008

New website helps consumers find the best quality printer ink at the best prices.

New York, NY September 20, 2008 — In a world saturated with printer ink retailers, comes, the most comprehensive printer ink review website on the web. is dedicated to helping consumers make informed decisions about their next purchase of printer ink cartridges, refill kits, toner cartridges and more. features in-depth reviews of online retailers, plus customer reviews, shipping information, return policies and more. Plus, they offer special discounts to be used with select, respected retailers. rates retailers on four basic areas:

* Price: Rate and compare various retailers based solely on cost and affordability
* Customer Service: Rank ink retailers based on feedback provided to us by their customers.
* Return Policy: See which retailers have customer-friendly return policies, and which do not.
* Shipping Costs: Review the shipping costs, if any, of a variety of retailers. Most offer free shipping now, with a minimum order.

Usually, a customer thinks they have to sacrifice one service area for another. One company may have a lower cost, at the expense of customer service. At, we will rank companies on these individual areas, but also on their overall performance. We want customers to be completely satisfied with the company they choose.

Printer Ink relies on customer reviews for feedback on these areas of service, but they also have experts on staff to verity each of the retailers. These experts ensure the companies are friendly, trustworthy and honorable with their return policies. This allows customers to feel safe and comfortable with their next online purchase.

* Visitors will not only find trusted online retailers, they’ll also have access to 10% discount coupons and other special offers.

Not only does feature reviews and special discounts, but they also provide the best information on ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges. They have an extensive resources section, with articles on everything you could ever want to know about ink and toner cartridges. Some of the subjects include:

* Advantages of purchasing ink and toner online: Discover the advantages of buying ink, toner cartridges and refill kits online, and how it compares to purchasing from your local store.
* How to determine if you are running low on ink or toner: Read articles on how to check your ink levels, toner levels, and other indicators to let you know when its time to purchase more ink before you run out.
* Buying ink or toner in bulk versus purchasing individually: Learn that there are more advantages to buying bulk than just saving on retail cost.
* Generic cartridges versus name brand: Discover differences, if any, between the name brand ink cartridges and re-manufactured or generic ones.
* And much more… truly is the web’s premier resource for anything and everything related to Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges. Visitors will find trusted reviews of retailers, in-depth research articles, as well as specials deals and discounts for their purchases. Load up on printer ink savings today.

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