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Why Some Offices Do Not Use Color Ink Cartridges


Life in the office for printer ink cartridges consists of rigorous daily use, in all matters of printing. This creates mass over-consumption with printer ink, particularly the more expensive color version. Your best options in cutting costs regarding ink usage are plenty.

Offices worldwide are cracking down on employees. In their best interest, they have been limiting the quantity of color ink or removing the cartridges and capability entirely. The general gist of office life does not consist of much color related printing, unless they're involved in a form of project design or imaging. The tendency for employees to accidentally include color letters and borders into their documents is highly likely.

The biggest benefactor of removing color ink from the business budget would certainly pertain to the amount of savings induced. Cost overruns and hefty amounts of cash spent on this type of printer ink is a major financial shortfall. Think of the amount of profit or money left over to spend in other departments or cash strapped situations. Last but not least, when those cartridges are not getting used frequently, the ink dries out. Replacing it for a few print jobs down the road until the next dry up occurs is counterproductive. This definitely does not represent very smart decision making or business savvy skills.

In the work place, professionalism is often a given set of rules and formats. Having half your employees print in color and the rest in black may upset or frustrate potential clients depending on your business principles and their standards. Today, it has become an automatic decision to print any vital document in standard black text. Can you imagine handing your boss a yellow typed document to read? It can only be safe to say he or she would not have a very pleasant look on their face.

Adding to the point above, black ink wording is desired due to the ease in legibility. Certain colors are very challenging to see on a bright white piece of paper. You have to think in broader terms for the benefit of the business, not your own personal taste on what looks best.

It may seem preposterous, but disgruntled employees, or the few that take advantage of company expenditures, can queue up print jobs for their own personal matters. Whether this includes plain black ink text sprawled over numerous pages or a couple of digital photos they forgot to get printed at the local shop.

Color ink is disappearing in offices around the globe to save cost on the amount of printer ink cartridges needed monthly. Printer ink is like gold in the office world, so use it sparingly and wisely.

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