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Why Printer Ink Is Such A Large Cost For Companies


For companies that run physical offices, regular printer ink usage represents huge costs. Even if office staff do not use their printers on a continual basis, they tend to keep them filled with supplies so that they can create documents as needed. Because office equipment must be maintained in a constant ready status, the quarterly printer ink cost an office incur will be somewhat high.

There are many other reasons that companies pay so much money for printer ink. In the business world, no matter what particular field one specializes in, communication is important. The presentations that allow management to disseminate information to their staff members often necessitate handouts and visual aids. Locations that adhere to modern trends by attempting to realize paperless offices are no exceptions to this rule, as many a Powerpoint or other digital seminar is presented with an accompanying note package.

More regular forms of communication, though largely supplanted by emails, SMS messages and other digital formats, are responsible for printer ink usage on a large scale. While printed memos may not be the order of the day anymore, printed instructions are commonly attached to packages, equipment and machinery, especially in retail and industrial settings. In locations where only a percentage of employees have access to their own personal computer, printed notices are a great way to notify everyone of what's currently going on.

The printer ink costs companies run up are also due to the document quantities they need to produce. Any printer ink consuming task suddenly becomes more extreme when one accounts for the large number of employees who will each need their own separate copy of the document. Although it's not necessarily true that every document a company prints will need so many runs, the sheer volume of paperwork one print job can generate dictate that offices must keep their ink well stocked just in case.

In order to combat their large job sizes firms buy large quantities of ink on a regular basis. Because most companies try to keep enough ink in stock to handle their normal operating needs in case they cannot purchase more, they typically end up paying a great deal for their orders. The fact that companies often have a large number of printers to keep running doesn't help lower ink costs either.

Companies that use printer ink quickly also pay a great deal when they stick to the same vendors that make their printer. These manufacturers charge far more for their printer ink, even with repeat customers. Third party wholesale printer ink costs are much lower, especially for offices, because resellers provide substantial bulk deals and repeat customer discounts.

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