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The Largest Printer Companies in the World

December 7th, 2012

It seems that everyone has dealt with problematic printers in the past, and there never seems to be enough ink or toner to go around for all of the printers in the world. Who is manufacturing all of these printers, and who is making the big bucks by shipping more printers than anyone else? Let’s take a look at the top five printer companies in the world right now.

Epson is a company that has been around for about as long as printers have been around in general. They got their hands in the printer industry in 1964, and they have been one of the leading forces in printing ever since those early days. They are one of the biggest printer companies when it comes to both home and office use.

Hewlett Packard is another one of the largest printer providers in the world, so you know they are going to be able to take home a lot of cash when it comes to selling ink and toner.They were actually recognized in 2005 as the biggest printing provider in the world.

Canon is a name that people think about when it comes to cameras more than anything else, but they are also a big player in the printing world. They sell a large variety of different printers to go along with all of their photo and imaging products.

Finally, one of the names that some people will think about before any of the others when it comes to printing products is Xerox. Xerox is actually known for their copying products more than anything else, but they create plenty of multi-function printers that are able to handle a lot of the computer related jobs that need to be completed in the home or office.

These are currently the top five brands in the world of printing, but the top brands in any area of technology can change quite quickly. It’s important for each of these companies to stay on top of their game and continue to innovate if they want to stay on this list in the coming years. It will be interesting to see what kind of shake-ups happen in this list as 3D printing technology becomes more available and people begin to worry less and less about their ink cartridge levels.

How Your Printer Model Will Change Your Printer Ink Costs

November 2nd, 2011

There are several printer models on the market. From high-end digital to generic printers, a wide array of products and accessories are available. Depending on which model you have, you can determine the amount of associated printer ink costs. You can also estimate future service costs and repairs and this information is usually available in the owner’s manual. The manual also offers viable options on printer ink grades and cartridges. If you own a high-grade printer, chances are you need high-level ink cartridges. This will secure the life of your printer, while allowing it to maximize performance. As a cost-effective measure, some printer owners use lesser grade cartridges. While this does save costs, it can seriously damage vital printer parts. It will also produce undesirable prints and may even cause ink overflows. When looking for online printer ink, there are a few points to consider.

For top line printers, they normally require more expensive cartridges. While this is primarily due to its design, it also takes several factors into consideration. For one, certain printers can only perform with selected cartridges. While this may seem restrictive, it is to ensure quality and secure your investment. Therefore, your specific model does impact printer ink costs in many ways. Second, printer models may use cartridges, toners or even refill kits. Again, this depends on which brand you have purchased and affects costs. There are also times when certain ink brands are sold out. This depends on brand popularity and merchandising orders. While you may be able to find these items online, several printer owners choose temporary cartridges in the meantime. For some, the cartridges may work for basic and general printing. For others, they may only use the cartridge until they can secure their preferred brands.

No matter which printer you utilize, ink costs are always a concern. With the current state of the economy, many customers are always looking for special discounts and rates. The Internet is a great way to find low ink prices online. There are numerous websites that specialize in printer ink deals. You can curtail printer ink costs with lower fees. You can also find online printer ink that coincides with your unit. From all-in-one printers to laser jets, the Internet is the perfect portal for cost-efficient printer inks. In addition to the web, you can also visit your local electronics store. Most electronic stores offer weekly sales on printer inks. This enables customers to have a steady flow of cartridges at competitive rates. You can also try wholesale outlets and flea markets. Most outlets feature printer inks at below market rates.

Saving Money By Buying High Quality Printer Ink Online

October 18th, 2011

With the rising cost of printer ink, users may be tempted to buy lower quality ink to save money. Although printer ink at the local office supply store is more convenient the reduced print quality may not be worth it to some consumers. There is another alternative that can produce high quality copies at an affordable price. Online printer ink provides a cost saving way to purchase high quality printer ink for the same price as low quality ink at office supply stores.

Using low quality printer ink subjects a printer to clogs and dull prints. High quality inks are produced to a high standard. Therefore the chance of ink clogs are less likely, colors are more vibrant and last significantly longer than lower quality ink. If purchased in an office supply store high quality printer ink carry a significant premium. Online printer ink however offers the same high quality printer ink at a fraction of the price. The same name brands can be purchased along with the same satisfaction guarantee that comes with printer ink purchased from brick and mortar stores.

Online printer ink retailers are able to offer the same products at a lower price due to reduced overhead and the ability to buy in bulk. With the reduced overhead of not having multiple locations, online printer ink retailers are able to pass the savings on to customers. Also since they do not have a large supply chain or distribution network the savings to customers continually add up. Having more storage space for merchandise allows retailers to order in mass quantities getting a significant discount from suppliers. All of these advantages equal more savings to customers. Being online gives the added bonus of 24 hour accessibility. Having the ability to purchase online saves customers transportation costs and time of not having to wait in line or searching for the right ink. Online printer ink retailers provide easy to use storefronts, easy to search inventory utilities and instant access.

