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Where To Save Money When Buying Printer Ink Online


For many, the cost of replenishing printer ink has them seeing green, lots of it. Rising retail prices of proprietary printer ink cartridges are reaching deep into consumer wallets, causing some to seek out more economical alternatives. Veering away from computer supply storefronts in favor of online printer ink sales websites is one way shoppers are finding they can get more value for their dollar.

In order to understand how to save money when buying printer ink online, it is helpful to know how the printer industry makes money. Printer ink is a high profit margin item. A manufacturer will retail their printer at a price that is attractive to their target consumer with the understanding that repeat business will occur with the purchase of replacement printer ink cartridges for the life of that printer. The manufacturer's printer ink is typically the recommended replacement.

Those opting to stick with name brand printer ink find that many websites sell the proprietary products identical to those offered at retail stores for a slightly lower cost, often excluding local sales tax and including free shipping. Printer ink packaging and product are identical without the added expense of the overhead of maintaining a physical retail location.

For those willing to negotiate brand, OEM (short for Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges are the primary alternative for online consumers who want to save money without sacrificing quality. Although not labeled under the printer brand name, a certified OEM printer cartridge is new and produced by the same manufacturer who created the name brand printer ink. Dropping their signature logo from the product and packaging significantly reduces the cost per cartridge.

Remanufactured cartridges are also gaining ground in printer ink online sales. These used cartridges are professionally refurbished and repackaged, saving consumers as much as half the cost of a new, original cartridge while creating a feeling that the customer is actively participating in an eco friendly cycle.

Also increasing in popularity among conservation minded bargain hunters are do it yourself printer ink refill kits. Supplies are available online which enable the consumer to refill their used cartridges with new ink, drastically cutting printer ink costs. Industry standards show that a cartridge can be safely refilled several times before quality becomes an issue, creating yet another alternate way to extend the life of an existing cartridge before purchasing new again.

To fully benefit from the savings available buying online printer ink, savvy customers are learning to explore their options. Not only can purchasing online be less expensive, but for a traditional buyer who may have only been exposed to full retail price cartridges, it opens them up to a world of affordable choices.

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