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Why Modern Printer Ink Cartridges Last Longer


For many years, consumers have been frustrated with their printer ink because it simply didn't seem to last very long, and it didn't seem like it was going to get better. Even industry experts were claiming that new printer technology was more or less stalled and that consumers should try and refill their printer ink, forgo printing in color, and use lighter draft shades of ink in order to stretch the life of their cartridges.

While many people have saved money using these printing "tricks," people should not have to jump through hoops to get their printer ink to last a reasonable amount of time. Finally, things are beginning to change as new printer technology is delivering longer lasting cartridges.

To see the beginnings of this new printer technology in action, one needs to look at the business market for printer ink rather than just at the consumer market.

Recent pioneers in new printer technology have advanced printers in a way that not only has resulted in longer lasting printer ink but also faster printing. In these newer printers, the printheads are more efficient because they warm up quickly and can print a page in one swipe, saving both time and printer ink. They use thousands of jets while standard printers have tried to get by with only a few jets with several swipes, increasing both cost and consumer frustration.

Most household printers generally don't show as much of the new printer technology as printers intended for business use. However, some other printers that have undergone recent tests have proven to be more economical than they once were.

Many of these printers are popular because consumers have caught on that the printer ink industry was capable of giving them something better than what was offered. Even among these improved printers, new printer technology is still dictating that the best new printer technology is reserved for the heaviest users. Even among the best, a printed page for a heavy user costs less than two cents each, while light users will pay over twice as much per page - more than the three cents paid by those who print photos. Clearly, even with the improvements, customers still need to be savvy.

However, as customers are continuing to be smarter and more informed, new printer technology will be forced to more fully saturate the printer market. Consumers should continue to ask questions, research brands and new models of printers. They should find out how easy it is to refill ink for their model of printer and continue to demand some flexibility. The right printer technology has arrived. Consumers need to demand that it is used.

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