Savings quality and accessibility all contribute to the savings consumers can capture by buying high quality printer ink online. High quality ink will save wear and tear on printer nozzles and produce vibrant color copies that will not fade as quick over time like lower quality inks will. The instant access of online printer ink retailers makes them more convenient, saving time and associated costs with going to a traditional office supply store. The quality of the ink is the same as that bought from traditional brink and mortar stores and usually come with the same satisfaction guarantee. The benefits and savings of buying high quality printer ink are substantial enough to warrant consumers to give it a try.

Finding The Best Deals On Printer Ink Using Online Services

September 9th, 2011

Unlike the past, lots of people are resorting to the Internet for an improved shopping experience. Since the use of printer ink is on the surge like never before, individuals are finding it beneficial and convenient to purchase the product online. The low infrastructure cost enables online printer ink companies to offer products at discounted rates in comparison to retail companies. Fortunately, lots of online printer ink companies have entered the market to meet the growing demand for printer inks.

The stiff competition between online printer ink companies has enabled consumers to purchase printer inks at affordable prices because most companies have reduced their prices to drive business. Most of the ink companies run their own website that includes detailed information about the product they have for sale. A consumer has to simply pick a company that provides great products at affordable prices. In order to get the best deal, one has to consider many other things, which are outlined below.

Individuals looking to purchase printer ink online should check whether the supplier is offering free shipping or not. While some suppliers ship the product free of cost, others charge an outrageous amount of money towards the shipping and handling fees. You should read the shipping terms mentioned on the product description to ensure that you don’t end up losing more than required money on shipping and handling fees.

While shopping online, you won’t be able to have a first hand look at the printer ink, which is why it’s advisable that you purchase the product from a reputable online company. Most of the reputed dealers offer money back guarantee or product replacement over damage or dissatisfaction. By checking the return clause, you will be able to ensure that you are entering into the right deal.

To get the best deal online, one needs to make sure that they are buying ink that is compatible with one’s printer. Incompatible printer inks will not only offer bad output, but they will also damage one’s printer. One should carefully check the product description to ensure that one is not fooled by false claims and hyped promises.

It’s possible to make mistakes, while shopping online for any product. If you have any questions regarding the product, you are advised to ask the seller before making the payment for the product. One should also check if the company offers good customer support facility or not to ensure that one’s queries are resolved on timely basis, in case one feels the need to pose any questions or if one faces any problem with the purchased product. A good dealer will usually provide good customer support facility as well.

Printer Ink And Why Its Use Is Still Increasing For Small Businesses

August 2nd, 2011

Small businesses have had an increasing demand for printer ink through the years. Even though the economic downturn affected small businesses adversely the printer ink use from these businesses has hardly diminished. There are several reasons why there have been consistent purchases of printer ink from such businesses.

Uses and Purpose
A small business needs to actively promote and market its brand through a multitude of means ranging from online campaigns to offline as well. In the case of offline marketing strategies simple marketing tools such as business cards brochures newsletters and sales flyers are just some of the basic items required for successful marketing. Due to the intensive need for such products having a steady supply of printer ink is mandatory for most small businesses. Given the fact that most home-based and small businesses have multifunctional printers with scanner, fax and copier the need for a heavy duty variety of ink cannot be undermined. The advantage about heavy duty versions of printer ink is that they can handle multiple printing tasks using a single cartridge. As an example printing graphics and color images on a brochure for example would require specialist ink that is tailored for photo printers.

Color Printing
The days when black and white imagery and brochures helped capture customer attention are long gone. These days color graphics and high resolution imagery have far more visual appeal. This has further contributed to an increased demand for printer ink use. In the case of sophisticated prints of color inks tailored towards laser printers are necessary. These kinds of ink ensure greater clarity along with speed. The kind of paper used as part of the printing process in the small business environment would also determine the type of ink used. Laser printers as well as their associated inks are best suited for small business purposes because of their adaptability to work with varied paper types and qualities.

With an enhanced demand for printer ink use many small business owners have started purchasing bulk quantities. Printer ink purchases online have greater scope for additional discounts along with price savings especially in the case of bulk purchases. Many individuals are of the mistaken notion that branded ink is the best. The market boasts of several generic brands that have high quality ink that is also priced much cheaper compared to their branded counterparts. Most online stores specializing in selling printer ink have special offers on a regular basis which aids in additional savings. Small businesses are driven by targeted marketing initiatives and consistent brand recall campaigns which necessitates higher printer ink use whether it is a period of economic recession or an upward swing in the economy. Specializes In Printer Ink Cartridges For All Printer Brands

July 17th, 2011

Customer service is a big deal in this industry because printer ink cartridges are a commodity that are bought, used and then replaced again and again. The purchase of printer ink supplies is one of the major expenses facing office operations and the top printer ink vendors realize that if you are a happy customer you may very well end up being a customer forever. Whatever a company selling printer ink cartridges can do to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business from the same client is like gold. hits this tactic from every angle and has the self-professed goal of being number one in the industry.

