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Why Lexmark Printers Have Expensive Ink Cartridges


Ink cartridges are expensive in general, yet some companies transcend the word expensive. Lexmark is one of those companies. Lexmark printers have what are often considered the most expensive ink cartridges you can buy, but not many people know why. There are two primary reasons, one is a business tactic and the other is a matter of quality.

The business tactic is as simple as this; ink is a common necessity, and when there is demand for a product it can be sold for a higher cost. Since ink is something that needs to be purchased semi-annually, ink manufactures use ink as a way to secure a more constant flow of income. Generally, they sell you the printer at a lower cost, sometimes lower than what it costs to make it, and they reap the profits from the customers buying their ink.

Then there is the matter of quality. Ink manufacturing companies know that they couldn't sell cheap, low quality ink at a high price and get away with it unscathed forever. So companies like Lexmark do their best to make a product worth the high prices they charge for it. Basically, the ink is made to last longer, look better and please consumers.

The reason for maintaining a high standard of ink quality is to avoid a surge in companies trying to produce less expensive technology to take ink cartridges' place. There are already a few methods out there to avoid having to pay a premium on ink such as refilling empty cartridges. Of course generally refilling cartridges has its downsides, and companies like Lexmark printers do all they can to make it difficult for companies to refill their empty cartridges.

Companies like Lexmark make their ink cartridges fit for a specific model of printer manufactured only buy them, and they make it very hard for companies to produce generic copies of their cartridges with technology that prevents a simple reproduction. This limits the consumer's choice when it comes to buying ink; more often than not they have only have one choice when buying ink for their printer.

Expensive ink cartridges aren't likely to go anywhere anytime soon. As of now companies like Lexmark and HP have a firm grip on the ink cartridge market and they have no desire to see that disappear. Of course there are technologies being produced that aim to knock the high priced ink manufactures out of their place, albeit slowly. Until then, consumers will just have to do their best to find good deals on ink cartridges till a time when ink manufactures are forced to reduce the prices of their ink cartridges.

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