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Why Brand Name Ink May Only Work With Certain Printer Models


Printers are a common item in offices and homes alike today. Although these machines are affordable, the ink to run them is expensive. Many people turn to alternatives such as buying third-party made inks or using inks from one brand in a printer from another brand. What people do not realize is that this brand name ink usually only works with certain printer models. Epson ink, for example, will only work with Epson printers. This is because the brand names have formulated their inks and cartridges only to correspond with the brand's printers.

Many printer brands create ink that is especially suited to the printers the brand makes. All printers are not the same. Although the basic principles of spitting out ink onto a page are the same, the techniques and mechanisms in each printer model are different. There are some cartridges that have chips in them, for example. The printer that the cartridge corresponds to is the only printer that can read those chips and use the cartridge. All other printers will not be able to use that ink cartridge.

You must also consider that some brand name ink is made for inkjet printers. These printers create digital images to print. Epson ink is one kind of name brand ink that is made for Epson inkjet printers. Many inkjet printers use a heating element to put the ink on the page. Understandably, the inks used in these printers must be strong enough to hold up to the heat without losing color, tone or quality. However, the amount and pressure of the heat in one inkjet printer could differ slightly from that in another. Therefore, placing one name brand ink in a another name brand ink's printer could bring disastrous results, even with just that little change in heat.

Some inkjet printers complete this specialized process without the aide of heat, but with the help of piezoelectric material. This special chemical changes shape when prompted by a pulse from the printer forming a droplet of ink that falls onto the paper. You can imagine that the ink used in this process has to be specifically formulated to respond to the impulses of the printer and leave a quality mark on the page. Again, each brand name will have different pulses and cartridges that allow for this specific process. Mixing brand name inks or even generic inks could be fatal to the ink, the printer and the print job.

People do not always realize that they cannot mix different brand name inks with other brand name printers. It is important to understand why all ink is not the same.

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