Here are a few things to consider. A top rated ink cartridge supplier sells replacement ink units for all the major printer brands like HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Dell, Xerox and Brother but also for lesser-used equipment such as Konica-Minolta, Kyocera-Mita, Ricoh, Pitney Bowes, Okidata and NEC. There are currently more than 100 printer brands available and carries supplies for all of them.

Shipping costs, which can certainly add significantly to the price of an order for printer ink cartridges, are free for all orders over $50 sent to any state in the lower 48. For all other orders, a flat rate of $4.95 applies. PrinterInk also has a 100% satisfaction guaranty on everything they sell. If there is a problem, they’ll fix it. Sterling customer service is a major priority here.

Accordingly, without top quality products on offer, the rest just wouldn’t matter. At, you have the choice of buying name brand OEM cartridges at much lower prices than those offered by most office supply stores but you can also get high quality compatible or refurbished models for much, much less. And these aren’t printer ink cartridges imported from the other side of the world either. These are top quality products made in America that meet or beat specifications set out by printer manufacturers. The only real difference is in the savings you’ll realize. 

Ways To Ensure That A Business Always Gets The Best Deals On Printer Ink Online

July 17th, 2011

When running a business it is important to be a wise consumer. An important way to cut costs is to make sure that you always get the best deals on printer ink online. Shopping online is easier, less time consuming, less expensive, and allows you to get the best deals on specific inks, including Canon ink. When you are shopping for online printer ink it is important to shop around and compare prices, order in bulk, and take advantage of all of the available discounts to get the best possible deal for your business. By following these three simple steps you can be sure that your business never pays too much for your inks.

When shopping for your printer ink online it is important to first do a thorough search for price comparison. One of the many advantages of shopping online for your printer ink is that there is much more competition than you would find at your local office supply and discount stores. That increased competition leads to slashed prices and better deals. Do a number of different searches to ensure that you have considered all of the competition. It sometimes helps to put in the specific kind of ink you are looking for, such as “Canon ink,” to make sure that you find retailers who specialize in the ink that your specific printer needs. When you shop around for the best deals every time you buy ink it will allow you to compare prices among retailers, and assure that you get the best deals available at the time. 

In order to make sure that your business gets the best deal possible on online printer ink, consider ordering your ink in bulk. Bulk discounts can make a sizable difference in the cost of ink, save in shipping costs, and take away the headache of having to order ink every time you turn around. When ordering ink in bulk it can also be helpful to consider ink refills, instead of new cartridges. This not only allows you to save on ink, but provides an added convenience and an environmental benefit. By taking advantage of bulk discounts and ink refills, you are two thirds of the way to getting the best deal on your business’s printer ink.

The final way to ensure that your business gets the best deal on printer ink online is to research and take advantage of any other discounts available. Sign up for the website’s newsletter, do a web search for coupons, and take advantage of any returning customer discounts available.

By researching prices and taking advantage of all discounts you can rest assured that your business gets the best deals on printer ink online.

Where To Get Deals On Large Printer Ink Orders Online

July 9th, 2011

Consumers everywhere are tightening their belts, taking the time to shop the best deals available for frequently used items. Many find that online sources provide the best pricing. Purchasing printer ink online is one of the best tools available to internet shoppers. The variety of brands as well as cartridge types offers online buyers flexibility in value, especially when large printer ink orders need to be placed.

Online consumers can locate the ink cartridge original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part number. This number reflects a generic part that is the exact same cartridge the printer manufacturer sells less their brand logo. By dropping the familiar brand name from the ink cartridge there is a significant drop in price as well, without consumer concern over quality or printer compatibility. Interested online shoppers should look for the term OEM in the product description.

In order to save even more money when buying printer ink online, consumers may consider a bargain hunting leap of faith. Non-OEM cartridges, which are manufactured by companies not affiliated with the printer manufacturer, are also available online. Produced to be compatible with existing printers, these cartridges price out at a much lower cost as will re-manufactured ink cartridges that have been previously used, then professionally refurbished and filled with fresh ink. Both types fare extremely well price-wise for shoppers placing large printer ink orders. However, due to the occasional glitch in compatibility, buyers should review the website’s return policy to ensure an easy exchange should one of the cartridges experience a problem before placing an order.

For consumers not afraid to get their hands dirty, there are two more options in the world of bargain printer consumables that can save shoppers a tremendous amount of money. For large printer ink orders consumers can look into printer ink refill kits and continuous ink supply systems. 

