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Why Printer Companies Can Charge So Much For Ink


Printer companies have managed to establish some kind of monopoly in the world of ink cartridges. Everybody who has to purchase such supplies knows the price of ink is exceptionally high. Why does expensive printer ink exist? Companies can afford to increase prices due to a number of very simple and economically-sound reasons.

Printer companies follow the simple principle of supply and demand. The demand for printer ink is going up. Offices, administrations and households need this product. Printers are a part of everyday life, both in professional and personal terms.

When the demand for a specific product is on the rise, its price is likely to increase as well. People have little or no alternatives when it comes to the purchase of ink cartridges. This very simple reason provides printer companies with a chance to maintain rather high prices.

Another very simple reason for the cost of this supply is the low cost of printers. Just think about it. A printer can be purchased for a relatively small amount. There are hundreds of models to choose from many companies who offer discounts and promotions that tempt clients into making a purchase.

Once the printer is bought, it has to be used. In order to function, the printer needs ink cartridges. The fact that so many printers have been sold and their owners need ink gives printer companies yet another reason to bring up the price of cartridges.

One more reason gives printer companies a chance to sell expensive printer ink.

Technologies are changing and improving all the time. The printers that we use today are very different from the printers of the past - they are more sophisticated, more high-tech and more refined.

Complex technologies demand specific supplies. Some kinds of printers will function solely with specific types of cartridges. The more specific the product is, the higher its price becomes. New technologies have given printer companies yet another reason to bring up the price of ink cartridges.

Most types of printers demand no specific technology and the price of ink cartridges is obviously exaggerated. Yet, market dynamics provide printer companies with an opportunity to sell expensive printer ink.

Monopoly within any market sector gives companies the chance to determine prices without the interference of competition. The world of printers and ink cartridges has been monopolized by several brands that set the trends.

The cost of printer ink cartridges has little to do with production expenses. Printer companies can charge as much as they want for the product due to the lack of an alternative and the importance of this product in everyday and corporate life. As long as ink is demanded, it will keep on costing a lot.

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