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Why Some High Yield Ink Cartridges Are Not Worth The Money


High yield ink cartridges are a good value for high use printers. They can be especially valuable to small business owners, non-profit agencies, or heavy personal users. These ink cartridges contain about 200 percent more ink per cartridge at only a bit more in price. There are some people who should not invest in these types of cartridges for various reasons.

The biggest issue with buying high yield ink cartridges is that they are subject to the same rules of use as regular cartridges. They will dry out if not used consistently. The longest any cartridge can last is six to eight months. People who do not print enough in that time frame risk losing out on the ink in the cartridge, which is a waste of the money invested.

When using color inks, which usually run out at a slower rate than the black ink cartridges, users need to be aware of the different types of color printing options. The first, more modern option of color printing is the printer that uses three separate color cartridges, cyan, magenta, and yellow, to create all the other colors. Because there are three separate cartridges, they run out and must be replaced individually. Purchasing high yield cartridges for this type of printer is not as valuable mainly because of the time limitation. If you will print many color items such as pictures and presentations, investing in high yield cartridges for this type of printer may prove useful, but the average user will waste money on high yield cartridges for these printers because they will not be empty before the ink dries out.

Other color printers that use tri-color ink, all three colors housed in one cartridge. Depending on how often pictures, web pages, and colorful presentations are created, tri-color ink cartridges can last a fairly long time. In and of themselves, tri-color ink cartridges are not value savers. Instead of replacing the colors one at a time as they run out, you just replace the entire cartridge whenever one color runs low. In high yield ink cartridges the same problem exists. Users will replace the cartridge when one color runs low although there may be enough of the other two colors to print many more pages. For these types of printers, high yield cartridges are not cost effective.

Primarily, printers that see limited use will not benefit from high yield cartridges because ink dries out in six to eight months' time. Though high yield ink cartridges can be a cost conscious choice for many users, individuals should consider the amount of use the printer endures in a year's time before investing a significant amount of money in these cartridges.

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