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When To Buy Less Printer Ink Online


Many companies buy printer ink online in bulk. There are several reasons for this. Purchasing an entire case of printer ink online can often be cheaper. Another benefit is that purchasing multiple items at once generates less paperwork for the accounting department. Of course, the obvious reason would be to avoid the inconvenience of running out. The office work flow can be severely hampered when printers aren't functioning properly. There is a down side to purchasing too much ink, however. The printer ink cartridges can dry out and give poor results when inserted into the printer. This makes it important to buy just the right amount of ink. Sometimes determining what the correct quantity is for your business or department can be difficult to decide.

One practice that can help is keeping a usage journal in each department. Appoint one employee for each printer and assign them the duty of recording the date when a new ink cartridge is installed. Though many brands of ink have a shelf life of one year or even longer, printer ink cartridges should be used within six months of purchase for optimum freshness.

For example, if the printer in your payroll department uses one cartridge per month, then purchase six cartridges approximately every five months. The extra month leeway is recommended for ordering and shipping time. When you buy printer ink in cases of half a dozen, you will still receive a discount on your purchase and you can be sure that you've bought the right amount of ink.

Another factor to consider is the printer itself. What if you purchase an entire case of printer ink online and then decide to upgrade the printer to something newer with more features? You could be stuck with many useless ink cartridges.

In this case, you can contact the vendor who sold you the ink cartridges and if they are still within the freshness date on the package, the vendor may take them back, thus avoiding waste. A good rule of thumb is to discuss their return policy with all vendors at the beginning of your business relationship. This practice can help to avoid costly situations such as the one described above.

Purchasing the right amount of ink for your company or department is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Be sure to buy printer ink from reputable sources to keep those printers running smoothly. Always try to buy the right amount of ink, enough to keep printers running smoothly but not so much that it dries out before being used. A bit of planning and simple record keeping makes the task easy.

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