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When The Right Time Is To Replace Your Printer Ink Cartridge


If you have had your printer ink cartridge stop working all of a sudden because of no ink, you may think it is time for a replacement. However, many third-party and OEM cartridge manufacturers read empty when actually they are still half-full. For this reason, it is important to understand when to replace your printer ink cartridge.

Mistaken Readings

In many cases, even the cartridges from leading printer manufacturers read empty when they have as much as 40% remnant ink. In some instances, unused ink remaining in the printer ink cartridge could be as little as 8% while in other instances, it could be as much as 45%. Unfortunately, these printers do not allow the users to continue printing until they have placed a brand new cartridge. The tendency of leaving unused ink during replacement is more for the aftermarket or third-party cartridges compared to the printer manufactured versions. Typically, cartridges manufactured by the printer company will provide a series of warnings before the printer shuts down eventually.

Remaining Ink - Reasons

There are genuine reasons why certain manufacturers would choose to leave large quantities of ink remaining in the cartridge. Most experts suggest that leaving the cartridge dry and continuing it to run can result in huge damages in the printer. Leaving a certain percentage of ink helps the user know it is time to replace cartridge while also providing a buffer to ensure the printer never has to run dry. Thus, in most instances, this strategy is a safety tactic employed by printer cartridge manufacturers.

The Best Time for Replacement

Typically, irrespective of the printer ink cartridge in question, the best time for a replacement would be when you see the first warning message. Of course, these warning messages are usually displayed for printer manufactured cartridges. For cartridges manufactured by third-party sites or belonging to the aftermarket, you will usually not find a warning message. In such cases, your printer would choose to shut down at the first sign of trouble. However, with a printer manufactured cartridge, you would see several warning messages displayed until the cartridge went completely dry. For many reasons, quality of output and safety being the obvious reasons, cartridges from printer manufacturers better indicate when it is time to replace your ink cartridge.

It is best to use personal discretion and judgment when deciding when to replace your cartridge. When you see the first couple of warning messages on display, you know it is time to get the cartridge replaced. One other tactic that really works is to check page yield as opposed to unused ink in the cartridge. Most high quality cartridges will exceed the page yields projected at the time of sales.

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