Printer ink refill kits are fairly self explanatory. The original cartridge is refilled with ink supplied to the consumer in inexpensive plastic bottles. The cartridge is returned to the printer and the user has only incurred the cost of printer ink. 

Perhaps more suitable for the home office or business printers tucked away from the public eye are continuous ink supply systems. These large capacity ink tanks sit outside of the printer and provide a constant flow of ink to the cartridges through thin tubing. Shoppers who require high volume output may be willing to sacrifice appearance for the 80 to 90 percent savings associated with these systems.

With options ranging from brand name cartridges to off brand to refill kits, savvy online consumers may not always choose the printer ink with the lowest price, opting instead for the best value for their needs.

Why Refilling Printer Ink Is Not As Easy As It Sounds

July 1st, 2011

Consumers were enthusiastic when, several years ago, companies began touting products that could be utilized to refill printer ink cartridges. Having to replace ink cartridges was becoming increasingly costly, and these printer ink refill kits began flying off the shelves at a record pace. These printer ink refills are indeed cost effective and can save consumers a good amount of money. By using adequate precautions and following the directions included with the kit precisely, refill of these cartridges can be successfully performed.

One of the most important aspects of refilling printer ink devices is to completely protect the area where you intend to perform the procedure against possible ink spills. Not handling ink cartridges carefully can result in a costly mess, and permanent staining of carpeting, furnishings, clothing, and computer components can occur.

Once the directions are read and the area is secured, it is advisable that you don a disposable apron and gloves while preparing for and performing the procedure. Keep the ink receiving end of the ink cartridge face up throughout the refill procedure to prevent leakage.

Cautiously get the syringe in the kit prepped with the desired color for the ink refill and then slowly begin inserting the color into the ink cartridge. If the process is performed too rapidly, the ink may overflow or permanently damage the ink cartridge. Leave the cartridge in the refill position for a few minutes to allow the ink to soak into the receptacle completely.

Once this occurs, turn the ink cartridge over carefully and ensure that it is not leaking ink out of the printer head end. This is of the utmost importance, because if a leaking ink cartridge is placed into a printer, it is likely that the internal parts of the printer will be damaged beyond repair.

To make sure that the ink refill was successful, it is advisable to run a nozzle check on the printer system and to print a test page. If this is successful and you desire to refill other ink cartridges, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the syringe components before placing a different color of ink in it.

Refilling ink cartridges can save personal users and business professionals a good deal of hard-earned money, but they’re not as simple to use as one might believe. Printer ink must be handled with great care and time-consuming preparations must be made prior to using them. There is always a chance that the refill procedure won’t go as planned, and it could damage equipment or the ink cartridge. By following the manufacturer guidelines provided with the printer ink refill kit and these simple tips, refilling ink cartridges will typically go smoothly.

Why Bulk Printer Ink Is Not Always A Good Buy For An Office

June 17th, 2011

Now that the new business is up and running, the task of creating and maintaining a budget becomes a crucial part of managing day to day operations. One of the biggest chunks of any office budget is the purchasing of office printer ink. There are numerous online stores that specialize in printer ink and are able to pass on amazing discounts to their customers since they don’t have a traditional brick and mortar establishment. Buying bulk printer ink is guaranteed to increase the savings even further since these purchases tend to have larger discounts with shipping costs waived. But buying printer ink in bulk isn’t for everyone. There are certain situations where it is not always a good buy for an office.

If the business that is buying the printer ink is a small start-up just starting to gather business and assignments, buying in bulk isn’t the best choice. There isn’t enough work being done to make the price of the bulk purchase a better investment than that of a singular purchase. Buying bulk printer ink only makes sense if buying a large quantity gives more savings that an individual purchase. If the product isn’t being used, that is wasted money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

When it appears that buying in bulk is the better money saving choice, make sure that a proper storage place is available to hold the extra. Storage in a dark and dry location will ensure the life of the office printer ink lasts much longer. It is also a good idea to take the location of the business into consideration since it is much easier to control the environment of a standalone building. Its temperature can be monitored by the owner and changed when needed, whereas a building attached to other buildings may experience some fluctuations in environment.

Another big factor to consider is whether or not the business that is buying the bulk is creating enough revenue to warrant employees. The amount of printer ink being used becomes subject to the different habits of each individual employee. Some employers may print things that are not intended for the business. Abuse and even theft of the printer ink may lead to the need for a faster replacement of printer resources.

Buying printer ink in bulk is the easiest way to save on an office budget. But it isn’t always the best route to take if the business isn’t using enough product to warrant such a large purchase, if the extra ink can’t be properly stored, and if the habits of the employees can’t be monitored in order to deter waste.

Logos and brand names of manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung, Apple, Brother, Dell, IBM and others are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All references to brands are solely made for the purpose of illustrating compatibility of toner and ink cartridges. Their use on does not imply endorsement or association by respective owners.