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Why Bulk Printer Ink Cartridges Are Not Always Ideal For Offices


Many offices think that if they buy their printer ink cartridges in bulk, they're saving all of the money that they need. The problem is some bulk cartridges are not the ideal situation for offices. In fact, they can be the worst thing for some offices because they cannot use them in a sufficient amount of time and the ink can actually expire. Office printer ink can be affordable with the right solution.

There are many ways for offices to save money on printer supplies. Buying bulk is certainly a way to save some money because it reduces the cost of each cartridge to what it would be if it were purchased separately. The problem is that office printer ink has an expiration date. For offices that don't use a lot of ink, the ink can expire before it's actually been used.

There's nothing worse than trying to save money on ink and actually spending more because of having to throw it away. Printer ink, once placed inside of a cartridge, can dry up over time. It can also fade and cause other undesirable effects that will either result in the inability to print or a poor quality print coming out of the printer.

The printer ink cartridges, that is, the hard plastic that surrounds the ink, is what makes the cartridges cost so much money. There are ways that offices can save money on their supply needs without buying in bulk. They can purchase ink refill kits instead. This will allow them to inject the ink into their existing cartridges and save a lot of money.

When the cartridge can be refilled repeatedly, the office begins to pay for the ink only, not the expensive packaging of the name brand cartridge or even the cartridge itself. Ink is very cheap and therefore the cost of printing drops significantly.

The bulk printer cartridges also aren't very environmentally friendly. As soon as one cartridge is empty, it gets thrown away and another one is placed inside. This goes on and on for the life of the printer. Instead, it's better for offices to go green and begin using remanufactured cartridges or refill kits and using the cartridges that they already have.

The only time that bulk printer cartridges is the ideal situation for any office is if the cartridges have already been recycled and they can use the ink in a quickly enough manner that the ink won't actually expire within the cartridge.

Plenty of options exist, so it's important for offices to know that they have choices. The obvious cost-savings approach may not be the best solution for every office out there.

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