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Why Office Printers Are Often More Efficient Than Home Printers


Many printer owners note that their home printers seem less efficient than office printers, and overall, home printers tend to have more expensive ink cartridges when consumers take the time to compare the number of prints per cartridge at home and in the office. The simple reason for this discrepancy is that office printer buyers spend more time evaluating and comparing printer ink costs that home computer users, so printer manufacturers offer them a much more efficient product. Home printers are relatively simple devices, and some are actually built to waste ink, since printer manufacturers make the vast majority of their profits on ink sales. Home printer users simply spend less time evaluating costs and end up paying for it.

Printers with a larger capacity are also more efficient for a few technical reasons. Some printer ink from each cartridge serves to lubricate print heads, preventing them from drying out and breaking. This ink is effectively wasted, but office printers need to use a relatively small amount of ink to keep their print heads lubricated. As a result, they have a more efficient design. Large printers also have larger reservoirs of ink, which is one of the main reasons that they have such expensive ink cartridges. These larger cartridges use more complex technology than smaller cartridges, allowing for better efficiency. Finally, office printers face a relatively tough duty cycle. Most offices use their printers on a daily basis, and this regular use keeps many of the printer's components in good working condition. The printers need less ink for lubrication, and their ink composition needs fewer lubricating components.

Although office printers often have expensive ink cartridges, there are a number of ways to reduce their cost. Offices should review print habits and set established rules for workers. If an office starts using draft settings for most documents, for instance, printer ink waste will often decrease by 50 percent or more. Every office should also look for a reputable ink supplier. Online printer ink companies offer great deals, and ordering from these websites can drastically improve a business's return on investment.

Home printer users can also keep their ink costs in check by purchasing remanufactured ink from online stores. Unlike counterfeit cartridges, remanufactured ink cartridges are completely legal and cost much less than name brand cartridges. They are held to an extremely high standard and often provide better print efficiency and a lower incidence of print issues than name brand cartridges. Home printer users should also consider larger office printers if they print a large number of pages each month. While office printers carry a relatively heavy initial investment, they are well worth the money in the long run.

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