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Why HP Printer Ink Is Essential For Any HP Printing Device


The computer printer ink market has been cracked wide open by offerings from a vast number of third party inks being touted as being just as good as the original products recommended for use by printer manufacturers. HP printer ink, recommended by Hewlett-Packard for use in their brand of equipment, costs more than the many available bargain alternatives but appearances can be deceiving. It's important when comparing printer ink costs to consider all the facts.

The printer ink market is extremely competitive and it doesn't take long for a user to realize that the amount of money spent on replacement cartridges soon outweighs the cost of the hardware itself. This is one reason the major printer manufacturers sell their equipment at such reasonable prices; it's assumed that the back-end business they garner for selling their branded ink supplies will make up for the retail discounts offered on their machines. Users, however, realizing the ongoing expense required for keeping their printers supplied with ink cartridge replacements, often start looking for lower price alternatives to the branded OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ink recommended by their printer's maker.

HP printer ink, which is specifically designed for use in HP printing devices, is formulated through months or years of chemical engineering. Years of independent laboratory testing have determined HP printer ink to be far superior to so-called bargain inks in several areas. There are, however, other high-quality inks available that meet or exceed HP OEM ink specifications and can be purchased with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and at savings of up to 80%, when compared to new HP branded ink cartridges. They are available in both remanufactured and compatible versions.

One real problem posed by using low-quality ink in HP devices is the damage that can be caused to the printer. Print heads can often become damaged, jets can become clogged and leaks can cause not only a huge mess but can disable the equipment altogether. Costly repair work to the unit adds both expense and time lost in printer operation.

Imported inks commonly fall into this low-quality category, while ink manufactured in the United States has been found to not only be as good as the HP brand but actually of a higher quality. Once a printer manufacturer like HP formulates an ink product that it says is essential for use in its equipment, other laboratories are able to take the ink and duplicate it and, in some cases, even improve on its function. They can certainly improve on the cost factor by repackaging top quality ink in a remanufactured or compatible cartridge configuration. For the consumer, this is the best of both worlds.

HP printer ink, specially formulated for use in HP printing devices, is said by the manufacturer to give better results than cheaper, third party alternatives. There are, however, high-quality inks on the American printer ink market that not only meet but also exceed HP specifications yet are much less expensive to purchase in the form of remanufactured or compatible cartridges.

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