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Why Your Printer May Cost Less Than Printer Ink


When reviewing printer ink options, you may find that your printer may cost less new than the price of refilling the printer ink. Although one of the best printer ink options is to find printer ink online, the cartridges can still cost more than a printer over time. The reason buying new disposal inkjet cartridges is so much more expensive than the new printer is because these disposable cartridges are the main source of profit for printer companies.

Because manufacturers often sell the actual printers at or even below the cost of producing the printer, a new printer merely becomes a conveyance method for selling the printer ink, which is intended to be replaced many times over the lifespan of a printer.

A simple home inkjet printer may cost less than $50 new. Adding potential discounts and rebates makes this price ever more reasonable, and some printers may even be free if bought with new computers or other electronics. Regular printer ink options, however, can cost $50 or more to replace used ink cartridges, especially when buying both a black ink cartridge and a tri-color ink cartridge at manufacturer prices. These high cost cartridges typically only last for about 200 pages of printing.

So while printer companies sell their printers at or below cost, a typical printer cartridge's price is marked up enormously in price for maximum profitability. The price these cartridges are intended not only to make the company money but also to pay for the losses incurred with selling low-cost printers.

Because a printer may print 7,500 pages in its expected life of three years, the printer may require the 35 inkjet cartridges to be replaced during this lifespan. If the cost of printer ink costs more than the purchase price of the printer when it is new, the consumer may be committed to a substantial investment in printer ink.

Because the printer ink can be the most expensive component in printing, it is important to find printer ink options that can reduce the cost of replacing disposable ink cartridges over the life of the printer. Finding printer ink online is one of the best ways to find better printer ink options, the price of which can be significantly less than buying standard printer ink refill cartridges. Online printer ink is often available for 10% to 20% less than manufacturer prices, and sometimes it is discounted as much as 80%.

Because of the business models of printer companies that provide low cost printers to assure sales of higher cost printer ink, buying replacement printer ink cartridges can be very expensive, and finding online printer ink can greatly reduce lifetime printing costs.

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