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Why Some Printer Brands Charge More For Ink And Toner


With the declining costs of printers, it would only make sense to see a drop in the price of printer ink and toner. However, the opposite effect is taking place. Expensive printer ink and toner is the norm today, especially when it comes to name brand printers. One of the factors behind this dichotomy has to do with the economics of how name brand printer companies operate. There is a reason the printers they produce are becoming cheaper and the expensive toner and ink is taking the opposite route.

Name brand printing companies offer the printers they make at affordable prices so more people have the convenience and pleasure of printing, copying and scanning from the comfort of their homes. However, they do this at a loss to profits. In other words, the name brand printer company sells its high quality printers at a cost that is much lower than it actually takes to construct the printer. The company makes up for this loss in profit by selling the expensive printer ink and expensive toner that is compatible to the printer at a much higher price than it takes to make the ink and toner.

Because of the high prices of name brand printer ink and toner, people have tried to find alternatives. There are many third-party companies that make ink and toner that are compatible with name brand printers. These third-party products are much cheaper than the name brand equivalents. The name brand printing industry is looking for ways to combat this alternative. For example, one name brand printer company has installed a smart chip on each of its ink and toner cartridges. If there is no smart chip on a cartridge, as there would not be on a third-party cartridge, the name brand printer will not recognize a cartridge as being installed.

Recycled and refilled ink and toner cartridges are another alternative to the expensive printer ink sold by name brand printer companies. Now people can refill their empty ink cartridges for much less than they would spend on buying a new one. Many recycled and reusable ink and toner cartridges are available for sale online.

When buying name brand ink and toner cartridges, a person must consider the research and quality that goes into each product. These cartridges are designed by the brand to produce highly specific and effective results using the printers it makes. Although name brand ink cartridges are expensive, they are that way because a lot of time and energy is put into designing them for the best output. Otherwise, a person can consider the cheaper alternatives to name brand printer ink available today.

Logos and brand names of manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Samsung, Apple, Brother, Dell, IBM and others are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All references to brands are solely made for the purpose of illustrating compatibility of toner and ink cartridges. Their use on does not imply endorsement or association by respective owners.