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Why Remanufactured Printer Ink Is An Environmentally Friendly Option


Many people do not understand why remanufactured printer ink is an environmentally friendly cartridge. Every day, small to large-scale industries discard malfunctioning and empty cartridges. If all of these are piled up, it will surely eat up huge amount of space in the earth. This situation is truly alarming. Solid waste has now become a serious problem all over the globe. Imagine adding these printer cartridges to this waste. They are non-biodegradable and can actually be reused.

Considering this issue, many printer manufacturers have now taken serious means in keeping the environment free from old and used ink cartridges by recycling. These companies take back empty used cartridges and have them refurbished.

During the process, these printer ink cartridges are disassembled and professionally cleaned. After the cleaning phase, cartridges are repaired and later refilled with the specific ink type for the cartridge model. Before these items are released from the factory, they are carefully checked and undergo stringent quality testing. Then, they are sent off to the market. The same cartridges may be used six to eight times. This means that, more energy is saved, less oil is used for the inks, and of course, they do not get piled in the landfills.

Aside from leading printer manufacturers, there are also third-party remanufacturers. They offer the same products that are compatible with various printer models. However, not all of them can work well with any type of printers.

Buying a remanufactured printer ink cartridge is equal to supporting environmentally friendly cartridge. Keeping them in the continuous recycling process saves the earth from solid waste. Furthermore, this is a frugal choice, since they cost less than the original cartridges by almost half.

Recycled ink cartridges are considered the "Greener Option." One refurbished cartridge means pulling 2.5 pounds of toxic metal and plastics from the landfills, plus saving about a half-gallon of oil. Do the math and find out how much more one can save the earth by simply sending back empty cartridges.

There are so many ways to help save the environment and recycling is the most basic one. When not using old cartridges at home or in the office, why not send them to recyclers? In no time, it will be back into circulation, giving a lot of benefits to the earth, and to others using it by helping them save more. No matter what kind of printer model is used, there are always compatible remanufactured ink cartridges for it. Go online and go for the greener choice.

Buying new cartridges may bring out excellent printing results but do not underestimate what recycled cartridges can do. It does not only work for printing. It also works for the earth.

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