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Black Printer Ink

Black printer ink is one of the biggest costs for any business. Whether you are printing your company newsletter, advertisements or the next big presentation, chances are you will use black printer ink. Black ink is easy to read, stands out better against colored and white paper and looks more professional. understands the high cost of purchasing ink and offers high quality black printer ink cartridges at affordable prices.

Ways to Print in Black

Black printer ink can be achieved in different ways, depending on your printer setup. There is the monochrome printer, the color printer and the combination printer.


  • Monochrome printer- Monochrome printers produce colors in on basic color, which is usually black. They can however, produce variations of black which is referred to as grey-scale.
  • Color printer- Color printers use three different colors in varying combinations to produce the colors you need to print. The three colors are cyan, magenta and yellow. To produce black printer ink, color printers use the full amounts of the three colors.
  • Combination printers- This is currently the most popular style of printer. Combination inkjet printers use both a color printer cartridge and a black printer cartridge to print. If the printer runs out of black printer ink, the color ink cartridge will automatically print in black.


How to Conserve Black Printer Ink and Consume less Cartridges

There is no way of getting around the fact that printer ink is expensive, and with the amount that businesses use black ink cartridges for documents, black printer ink especially can be costly. Luckily, there are a few ways for you to conserve your black printer ink and help you save money.


  • Print what you need- Instead of printing an entire document or webpage, highlight only the areas you need. Then, when you select print, check the Selection box before continuing with your printing.
  • Print in Draft mode- Unless you need your document to be of the highest quality for a presentation, consider printing in Draft mode. Draft mode will print your documents lighter and significantly reduce the consumption of black printer ink.
  • Use Print Preview- Before you finalize your printing, ensure you are only printing the pages you want by selecting Print preview. This option will show you exactly what pages are being printed and will help you greatly reduce the amount of black printer ink you use.


These suggestions will help you conserve the amount of black printer ink you use. However, even if you incorporate these helpful tips, black printer ink can still be a costly expense for any business. When it comes time to purchase both color and black printer ink, use We offer one of the largest selections of generic and compatible black printer ink online!

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