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Printer ink is one of the most expensive things about operating a printer. In comparison to the cost of the printer, the ink is what makes it cost prohibitive to print to one's personal content. There are so many expensive ink cartridges on the market and people buy them because they are told that they are the safest choice for the health of a printer.

The problem with the expensive ink cartridges is twofold. The first is that they are extremely expensive, which makes it impossible to afford them, especially when printing is done frequently. The second is that they are not environmentally friendly because the plastic cartridge is discarded as well.

Printer ink itself is cheap. It's just a series of liquid dyes that are injected into the hard plastic casing. The casing, known as the cartridge, is what drives up the price. These are manufactured to hold the ink tightly inside so that spilled ink doesn't damage any of the receptors of the printer or cause any clogging. Therefore, manufacturers tell you it's necessary to buy the expensive cartridges.

There are plenty of recycled cartridges on the market that are just as safe as the expensive ones. There are two reasons for this. The first is that they are the expensive ones - only that they've been used once or twice already. The second is that they have been checked and re-checked for quality to ensure that they won't leak or cause any damage to the printer.

In addition to buying recycled cartridges, it's possible to buy printer ink refill kits. These use injectors and various other tools to help put the ink back into the cartridge so that they are full again without having to buy a new cartridge. These are more environmentally friendly and are a fraction of the cost of a brand new cartridge.

As long as the refill kits are used as directed and given time to settle so that the air pushed inside the cartridge has time to balance itself out, they are just as safe as the name brand ones that consumers buy in stores or online. Manufacturers don't like to admit this, however, because they would lose out on a lot of business if they were to stop selling all of their cartridges.

When people buy the printer ink themselves and fill the cartridge, the end result inside the printer is the same. The hard plastic cartridge is recognized by the printer as being full and printing resumes. The cartridge doesn't know whether it's brand new or it has been refilled, so it's just as safe as the expensive ones.

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