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Why Printers Are Inexpensive


Did you ever wonder why printers are inexpensive? When shopping for affordable printers, what may look like an enticing offer might end up costing you more money in the long run than if you had decided to pay more for an expensive, higher quality printer.

Many major retailers will bundle free printers with the purchase of a new computer. Many printer manufacturers also produce printers for under $100. The catch for selling affordable printers is that these companies end up charging outrageous prices to their customers on their replacement ink cartridges, which is why printers are inexpensive.

Typically, affordable printers will only take one color ink cartridge. Inside of that color ink cartridge there are the three primary colors: Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. If your printer only takes one color ink cartridge, then as soon as all of one of the primary colors is used up, then whole cartridge will need to be replaced (despite how much ink is left inside containing the other two colors).

While one might assume that all three of the primary colors would run out at about the same time, this generally never happens. Suppose, for instance, that you are creating a colored invitation printing several copies of a picture. Most of the time there will be one dominant primary color that is used in the document. The more copies of the colored document you produce, the greater the disparity between your use of colored ink becomes.

The solution? Look for a colored printer that offers individual ink cartridges for each of the primary colors. Almost every printer company produces affordable printers that will take four ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). While the combined cost of the three primary colored ink cartridges may be slightly higher than the cost of a replacement color cartridge that contains all three primary colors within it, over time you will save money and reduce waste. The amount of money that you can save rises exponentially with the amount of printing that you do.

There are even some photo printers that will take more than four ink cartridges. The more ink cartridges that a printer uses, the more money you will save. This becomes especially apparent for individuals who print a lot of colored documents, such as photographers and graphic designers.

While high quality printers may be more expensive up front, the extra money that is spent on your purchase will not compare to the amount of money (and ink) you will end up wasting if you decided to use a printer that has only one colored cartridge. Don't be fooled when you make your next purchase.

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